Nine emotional problems

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company   Author:Weike   Pages´╝Ü220  

"Family psychological clinic" is designed for readers who are lack of the knowledge of psychology and writing. It is not a book on medicine, also cannot take the role of professional psychological doctor. The purpose of this book is to provide easy to understand the psychological and spiritual knowledge for you, so you can better understand and master the state of mental health of their own. At the same time, with the medical professional knowledge, psychological doctors and nurses, heart, can also from the "family" psychological clinics benefited. Of course. In addition to this book, they can also read a lot of books in their fields. If in your opinion, this book can reflect people's experience, treatment methods of publicity of common sense, it is a book for readers of books.
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The first chapter of our children to learn what? How to learn? Pay attention to smell each linked event whose house is this? Reward increasing power, reducing power cannot predict punishment punishment consequences under pressure suddenly angry parents learning ability defects by Luo children and signal your child has a learning disability? Campus oppress the weak victim blame action against second chapter, oppress the weak difference between left and right brain dominant hunters and gatherers women cope with interrupted the abilities of men and women of different negotiation skills why there have been two different negotiation styles of stone age with the skills to solve the problem of space age I just wanted to let you know I feel the third chapter sensitive and mental breakdown stimulating team worker response to criticism spirit collapse of the symptoms blocking burden brain circuits of personal preference to avoid further significant change of sensory stimulation on certain normal affairs and tolerate loss of ability to Gao Min in the understanding of children's mental breakdown sensitive reaction types of stimulus type workers collapse of the spirit of human brain neurotransmitter chemicals will supplement the consumption of the human brain will chemical elements the collapse of the spirit of the three the fourth chapter and fifth chapter self personality growth and early 6 Chapter sense of insecurity and fear of the seventh chapter of eighth chapter irritable, irritability, behavioral disorders, the ninth chapter felt depressed, fatigue and be sleepy straws. tenth chapter sadness the eleventh chapter when you Unable to forgive or forget the twelfth chapter problems, forcing and worry about body disease sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter simple crime family therapy thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter addiction and addictive madness, voices and paraphasia fifteenth chapter eighteenth chapter of emotional self psychological therapy
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