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Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Jinan University   Author:Song Zhuanmao   Pages´╝Ü295  
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The first chapter understanding mental health measuring -- life on the road junction Liangyou first day life need mental health measuring section second what mental health measuring section third mental health of testability demonstration section fourth scientific psychological health measurement where from fifth mental health measuring types and methods. The second chapter Institute of mental health survey -- is good bad psychological several section of mental health of the basic meaning and standard second day mental health measuring evaluation as far as possible selection section third mental health measuring tool making, section fourth, the interpretation of the measurement results and the norm of fifth day abuse mental health measuring harm the third chapter infant mental health measuring -- looking for children's education for the first step of the first section of infant mental health overview section second infant mental health standards third neonatal adaptation ability measurement section fourth of infant temperament measuring fifth 1-3 years old infant motor ability measurement sixth 3-6 years old children's mental health measuring seventh 3-6 years old children's mental health questionnaire eighth children's intelligence development testing chapter fourth primary school students heart Psychological health measurement -- starting life good guide section of pupils' mental health overview section second of pupils' mental health standard third day students intelligence development measurement section fourth pupils learning adaptability measurement section fifth students emotional stability measurement section sixth students self-awareness measuring seventh day pupils behavior measurement section eighth of pupils' mental health measurement in Chapter fifth, the mental health of middle school students measurement -- Study on the mental health of middle school students. The first section outlines the second day middle school students mental health standard third day Maat fourth values of middle school students self testing fifth middle school students' interpersonal relationship questionnaire measuring section sixth secondary personality traits measured -- the 16 personalities measurement of seventh middle school students mental health comprehensive measuring sixth chapter psychology of College Students Health Survey Design Strategy -- life first day of College Students' mental health of second college students' psychological health standard third day college students anxiety measuring fourth college students emotional stability measuring Fifth College Students Interpersonal Relations and College Students' psychological Festival harmonic measurement sixth measurement section seventh college students ability to adapt to the reality of mental health measuring eighth comprehensive measuring seventh chapter college students mental health of adults -- optimization measure life consulting reference of psychological quality assessment literature @##@ system In the writing method, the author from the reader's needs, the development of mental health as the main measurement. So, in the discussion of the measuring method, measuring tool when there is a large degree of flexibility, many self testing questionnaire can be introduced, test secure some restrictive and therefore can reduce. In the content arrangement, the book as the basic clue to the age characteristics of mental development, and combines the main task and role of each period in the development of life, to determine of the content and material choice, focusing on infants and young children, pupils, middle school students, university students and adults that several important life period of development psychological health measurement. To make the book has strong logic system, and provide the necessary theoretical background for the reader, the basic theory and technical problem we also set up two chapters to study the mental health survey. In the paper, the author has carried out simple words to explain the profound principle principle, make the language popularization. I hope this will help readers to understand and use the book, but also to help professionals.
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