Commonly used medicinal plants of Miao Nationality

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Zhang Jingjie, Luo Yingchun Guizhou science and Technology Press (2010-11)   Author:Zhang Jingjie, Luo Yingchun   Pages´╝Ü342  

"Plants" Miao medicine contained 289 kinds of drugs, 289 pictures, the Miao folk commonly used medicinal plants, illustrations, clear. Not only for the research, development and utilization of our Province minority especially rich resources of medicinal plants of Miao area, for the development of our province traditional Chinese medicine, national medicine industry, and provide scientific data; more important is to promote the unity of different ethnic groups, the rich ethnic culture and poverty is a mountainous area economy industry adjustment, promote great, far-reaching significance.
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A string of red umbrella Nanxing a little red seven leaf flower nine lions grass Alangium Dysosma versipellis evergreen Wanshou bamboo Akebia trifoliata Bidens pilosa three lobed leaves of Ampelopsis Senecio Talinum twotooth Achyranthes root soil Fuling Chenopodium ambrosioides Buddleja davidii Sargentgloryvine thistle sabiaparviflora Rosa cymosa fish eye chrysanthemum pheasant pepper raspberry Rubus setchuenensis teasel toosendanin wide cracca Toddalia asiatica Ma Lan purslane Coriaria aristolochic Dichondra repens Verbena Begonia sinensis Chinese ivy Chinese stachyuraceae Aconitum Stenoloma chusanum cloud real Yunnan supplejack Yunnan Achillea Yunnan sage the asarum Impatiens Pteris Platycarya Tianmen winter Gastrodia elata leaves butterfly leaves coriander fig rose Hibiscus Hibiscus Gerbera crowfoot Oenanthe javanica base the water of yellow water Chaoyang water centipede Polygonum hydropiper Pyracantha Cynanchum oregano burdock front long ears calamint Luffa Curculigo Lobelia Pinellia Polygonum capitatum Buch leaf Stemona Nepal Geranium pratense Rumex nepalensis anemone hupehensis Mussaenda maize seeds gold Serissa Rhizoma Bletillae Peucedanum praeruptorum Datura stramonium white British Imperata swallowwort white tendons Lycopodium Acorus Shi Nan rattan red spider lily pomegranate Blumea agrimony......
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"Plant drugs" Miao from Guizhou science and Technology Publishing house.
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