Psychology of University Students

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: HeFei University of Technology press   Author:Li Hua   Pages´╝Ü323  

In such a rapid development of the society, college students' values, ways of thinking, interpersonal relationship and way of life have a lot of change, the psychological state of college students also inevitably influenced, produce large fluctuations.
by Li Hua editor of the "psychology of university students" consists of ten chapters, the main content for the adaptation and development of college students, the students' self awareness, emotional management of college students, college students' learning psychology, interpersonal interaction etc..
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The first chapter is the introduction of
the first psychology
second students psychological development of
third college students mental health and
second chapter students adaptation and development of
the first section in accordance with the development of
second college students to adapt with the development of the task and the method of
third university enrollment adaptation and adjustment of
third chapter consciousness of self
the first self consciousness overview of
Second College Students' self awareness of the characteristics of
third college students' self consciousness to construct
fourth chapter the emotional management of college students.
the first section emotional almost and
Second Students of emotional intelligence
Third the emotion of college students management of
fifth chapter of students learning psychology
first day learning psychology overview of
Second University cattle learning psychological adjustment
third College Students' time management
sixth chapter students interpersonal
the first section interpersonal overview of
second fire students interpersonal characteristics of
third college students the adjustment and optimization of communication
Fourth students love psychology
seventh chapter college students crisis
the first Section
second day of frustration coping stress management
third college students Dutch act phenomenon analysis of
eighth chapter of college students psychological
the first network and university life
Second College Students Internet addiction.
third college students network moral
Chapter ninth university students career planning and employment of
the first career planning of
Second College Students Career Planning
third college students employment psychological
Fourth students independent venture
tenth chapter students sound personality
the first section personality overview of
Second Students' healthy personality standard and development characteristics of
third college students personality and healthy personality shaping
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