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Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Guizhou science and technology   Author:Du Jiang / Deng Yonghan / Yang Huijie   Pages´╝Ü210  

"Miao medicine stunt cabala fax" is a song sung in the Millennium ancient songs, chronicling resistance Miao and disease and the courage to explore the courage to create the history; Miao medicine is a fascinating brilliant scroll, inexhaustible source of folk medicine, become legend; Miao medicine is a wide range of objective reality, she is widespread in the Miao people's daily life, but also to medicine "medical special, strange variety, its function, especially the" medicine "in its name strange, non party report, mysterious image take effect very nimble" spread to the world.
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Du Jiang, 1959 was born in November in Zhijin County of Guizhou Province, Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor, academic leaders. The director of the Institute, director of pharmacy department in Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine National Medical Research Institute, as China national medicine Miao medicine expert committee of experts: China Association of Chinese Medicine Literature Association executive director of the president of the National Medical Association; Guizhou province; Guizhou Province Pharmaceutical Association vice chairman and chairman of Chinese medicine professional committee of academic posts. Graduated from Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982, has long been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine teaching, scientific research work. The editor has "Miao medicine foundation", "Miao medical history", "the Chinese materia medica Miao medicine volume", "Chinese Materia Medica" Miao medicine volume color atlas, "Guizhou ten", "big medicine research Chinese Miao history", "Tujia medicine", "Miao", "Miao pharmacy" and other monographs, teaching material. Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine hosted more than 30 research projects, published more than 90 articles. The levels of science and technology progress award 12, which won the two prize, Guizhou province science and technology progress prize three, four prize each one (for the first complete adult).
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The first chapter of the ancient and mysterious Miao medicine stunt stunt cabala Miao medicine connotation and application of the second chapter of Miao medical characteristics of the external treatment by crossbow medicine acupuncture sulfur needle method pinch bar moxibustion wax Sida faubert pornography law paper tube method includes root toad sucking therapy device needling device butterfly method urtication burns medicine the fire burned ginger moxibustion method day bubble boiling soup initiation method of boiling oil wipe method medical fumigation cut fat therapy through rod shift method for drug law urine brick fumigation ash therapy shoe eggs mending method with wine to smoke with Sida drug embedding method. Chapter third Miao medicine commonly used external treatment by cupping therapy, cold pot method hot pot pot smoked pot walk medicinal cupping blood cupping cupping scraping therapy...... The fourth chapter the fifth chapter Miao Miao special skill or esoteric rule sixth chapter of Miao medicine detoxification
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Miao medicine can be traced back thousands of years, the long history has been playing an important role in dispelling diseases, safeguard people's health, for the development of China medicine has made important contributions, it is still an important force in the area of preventing and curing diseases. Because of Chinese Miao from north to south, the special historical background of long-term migration, its influence spread to half a Chinese. Remote mountain areas in the southwest, South Central Miao final distribution area, entered the silent state for a long time. But the relatively closed state of existence and the traditional folk cultural continuity, and the essence of the national medicine culture system can be kept for a long time, and in the exchange and mutual penetration of different regions of the natural environment and with other nations and constantly enrich and development of diversity, the more abundant connotation. Mr. Zhu Guoben, President of China Society said: "Miao nationality medicine based on the special historical background, I think Chinese Miao contribution to development of traditional medicine will be enormous."
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