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Date of publication:2011-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Wang Shicai, Deng Rutao, Huang Wu.   Pages´╝Ü284  

This book by Wang Shicai, Deng Rutao, Huang Wu, ed., the psychology and the humanities theory as the guide, combined with modern social life, from four aspects of a soul soul awakening, mind doubts, ascension, soul, fusion the profound understanding of the value of life, the philosophical story, case and key tips, discusses the various kinds of people's mental state, emotion and its adjusting method and care skills. Reading this book, can lead the readers to decipher the mind password, explore the mysteries that happiness, happiness, hold the secret of success, let it lost conscious, the mood is low person hearten, with positive guidance for the maturity and development of life.
book covered a wide, elaborate explain profound theories in simple language, suitable for young students and social people from all walks of life to read reference.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of spiritual awakening
life your understanding
strengthen the heart of environmental protection
out of mind to create a spiritual paradise hell

avoid insight into life tragedy life trap
be a sensible
perplexity into
break fan enlightenment
eye look people
see social
with the aesthetic look at others
standing in the clouds to see the world, meaning of life

live essence of life to live up to its own
the basic human norms
hold a bottom line
life in the heart in the hands of
heart state decide the fate of
promote the mind height
life pattern in pure
improve understanding
drop down the heart from
good habits that people benefit life
not by wave stream
do not concentrate on trifles and neglect essentials
life moment
leaving a piece of shade
free life and death complex
second chapter mind doubts
how in the face of frustrations difficulties
removal of painful
beyond the pain

his pessimistic feeling lonely
endurance life
increasing the psychological bearing ability of
correctly treat their defects of
war Sheng inferiority
don't fret over trifles.
don't blame others live at
learn to comfort yourself.
dignity is priceless.
not tired of
money truth
see light out of
underestimate the importance of non battle
keep passion
permanent hope
the third chapter soul rising
what is happiness.
find happiness
happy life of the golden rule.
find happy
the secret of happiness.
a happy life every day.
Live out their personality

treasure have to resist the temptation.
the desire for control
grasp the present
be simple
refused to luxury
to plain
mentality decision outlet
Heartbeat action as
not complaints work
mining potential
I am born to be useful
do better job shop
goal is success in life
out of successful error
disperse the haze of failure
avarice makes people fall
ease will self destruct
fourth chapter the fullness of heart
and improve the comprehensive quality of
master your emotions with the doctrine of the mean

> advocating harmony and share
walk hand in hand.
learn tolerance for the good of others as good as water

love immensity greatly grateful
enjoy life

aesthetic life enjoy reading
by the ordinary heart calm oneself to love others.

with a pure heart to feel the world
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