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Date of publication:2009-2   Press: Liaoning science and Technology Press   Author:Shi Ruifeng, Lv Haiying   Pages´╝Ü361  

"New" Tangtou gejue application characteristics: a roll of the soup in the hand, a panoramic view, the prominent clinical utility, indicating the treatment points, selection of medical case, deepen our understanding of Fang Yi, a new simplified formula in verse, more relaxed memory.

(2) zhizichi Decoction (Zhang Zhongjing "cold" provided on): Gardenia, fermented soybean. Effect: heat chufan. Indications: body heat heartburn, insomnia, chest epigastric fullness, according to the soft not hard, noisy like hunger without desire for food, red tongue yellow'. (3) the tip parts: Aconitum land Jiangshui (on the land to dig a pit, pours into the water, stirring after standing for clarification, the upper layer water namely, has the effect of detoxification) decoction. Efficacy: Chung spit saliva. Indications: cold phlegm retention, choking on their. (4) firing salt Party (Sun Simiao ("valuable prescriptions for emergency"): salt with boiling water into a saturated salt soup, each serving a 2 liter, after serving the spit, spit as sushi is to. Efficacy: eject sushi. Indications: persistent food stagnation not disappear or dry cholera caused by abdominal distension, pain, discomfort, desire to vomit not to spit, not diarrhea diarrhea. 2 diluted saliva powder (Yan and "Ji Sheng Fang") spit phlegm diluted saliva Gleditsia alum class or the micro wind phlegm spat between resveratrol rise. And this served through the first customs powder blowing the nose of soap sneeze Bao survived [usage] total to fine, each with 2 3G, under the warm water. [effect] opening up. [lake at the beginning of the stroke sthenia syndrome. Symptoms of phlegm, phlegm sound rumbled in the throat, dizziness stuffy in mind, limbs not fall down, or not, or quarrel Q oblique, slippery pulse is powerful. Also treats pharyngitis.
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Master of traditional Chinese medicine, the convenience of the reader, but also a innovation of this book. According to the prescription index stroke order can be convenient for readers to quickly access. This book is suitable for Chinese medicine clinical staff and Chinese fans to read, is a practical reference book. This book each version of the "prescription" textbooks and some "Tangtou gejue" version, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the editor.
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