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Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Sun Zuodong Heilongjiang science and Technology Press (2010-06)   Author:Sun Zuodong   Pages´╝Ü216  

Sun Zuodong, born in May, 1966, a postgraduate degree, expert enjoying the special government allowances of the State Council, Heilongjiang province CPPCC, Harbin academician expert service group members, the provincial science and technology award judges, President of the Heilongjiang province the brain science research institute, Harbin (Shanghai) chairman Mr Bo medical instrument Limited company, Beijing Tang (National) activation service chain Institute president. He studied in the repair of the nervous system, stimulate the brain potential, attracted close attention from domestic and overseas experts, published 76 papers on brain science, writing "activate sleeping brain", "Parkinson", "Sun Zuodong conquest took you out of the depression", "Sun Zuodong's brain health scheme" and many other brain science monographs brain science, special report more than 400 games, won 16 national patents, the provincial (Department) level scientific and technological progress award 2, International Invention Award 2.
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Illustration: people see this fine description immediately think that is not true. Suddenly want to so many? So think it over. May the drowning people also flooded almost. It is because people think so, so in the news media of heroes ", asked him to save the moment what hero, also want to open, some people like to listen to the" truth ":" at that time, no time to think about it, the important thing is to save lives." Why does really didn't want to? It is instinct, is conditioned reflex? So many people why you can step forward bravely? If the water is the enemy, is bad, is a gangster, also can be to forget about one's own to save him? In fact, the hero in a moment to save the really think a lot, just use the language to describe a certain difficulties. Our understanding of the functional differences between left and right brain, it is not difficult to understand the behavior of the hero. Our left brain has the ability of language expression, access to information is acquired experience the brain; the right brain is a genetic factor ancestors brain, repeatedly enhanced information on the left to the right brain, right brain has no function of language, so the right in question "does not necessarily translate into the language, therefore, quick reaction, can transcend time and space, to summarize, summing up and refining in a moment can be complex information on existing, and then quickly make judgment and decision making. Will the process of translating a language or by writer pen, use words to describe, take tens of minutes or even hours written thousands of words may not be able to clearly express the psychological activity, may be right in a moment is complete.
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The first chapter of brain science universe has multiple brain is as big as we in the eyes of the brain is protected the ordinary and great local autonomy and centralized unified life luxury brain amazing brain has unlimited potential brain cell special character mysterious brain waves "endorphins" and "brain snake venom" pleasure neural A10 blood brain barrier left modern brain is the hippocampus is the ancestor of persistent memory is important genetic memory make us human immune memory can ensure our health. In order to better memory to find the lost memory body language memorable punishment and reward for strengthening memory equally effective in the second chapter the mystery of brain to solve the mystery of dream interpretation dream people are always dreaming sleep deprivation and ancestor dialogue a cruel experiments "madman" and "genius" heroes in a moment like a lot of possible human consciousness can transcend time and space everyone has the extraordinary ability to fish, beads, meditation and the brain of morphine in the love of man is a fool love is a kind of drugs, there is no eternal love reading magic clock alarming age: 36 years old, 48 years old, 72 years old, 84 year old man died off Corpse three days sense -- brain death is a real death third chapter brain healthy people shouldn't get sick the best doctor is the best medicine in our brain to realize self is on brain reward walk activating brain essential to aging brain fatigue is entangled overdraft life healthy brain intelligence misunderstanding of brain "anti nutriments Jiannaoyizhi a prescription diet principles a set of effective brain exercises fourth chapter brain disease apoplexy treated four errors in the activation of brain cells -- treatment stroke sequela key" brain cell regeneration "of encephalopathy in patients with non realistic significance of cerebral palsy treatment requiring lifelong treatment" woolly headed "-- on the new brain atrophy, dementia the treatment principle of" an ineffectual remedy "and" a fundamental solution "-- on Parkinson's disease treatment principle alive is awakening possible -- on Vegetative treatment principle in life and in the wind no -- on cerebrovascular disease prevention good" lies "-- on the spirit of the fifth chapter of diabetes therapy brain hormone scientists misunderstanding brain hormone carcinogen also can the notation" why do people get cancer "Kuroki Toshio book" the conquest of cancer gene annotation Kuroki Toshio "one book. Beam language Christmas night I spent references @##@ in Mount Huangshan "Activate the sleeping brain" is a representative work of Mr. Sun Zuodong, and for its readability, interesting and scientific, to become a benchmark for brain science. This book will psychoanalysis, philosophy, science of thinking and brain anatomy, physiology and evolutionary archaeology, human brain encephalopathy clinical medical creative integration, established a unique set of brain science system, and from the "brain", "know the brain", "protection of the brain", "brain", "governance brain" and so on, scientifically reveals the essential characteristics of mystery and human brain consciousness, thinking activity, unique mechanism and inherent law of brain function and processing information, causes and prevention measures of brain aging and various difficult encephalopathy presents a new theory and scientific claims. In particular, is presented in the book "brain hormone carcinogen can therapy" and other new unique point of view, will become the new direction of cancer research in the future, has a certain reference value. This book is full of great ingenuity, explain profound theories in simple language, is the meaning in ordinary discourse works of yu. The reader is, will benefit.
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Although the brain is very complex, but if you know some key facts and some operation principle, do not participate in any professional training, you will be able to better understand brain, and know how to protect the brain, the scientific use of the brain. When the US than any generation in history to live longer, major advances in longevity will be derived from research on the brain. -- Richard Resak, MD, brain scientists in twentieth Century as the century of gene, twenty-first Century is the century of brain. -- Dr. James Watson, Nobel prize in physiology or medicine
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"Activate the sleeping brain": Sun treat brain cellsActivation theory
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