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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Henan people's Publishing House   Author:Gao Huifang   Pages´╝Ü211  

In recent years, the mental health problems of people has received widespread attention in the whole society, our country related institutions in recent years survey carried out a series of mental health, psychological problems have become a major hidden danger of "China's national health". As USA a more senior psychological doctor said: "with the change China to commercial, psychological problems people face to the survival threat, will be far greater than has been plagued by a physiological disease Chinese......" This book mainly analyzes the causes of psychological problems, hazard characterization of psychological problems, points out that the mental health standard, and then describes some psychological problems, emotional, personality, will, interpersonal pressure, abnormal behavior; and puts forward feasible strategies on the basis of the analysis of the causes of the.
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The first chapter opens the window of heart, know the psychological status by the first quarter of the psychological problems, psychological problems, the universality of the two, the causes of the psychological problems of section second on the basis of scientific judgment of the abnormal psychology, abnormal psychology, two, the definition of abnormal psychological harm third efficient and reasonable, to maintain a healthy psychological, mental health standard two, psychological health, psychological health of three self maintenance chapter second polish state of mind, understanding the character first slowly thinking, decision factors from all sorts of a character personality, character of the two, three, four, character and way of life character with plasticity section second flexible, away from the killer, confident character two, beyond the inferiority, conceit, modest way, bid farewell to three moderate alert, not in four, to improve their suspicions, free from envy five, learn to be flexible, overcome bigotry, delight in all six, perfect seven, appropriate to obey, defeat the rebellious third chapters to open up, regulating emotions first careful pondering, read emotional section a two, everyone will have the mood, emotion and health. In the second part the stable master, grasp the emotional ups and downs, smiles to the life Two, avoid the pessimistic, optimistic and cheerful, disperse the depressed three, towards the light, from the fear of four, be in a calm mood, anger, relaxed and calm my nerves in five, six, seven for warmth, get rid of loneliness, enrich the mind, get rid of empty fourth chapters return to nature, release the pressure section with great care, uncover the veil a understanding of pressure, pressure two self testing, pressure second section embrace sunshine, alleviate the pressure of the heavy burden of a, the correct attitude, brave to family pressure two, reasonable catharsis, release the pressure of work three, flexible, alleviated in four, optimistic about the environmental pressure, eliminate disease pressure fifth chapter hold a long pole, pursuit of noble personality first circumspect, personality, deep inside personality psychological characteristics of two, the healthy personality standard second step forward, crossed the personality disorder, modest and pragmatic, eliminate the vanity two, enjoy yourself, not to compete in three, his four, less selfish, generous, no longer save five, contentment, overcome greedy six, brave, don't run away from seven, be responsibility, disperse complain eight, forgiveness of others, the elimination of revenge nine, sober, abandon forced the sixth chapter Encourage yourself, cultivate strong will appreciate the first section, interpretation of willpower, measure your will power two, willpower is a kind of catalyst second day march forward courageously, break through the haze, will a shortage in the two Efficiency comes from diligence., lazy, do it yourself, put aside the dependence of the three, quick decision, should not be delayed four, never yielding, use defeat five, resolute, hesitating, open six to look before you leap, impulse control seven, cautious, never regret eight, face the reality, correct nostalgic seventh chapter to maintain harmonious interpersonal, building the best first quarter with careful analysis, explore interpersonal, interpersonal psychological demand two, interpersonal and health second day sincerely, out of interpersonal communication, upright and outspoken against the wall, with two, the steadfast personhood, resist acting three, giving them space, not to interfere in four, honest, put an end to the five, some enthusiasm, eliminate cold six, friendly, forget the hatred of the eighth chapter waved farewell to the abnormal behavior, firstly with the analysis of the relationship between truth, behavior and physical and mental, psychological behavior is a mirror in two, abnormal behavior harm more than second day action, repair abnormality line As a loophole, drown one's sorrows in wine, worry more worry about two, will disappear in smoke, people more haggard, ensure the nutrition of three, not four, anorexia also gastric space, get rid of eating five, dust has been set, which can clean six, on-demand consumption, not crazy shopping seven, live in the reality, from network eight, harmful not lame the ninth chapter to gambling, mental health, happy to do their first self understanding, love yourself, although not perfect, but I'm still two, I challenge myself, I can do three, improve themselves, perfect themselves in section second for the good of others, love others, learn to listen to, and respect for others, two people, three hit on what one likes, culture friendship, to reduce the enemy, the third section to find happiness, love life, to outdoors, nature two, live in the present, as a pleasurable occupation three, simple life, Culture Arts Festival fourth place state of mind, love, accept work pressure, against two at any time, work, do not forget to play three, reasonable rest, don't do the work crazy
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