Under the bodhi tree Tibetan medicine and medicine in Mongolia

Date of publication:2001-10   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Suno   Pages:201  

Suno, physician, master of medicine, was born in 1958 in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Mongolia.
70 time metaphase was cut in farming, rural teachers. Back to the city after the librarian, in 80 and was admitted to Inner Mongolia Medical College, engaged in clinical and teaching for more than ten years after graduation, he China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, was a master's degree in medicine. Japan's Taisho University visiting research fellow.
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The reservoir, Mongolia national medical history snow Buddha incense for the country wind around Liao without towards the palace 迁廷 Mongolia grasslands of the bodhi tree with Tibetan Buddhism to Tibet medicine Tibetan medicine development of culture and education in Tibetan temples temple education form -- manbazhacang Tibetan medicine in the spread of the Mongolia region and in region Mongolia traditional medicine of the spread of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan medicine analysis manbazhacang hide into Mongolia the development of medicine Tibetan medicine in Mongolia area of influence of Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine of Mongolia medical effects and the Mongolia medical doctors in Mongolia schools part of the Mongolia family medical home and achievements introduction of important terms for the development and utilization of Tibetan language resources @##@ bibliography colophon Tibetan medicine is an important part of Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Tibetan Buddhist culture and formed in the specific geographical environment on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, political and economic conditions and cultural atmosphere; however, it is not only the influence of Tibet Xinjiang, is also a single is a Tibetan family. In the history of Tibetan Buddhism culture not only with ALI, who hid, multi Kang the earth, far to today's Turkish, Naxi nationality, Mongolia nationality, Manchu area, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and abroad, blame Pakistan Baldi Stan, Mongolia, the former Soviet Central Asia and the Far East area etc.. Vast in Central Asia alpine steppe zone formed a charming Tibetan Buddhist culture of china. This cultural circle, since ancient times, linked with the Central Plains Civilization in the Yellow River, India, Ganges RIver and other Eastern civilization civilization. Mongolia is the Tibetan Buddhist circles in the largest, most populous nation.
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