• Acute severe cerebral stroke

    "Critically ill stroke" focuses on the progress and clinical pathology, imaging critically ill stroke, especially in brain heart, brain and lung, brain, gastrointestinal, brain renal syndrome, stroke endocrine complications, the balance of water metabolism disorders, electrolyte balance and acid-base balance disorders, and disorder, fluid therapy,

  • Doctors talk about schizophrenia

    "Doctors talk about introduction schizophrenia" content: you know that schizophrenia? Do you know the refractory schizophrenia were really there was no cure? Because of social prejudice, discrimination, many patients with schizophrenia and their families were smothered, lift not head: even after rehabilitation, return to society road,

  • The nervous system

    Symptoms and signs of nervous system, "(Second Edition)" content brief introduction: "the organ system as the center" of medical teaching mode is the trend of international medical education. This series of books is the world famous medical publishing group Elsevier Ltd published a "basic medical courses on organ system centered" teaching material. The first edition of the textbook,

  • Super graphic depression

    The lack of awareness of prevention and treatment of hypertension is terrible, terrible. In reality, many people have no clear understanding of hypertension, "super graphic depression" start from the basic knowledge of hypertension, introduced the use of the latest treatments of antihypertensive drugs, and dietary therapy and exercise therapy, allows you to easily understand by way of illustration,

  • Psychological counseling and treatment of classic case

    "Psychological counseling and treatment of a classic case of" (Sixth Edition) this book by Ruth's case to the reader comprehensive display of the main therapeutic method for 11 kinds of school psychological consultation. From the 11 schools of psychotherapy therapist, concentrated in the diagnosis and treatment of Ruth. They will be the most representative of the genre's treatment of hypothesis,

  • The behavior correction technology

    "The behavior correction technology (Second Edition)" technique to correct the system introduced the behavior correction overview, research methods and twelve kinds of specific behavior. Application of type the book to the behavior correction technology as the key link, the twelve kinds of behavior correction technology for positive behavior and negative behavior and integrated technology of three parts, not only in detail,

  • Mental retardation

    "Mental disorder" is a professional reference books has a deep theoretical value and practical value. The main object is: ① psychology professional personnel; graduate students and teachers of psychology of university students, the problem of the research and intelligence; personnel; the participation of children education staff. "Mental disorders,

  • The freedom of the heart: OCD self-help treatment (Luming (psychological) self-help Series)

    The editor recommends how some people can and often do certain things, such as repeated inspection doors and windows, switch, gas; repeated cleaning, repeated washing? Why most things should doubt yourself? Why can often do not consciously think about something bad or unpleasant,

  • Depression

    "Depression" is a part of nature and treatment of many aspects of depression in the most detailed expert writings, Quan Shujun with expert perspective and easy to read the language, tells the story of many methods to deal with the depression, is not only the wise remark of an experienced person. Research on income is also the years. Depression is a common mood psychological barrier,

  • Concise Guide to psychodynamic psychotherapy

    Principles and techniques of brief, intermittent and long term psychodynamic psychotherapy, Concise Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:Principles and Techniques of Brief, Intermittent, and Lon, "a concise guide psychodynamic psychotherapy: short, discontinuous and long Cheng Xinli dynamic psychotherapy principles and technology" third version than the second version added a lot of space, in the same chapters content has been greatly enriched. Because it is a clinical practice guidance book, "a concise guide psychodynamic psychotherapy,

  • With the contemporary scientific conquest of autism

    Intervention education method from clinical and experimental, "conquer" autism with contemporary science introduction Oh: autism is a kind of extremely complex developmental disabilities. Current clinical diagnosis in three symptoms of group based development. The three syndrome include: language, communication disorders, lack of social skills and repetitive behaviors of the problem. The three big disease,

  • Mental health service in China

    Challenges and prospects, "mental health service in China: an introduction to the challenges and prospects" content: along with the development of modern mental stress and mental growth, mental health services are becoming more and more important in national. "Mental health service in China: challenges and prospects" is the Chinese scholars views on mental health service in China, fears, expectations and vision. ,

  • Medical psychology

    Medical psychology, ISBN:9787040191509, author: Wu Junlin,

  • Control and adjustment of life is full of sunshine - emotional distress

    Control and adjustment of emotional distress, "life is full of sunshine: emotional distress prevention and adaptation" introduces some emotional distress recognition, treatment of knowledge and emotional adjustment of the specific methods, such as: the gray world out of the depression, out of the nightmare, how to overcome anxiety on mental health, why love manic mood problems who spend money, the East japan,

  • Activate the sleeping brain

    "Activate the sleeping brain" is a representative work of Mr. Sun Zuodong, and for its readability, interesting and scientific, to become a benchmark for brain science. "Activate the sleeping brain" the analysis studies, philosophy, science of thinking and brain anatomy, physiology and evolutionary archaeology, human brain encephalopathy spirit,

  • Melancholy

    Out of the blue, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, "depression" is a out of the ordinary about depression works: the author is a prestigious best-selling author and depression researchers, more special is, he himself is a three degree in patients with depression and torture suffered severe, which makes both the author a lot of interviews, investigations and studies to the detailed material in this book,

  • Psychological counseling and Intervention Series - psychological counseling techniques and methods

    "Technology and the method of" psychological counseling about: the current domestic a counsellor training boom, all over the country are using their teachers or various special relationship established counselor training class, all over the country to participate in training courses are also more and more. However, according to market to reflect, the training school,

  • To rebuild life

    "To rebuild life: stroke prevention and patient service manual" from the stroke patients and family members of the perspective, from the onset to treatment, from prevention to recovery, from medicine to the diet, the editor of system solutions to issues of concern. The purpose is to give you more help and your family. Stroke is a come unexpectedly,

  • The new concept of stroke prevention

    "Introduction to the new concept of stroke prevention, interpretation of CEA content:" mentioned in Chinese, stroke, almost everyone knows the disease, but most people do not know what reason is caused by stroke. Some doctors even know the reason, but not all know now what method can prevent and treat stroke. For,

  • Dream of self. The reality.

    Analysis of 107 cases of true dream, dream and reality, self ": 107 real cases analysis for your dream" mysterious veil dream...... "Dream, self and reality: on 107 real cases of 107 real dream dream cases" in health magazine readers, covered the people common dream theme. From the angle of clinical psychologists,

  • 300 ask epilepsy

    "300 epilepsy ask" in the form of Q & A, explain profound theories in simple language describes the diagnosis of common disease in neurology epilepsy treatment, prognosis and life conditioning. Content of the scientific system, describes the popular and vivid epilepsy patients and their family members, is the important reference books, can also be used for community and grassroots medical personnel. ,

  • Nervous system disease

    "Chinese grassroots doctors training series, nervous system and disease" on the bio - psycho - social medical model as a guide, emphasizing the view from the overall level of mental disorder, especially pay attention to the basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills training. In the scope of the material, taking into account the 20 years of domestic economic, social and other,

  • Sandplay therapy

    "Sandplay therapy" and the majority of psychological counseling and treatment works are quite different. First, this is a book based on his years of using sandplay therapy experience. Second, from the similarity of culture, sandplay therapy is originally from E1 this, Professor Zhang, also learned from Japan, Europe and the United States method,

  • Vitiligo treatment

    "The treatment of vitiligo," the editor from TCM therapy's point of view on the development of vitiligo and the domestic and foreign research situation of Chinese and Western medicine, the understanding and treatment, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment, care and prevention of disease, black and white, black and white with new advances in theory and treatment, particularly the "black and white, black and white and tongzhi",

  • Social psychiatry

    "Introduction to social psychiatry" content: social psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry, is to focus on mental disorders and mental health, interpersonal relationship and cultural environment, deal with the relationship between mental illness and social environment of a science. "Social psychiatry" briefly introduces the origin, development of social psychiatry,

  • Morita's treatment of social phobia

    Morita therapy is by Japanese Jikei University School of Medicine Professor Morita Masama founded in 1920. The theoretical system of Morita's theory is not from a theoretical extension or laboratory results, neurosis experience but from Mr. Morita's own and his many years of clinical experience summary. Morita therapy through several generations,

  • Stroke

    "Stroke" from the stroke etiology, symptoms, common sense, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of rehabilitation in six aspects, the patients ask, answer way, on the stroke of the system is introduced, the spread of disease related knowledge and the concept of health to the reader, let more patients get early discovery, early diagnosis,

  • Children play therapy and psychological case set

    "Children play therapy psychological case set" and we have written "western psychological counseling case set", "world literature", "mental case set of school psychological consultation case" and "excellent foreign famous movies" mental case set consists of a series of books. The book is divided into two series: the first part detailed solution,

  • The history of Psychiatry

    From the housing institute to Prozac, "history of psychiatry: from the asylum to Prozac" in one book, Edward Short describes the social changing attitudes to mental illness to us, is harsh, brutal, there are encouraging. At the same time, the author describes the several generations of scientists and physicians psychiatric ease the pain caused by the disease,

  • Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders China utility.

    "Prevention of anxiety disorders. Chinese practical guide" follows the style of general at home and abroad, including epidemiology, etiology, prevention status and related factors, prevention and treatment, guideline implementation chapters, the content, of course is very important for the comprehensive understanding of disease prevention, but for clinical medicine handsome real-time services, is the significant,

  • Clinical neurology positioning

    Clinical neurology, "clinical neurology positioning (Sixth Edition)" on the basis of clinical symptoms or physical signs observed, showing clear road map for the location of the central or peripheral nervous system diseases. Detail make readers fully understand how a kind of symptoms or signs can be localized to specific anatomical regions, "clinical neurology positioning (no.,

  • Huang Kewei clinical neuropathology

    "Huang Kewei clinical neuropathology" is currently the most authoritative works of neuropathology, brought together many authoritative experts work. "Huang Kewei clinical neuropathology" system introduced neural system disease etiology, pathology and clinical manifestations, describes in general pathology and mirror,

  • Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is one of common disease, nervous system disease, its pathogenesis is complex, manifestations, treatment of complex has been plagued clinicians. The chronic disease process will bring heavy burden to the patients and their families, but also affect the quality of life of the patients. "Epilepsy: clinical and basic" to ask the way, using simple language,

  • The community of common mental disorders

    "A brief introduction to the main content of community common mental disorders:" to "scientific, healthy and happy life" for the purpose of the "National Health Science and technology action" is the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of health, the Central Propaganda Department, Chinese Association and other 14 ministries jointly sponsored a large-scale science and technology action. As the activities implemented. The relevant departments are actively organization,,

  • Neurology

    "Neurology (Seventh Edition)" content brief introduction: Each question in this book has a corresponding answer, a reference to a text that pro,

  • Strategy of children's psychosomatic problems

    "Strategy" children's psychosomatic problems to the overall view, from the biological, psychological, social, ecological perspective systematically introduces clinical psychological characteristics and Countermeasures of concepts, issues related to children's psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders, pathogenic factors. Rich in content, informative, the system structure clear, organized level clear, fluent in writing,

  • The utility of psychiatric emergency

    "Practical psychiatric emergency" from our country actual situation of primary psychiatric hospital, reference to domestic and foreign new materials, new technology to compile. The book is divided into thirteen chapters, diagnosis and treatment of common symptoms include important psychiatry, psychiatric clinical commonly used first-aid techniques, a common psychiatric emergency,,

  • To abuse

    "Abuse" of the core problem of masochism surviving adult and child abuse counseling field, the author has a wealth of experience in the field, he will usually pay attention to from as practitioners, training and supervision of the identity of the angle discusses related problems. These core areas including the theory and method,

  • Ask art therapist

    Oming a Therapist:What Do I Say, and Why?, "psychotherapist" quiz art ingeniously psychology knowledge into the case of treatment, according to consulting practice psychotherapist simulated situations dialogue scene. "Language arts" in one, guide the psychologist says what, why, how in the interview said that; covering from visitors to the termination of treatment,

  • Basic and clinical nerve injury

    "Treatment of basic and clinical" nerve injury of peripheral nerve injury are presented in detail, which in other writings are often less involved in the Department of neurosurgery. In addition, "basic and clinical" nerve injury at the beginning with considerable space to introduce the advance in research of physiological, pathological basis and new nerve injury, the,

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