Mongolia Orthopaedics & Traumatology

Date of publication:2005-7   Press: Liaoning Nationalities Publishing House   Author:旺钦 Jabu   Pages:524  

Ge Wanchinzab, born in 1950 in traditional Mongolian ancestral bonesetting home. Graduated from the Inner Mongolia Mongolian College (now Inner Mongolia College for Nationalities). Inner Mongolia Medical College is now engaged in the teaching, scientific research and medical work. Volume and the co-author of "Chinese medicine Encyclopedia of Mongolian medicine" (1986), "Mongolian medicine treatment principle and method study" (1986), "Mongolian selected" series (1991), "Mongolian medicine clinical medicine" (1999) and other works. Participated in the preparation of medical colleges in the textbook "Mongolian medicine orthopedics" part, and served as an associate editor (1994). Proofreading comments University of the Qing Dynasty Ujumusiny Gun Bbu Jabu "will be used for the product" a book agent (1999). In 2002 was elected into the "Mongolia Science Encyclopedia medical volume" editorial board, and participated in the preparation work. In addition to academic papers, also compiled and published more than 4500 lines of poetry. He has authored or co authored the book won the national, provincial awards, I also won the honorable title of League municipal advanced individual.
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"China Mongolia library" order "Chinese Mongolia library" general first orthopedic research chapter Department of orthopedics and development of the second chapter "the human body injury science section running 玛哈卜得" (three) features second bones and associated bone healing in section third and section fourth of fracture healing in fifth section sixth section etiology and edge damage classification section seventh section eighth section ninth diagnosis differential diagnosis treatment principle section tenth behavioral therapy eleventh drugs in the treatment of fracture of the first chapter of second fracture section fracture introduction second festival etiology and margin of third section fracture type and morphology of shaped section fourth behavioral therapy second chapter fracture of upper limb fracture of the clavicle in section second third scapula fractures humeral fracture fourth day Fifth Festival forearm fracture scaphoid fracture section of the sixth metacarpal fracture seventh phalanx fractures in third chapter trunk fracture section skull fracture second sternal fracture section third rib fracture in fourth spinal fractures fifth hip fracture sixth section coccygeal fracture of lower limb fracture section fourth chapter second section fracture of patella femoral fracture the third section of tibia fibula fracture fourth pitch The bone fracture fifth calcaneal fractures in section sixth and section seventh cuneiform bone fracture of cuboid fracture of scaphoid bone of the eighth metatarsal bone ninth phalanx fracture dislocation third article fourth article fifth article soft tissue injury injury sixth bone, joint disease @##@ appendix. Mongolia has a long history and splendid culture of the nation. The legend of the Mongols has three thousand years of history; it is written, also has one thousand years of history. In the long years, Mongolia people created the shine with great splendor culture, in the history once established across Europe, Asia two delta Mongolia empire; established a unified hitherto unknown China history multi-ethnic country -- the yuan dynasty. The role and influence of the Mongolia nationality to the China history and the development of world history is huge.
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