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Date of publication:2011-3   Press: Zhang Wei, Zhang Jingshuo, Zhu Jianbin Chemical Industry Press (2011-03)   Author:Zhang Wei, Zhang Jingshuo, Zhu Jianbin   Pages:234  

The people commonly known as "epilepsy", "epilepsy", medicine is called epilepsy, brain function disorder caused by disease, is a common disease, common disease that harms the health of patients. Due to epilepsy with episodic, sudden and unpredictable, and the onset of all sorts of strange appearance, for thousands of years it was directly attributed to the "gods" or "unhinged" and other non science. Therefore, in some areas also face discrimination in patients with epilepsy. At present, people's understanding of the epilepsy, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, is not satisfactory. 40% patients had never been treated patients, 35% non formal, and therefore can not very good seizure control. For example: some patients take medicine, do not send withdrawal, the epilepsy as cold as to treatment; some patients believe "recipe", "prescription" and "cure", "radical" false advertising Hu Chiyao, blind treatment, causing the tragedy; some patients without a specialist diagnosis, treatment is not formal, doctors are not the adverse drug reaction timely, accurate, comprehensive tell patients; adverse reactions occurred in some patients, doctors and failed to timely, correctly handle. Can say, epilepsy "sick trying everything there is some area, the doctor to prescribe medicine disorderly" phenomenon. Therefore, the basic knowledge of neural science should be one's unshirkable responsibility to worker masses propaganda, popularization of epilepsy. In order to prevent the occurrence of epilepsy and seizures, correct diagnosis, proper treatment, to avoid damage, restore health, improve the quality of life and work ability. This is a popular Epilepsy Knowledge booklet, it is not a textbook, diagnosis and treatment of replace nerve specialist, but it can play a valuable role, guiding patients, family members in a timely manner to the neural Medical College, and the basic knowledge of patients should know and want to know the make up. This booklet is intended the majority of patients, families have culture of above of junior high school level, as well as lovers such popular science books. Hope that readers have a preliminary, correct, scientific understanding for epilepsy disease; know how to treat oneself correctly, how to correctly treat patients; when to see a doctor, how medical treatment; how to do self conditioning and family care; how to help patients to improve the quality of life, walk out of predicament, happy life, health and work. This book is for community health workers, also has certain reference value. Medical science has been dubbed "Pediatrics", most experts engaged in clinical, scientific research, to attend to medical science. The author of this pamphlet with working practice, trying to tell people language professional problem, try to put the profound medical knowledge, medical terminology "translation" (explain) into plain people. The author of the original term written in English, "()" up, in order to explain. Sometimes, the medical terminology is difficult to use a few words or a phrase "translation" clearly, therefore, choose the key words in the text, to the tip of the form of explanation and put in the appendix after, in order to find, in order to make a more comprehensive, detailed explanation, for readers in a relaxed atmosphere in the comprehensive understanding and understanding also for the readers to read professional books, understanding these professional terms. For the cases from the clinical experience, reference, newspaper excerpts. The author wrote this book by Professor Chen Xin of Peking University Health Science Center, "why don't you use your expertise, fluent writing, write neural professional science books, service people" enlightenment. In the process of writing, and inspired by him, I thank you very much! China's famous old timers, Department of Neurosurgery Chinese Epilepsy Association, consultant, National Association of epilepsy surgery director Professor Tan Qifu, editor of the second edition of his "epilepsy surgery" (2006, by people's Medical Publishing House) gave me as a reference, and valuable suggestions for the book, and personally for the writing of the preface, the author thanks! International Society of nerve repair director Huang Hongyun professor of brain cell transplantation makes careful revision, has written the preface for this, I thank you very much! Former Beijing Medical University Vice Chancellor professor Li Dongfang for the writing of the preamble; Professor Zhao Shenglei of North China Coal Medical University wrote postscript; Beijing Phil, Zhang Wei made processing, modification of the text of the book; reviewers Li Enxiang, Gao Xiaoling, Li Chun Yan this book "mistakes" and recommends changes, the author thanks! The editor's words and the specialized level is limited, please reader, experts. Zhang Wei Zhang Jingshuo in August 8, 2010

"300 epilepsy ask" in the form of Q & A, explain profound theories in simple language describes the diagnosis of common disease in neurology epilepsy treatment, prognosis and life conditioning. Content of the scientific system, describes the popular and vivid epilepsy patients and their family members, is the important reference books, can also be used for community and grassroots medical personnel.
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Zhang Wei, in 1967 graduated from the Beijing Medical College (now the Peking University Health Science Center). Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, North China Coal Medical University hospital chief physician Tang Gang. Director of the National Association of epilepsy surgery; "Clinical Department of Neurosurgery magazine", "Chinese metallurgical industrial medical journal" editorial board "; clinical medical syndrome" series editor. Published medical papers 58. In the preparation of "epilepsy surgery" (1995 version), "nerve spirit disease syndrome" and the other 6 books. He is a member of Tangshan writers association. Two years, in the "Health News", "doctor", "the Beijing News newspaper", "family doctor newspaper", "Chinese Pharmaceutical News" and other 9 kinds of journals in medical science, health and the law, health review, published more than 120 articles.
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The first chapter 1 what is called common sense epilepsy epilepsy? 2 epileptic patients? 3 epilepsy associated with age? 4 a brief unconsciousness is must have epilepsy? 5 what is called "attack" what is called 6 epilepsy refractory epilepsy?? 7 have a headache epilepsy? 8 in the twilight sleep, occasionally the body or a part of shiver is epilepsy? 9 seizures at night? 10 middle-aged after seizures, may indicate what disease? 11 what is called latent epilepsy? 12 after birth had epilepsy, certain genetic epilepsy? 13 why epilepsy diagnosis must be carefully? 14 how to correctly understand epilepsy? 15 why now rarely use the term genetic epilepsy? 16 epilepsy need to change? There is an association between the second chapter the cause of epilepsy is a direct cause of cerebral cortex, 17 with epilepsy? 18 what is the dominant hemisphere? 19 epilepsy is how to produce? What are the causes of epilepsy, 20 of two fundamental reasons? What are the factors of 21 induced epilepsy? What is the relationship between the 22 genetic factors associated with epilepsy?...... The sixth chapter, fifth chapter of epilepsy harm types of epilepsy in third chapter fourth chapter epilepsy epilepsy diagnosis prognosis of the epilepsy seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter rescue of epilepsy in children epilepsy drug treatment of epilepsy operation treatment of eleventh chapter tenth chapter twelfth chapter and the thirteenth chapter in epilepsy patients quality of life in patients with epilepsy rehabilitation methods fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter took epilepsy epilepsy common medical appendix interpretation of the term reference postscript write science aims to "poke" (Editor)
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The copyright page: epilepsy and other diseases is different, only in the attack, can be out of the ordinary performance. Usually on the surface, but do not see what is different with the normal people. So, the doctor often called sudden epilepsy (seizures) disease. The pathogenesis of epilepsy (seizures) form, the most common has three kinds: seizures, seizures, psychomotor seizures. What is called a seizure? Seizures, is due to different causes effect (stimulus) the surface of the brain (cortex) of a site, so that the brain nerve cells produce a too large (over), too (super) synchronization, suddenly short discharge, there will be a feeling, movement, the incidence of psychogenic seizures (seizures). The doctor put the every abnormal performance process, called a seizure. Refractory epilepsy also called intractable epilepsy. At present, there is not a completely unified standard, most physicians believed that meet the following 5 (in order to facilitate memory, the author put them simply as "2, 3, 4"), can be considered to be intractable epilepsy: ① antiepileptic drug blood concentration control in the valid range, after 2 years in, antiepileptic treatment system and, still can not control the seizures of epilepsy; the existence of time (duration) at least 3 years.
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"Epilepsy" is the 300 question by the chemical industry publishing house.
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