• Commonly used medicinal plants of Miao Nationality

    "Plants" Miao medicine by Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guizhou province civilian appoint jointly organized the compilation. Contains 289 kinds of drugs, 289 pictures, the Miao folk commonly used medicinal plants, illustrations, clear. Not only for the research, development and utilization of our Province minority particularly abundant in medicinal Miao area,

  • Tibetan medicine into modern studies on Preparation and clinical application

    "The Tibetan medicine into modern studies on Preparation and clinical application of", the book is divided into three parts, part, part. The first provides an overview of the development history of Tibetan medicine. In the series contains commonly used classical Tibetan medicine and clinical medicine preparation 106, mainly from the "Pharmacopoeia of people's Republic of China" "the people's Republic of China health,

  • Chinese folk secret recipe to test

    "China folk secret recipe to check (up) (Revised Edition)" included secret experienced recipe 4297, can cure the disease more than 350 species, selected prescription, are composed of Chinese herbal medicine, can effectively enhance the immunity of the human body and self rehabilitation ability, especially for some Difficult miscellaneous diseases, has unique treating effect, "China folk,

  • Art therapy - operation techniques and classical case

    "Art therapy: operation techniques and classical case" is on the basis of introduction and the introduction, a large amount of theoretical and practical case of Japanese art therapy on clinical psychology, combined with the practice of the formation of. Basic theory of art therapy, the specific forms and specific techniques and its operation are introduced in detail, the dielectric,

  • Miao medicine bonesetting

    For the convenience of the reader to understand Zhang's bone crisp, with photos of Zhang's manipulation of photographs and clinical data in "Miao medicine bonesetting" in one book, tries to discuss and clinical effect of a 氏苗 medicine graphic manipulation. The book is accompanied by "Miao Chinese medical vocabulary" human anatomy class, the name of the disease and two kinds of Miao and Han control medicine,

  • 99 traditional Chinese medicines entry

    "Continued 99 traditional Chinese medicines on entry to the" common forces Siwu Decoction as an example, detailed description of rehmannia, angelica, peony, Ligusticum chuanxiong mortar composition, can with the compatibility proportion of different, resulting in the overall resistance to dry (Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, excess), or to the greasy (Radix rehmanniae, Shao excess mortar), if usually the constitution is dry,

  • Qiu Tiandao mud moxibustion sixteen

    Qiu Tiandao mud moxibustion sixteen speakers, ISBN:9787802453425, author: Qiu Tiandao,

  • Traditional Chinese primer

    Traditional Chinese medicine primer, ISBN:9787537728652, author: Feng Ming,

  • Tangtou gejue application solution

    "Tangtou gejue" is the Qing Dynasty Wang ang, a Chinese popular books, in seven languages in the form of songs popularized prescription, GetWord, easy to learn and memorize, learning is the most influential popular prescription primer, and the "Three Character Classic", "medicine resistance", "Fu near Lake sphygmology" and known as the "four small classic". Those who study,

  • Miao medicine stunt cabala fax

    "Miao medicine stunt cabala fax" is a song sung in the Millennium ancient songs, chronicling resistance Miao and disease and the courage to explore the courage to create the history; Miao medicine is a fascinating brilliant scroll, inexhaustible source of folk medicine, become legend; Miao medicine is a wide range of objective reality, she is widespread in the miao,

  • Under the bodhi tree Tibetan medicine and medicine in Mongolia

    "Introduction under the bodhi tree in Mongolia Tibetan medicine and medical" content: Tibetan medicine is an important part of Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Tibetan Buddhist culture and formed in the specific geographical environment on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, political and economic conditions and cultural atmosphere; however, it is not only limited to the effects of snow,,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin disease of Mongolian Medicine

    "Mongolian skin diseases atlas" by Liaoning Nationalities Publishing House, "the main content of Mongolian medicine skin diseases including:" this map which absorbs the advantages of several skin diseases of domestic published, and focuses on the Mongolian medical point of view, lists the various skin diseases mainly Mongolian received record treatment the original,

  • Surgery of Chinese Medicine

    Chinese traditional surgery is a part of Chinese traditional medicine, the content is rich, has a long history, has made great contribution to the prosperity of the Chinese nation. "Chinese medicine surgery" is divided into two parts, the contents include surgery, surgical range and development of disease classification and nomenclature of definitions, etiology and pathology, syndrome differentiation, treatment;,

  • Tibetan medicine family medical handbook

    "Tibetan medicine family medical handbook (Tibetan)" as the Tibetan language version, informative, beautifully printed. ,

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