Female beautiful from the heart

Date of publication:2007-5   Press: China City Press   Author:Jin Shu   Pages´╝Ü283  

Today, attention to women's mental health, let women no longer life stress and worry, will no longer be emotional hurt and pain, will no longer be setbacks in life and low self-esteem, not to worry about the shadow of the soul, has become an important topic of common concern of the whole society. So with this through a special "pulse", a healthy and joyful mind prescription for women, especially through counseling, help female cure heartache, out of the shadows, cherish life, love life more "feminine beauty from the heart". This book from the current situation of contemporary female psychology, analyzes many kinds of psychological problems and widespread contemporary women the most prone to cause breeding; for every kind of psychological problems and typical performance, female psychological cases combined with common people, one one symptomatic diagnosis; provides a series of effective, convenient operation method and means as the psychological confusion lifted millions of women. This book is willing to sincere help, the contemporary women more healthy, more beautiful, more happiness.
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The heart lights the first women from a psychological problem: why women lingering shadow two mental health: a female life happiness second female emotional psychological problems of adjustment of eliminating bound confident spirit chains two out of shyness heart circle three move to build life a stumbling block on the road four don't let cowardice hinder the pace of life five elimination intense psychological stress depressed the soul monster six out of seven out of eight life irresolute and hesitant mire don't let anxiety makes you Yu Yan premature nine get rid of obsessions psychological demons ten dispel cleanliness brings endless trouble eleven break superstition fog twelve is no longer on the Internet do addicts thirteen across depression slough third female exclusive spirit the psychological problems of adjustment, a don't let suspicion sufferred from you two remove the vanity of spirit armor three down the perfect psychological burden four ablation heart cold ice wall five open the door of soul six away from the shackles of social phobia in seven out of eight indulge in self-admiration mirror out hatred fire nine or ten eyes of jealousy don't let Greed ruined himself
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