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Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Southwest Jiao Tong University press   Author:Liao Chuanjing, Hong Yingjun,   Pages´╝Ü241  
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First what is psychology and mental health knowledge, psychological? What is the nature of human psychology? And what is psychology? Two, what is the psychological health? Three, what is the standard of mental health, mental health? Four what state? Five, why do people have mental health problems? What are the psychological a common health problem, six migrant workers friends? What are the factors that affect the mental health problems of migrant workers, seven? Eight, the relationship between mental health and physical health is what? Nine, what is the psychological stress and stress? Ten, how to correctly understand the effects of psychological stress on health, how to reduce the negative effects of stress? Eleven, what is the EQ? What kind of contact quotient and mental health? Twelve, learning, contribute to the health of body and mind reading? Second psychological consultation and treatment third workplace mental health of fourth mental health self adjustment of the fifth interpersonal and psychological health of sixth marriage and sex mental health seventh the common psychological obstacles and disposal of eighth articles of mental health test @##@ references. This book is the 2006 year Zhejiang Province Federation of Social Sciences and Social Science Key Project "migrant workers mental health" (project number: 2006 - 33), health status of migrant workers in Wenzhou city and Countermeasures of psychological study of 2009 year Wenzhou city science and technology plan project of first phase "" (subject number: 0090026), research on health and population psychological differences in new Wenzhou in 2010 in Wenzhou city cultural project "" Fifth project (project number: Wyk10117) and a 2010 year Zhejiang province human resources and social security hall "investigation on the new generation of migrant workers mental health status and Countermeasures -- a case study of Wenzhou" (project number: 2010A015) summary of the results. The book questions and answers in the form of the psychological health of basic knowledge, combined with the lives of migrant workers, the actual work, targeted solution to the common mental health problems, introduces the adjustment method, various mental health psychological evaluation method. The book of popular science is strong, the form of lively, easy to understand language, content is scientific and practical, suitable for the majority of migrant workers friends read reference.
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