Emotional management and mental health

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: Peking University   Author:Ye Suzhen   Pages´╝Ü297  
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The first chapter emotional cognitive emotion = EQ do what is happy, anger, fear, sadness mood -- four kinds of passion, emotion, mood stress -- three kinds of state of emotion and differences between EQ four function of the emotion is the emotion stimulates mental activity and behavior motivation emotion is the psychological activities of the organizers mood the mental and physical health of the regulator is an important means of emotional communication effects of emotional differences between the four factors of social culture parenting gender role trait emotion on College Students' psychological impact of College Students' emotional development characteristics of the four emotions of the students of four the second chapter emotion regulation four common emotional distress, anxiety and depression fear irritability regulating emotional distress the first step: three step second step be aware of their own emotions: understand the reasons for the formation of third step of bad mood: relaxation and conversion mood regulation five major music method regulation color adjustment method respiratory regulation expression regulation method comprehensive adjustment method how to properly express their emotion experience to overcome five major strategies of bad mood to create and maintain a happy mood the five coup the cultivation of healthy emotion emotional well-being three standards The three chapter cognitive self shaping of self consciousness and adjust what is "self consciousness" development of the three characteristics of the four self awareness deviation and its adjustment to create the perfect personality personality of college students in your five characteristics of healthy personality of College Students' self consciousness self fashioning test: your personality do use their temperament what is the application of temperament temperament and the adjustment of the Temperament Scale the fourth chapter environment adapt to college students role change three points of environmental change and adapt to the natural environment to adapt to the three tips to learn Mandarin, four aspects to adapt to the language environment to adapt to living environment adaptation and improvement in the not for differences between urban and rural areas and inferiority in the new environment to find their position in the adjustment of the psychological gap, a correct understanding of self brother, sister for help college students psychological adaptability measuring mental ability self testing questionnaire of college students psychological adaptability questionnaire fifth chapter learning psychology of college students and adapt to the interaction between the three step learning and mental health effects of the four kinds of common learning psychological distress and adjustment of how to deal with the "lack of motivation" ease "learning fatigue study learn the five characteristics of College students" Three methods of how to face the "memory" adjustment "anxiety" coup four exam psychology of unhealthy psychological test the performance of eight kinds of test anxiety adjustment of four methods of test anxiety scale learning skills and methods of training three learning ability cultivation of good learning method to cultivate four tunes the cultivation of creative thinking and training Sixth chapter interpersonal relationships kaleidoscope of interpersonal relationship five types and four features four factors affecting college students' interpersonal interpersonal attraction interpersonal conflict and interpersonal attraction five necessary conditions of cognition, emotion, behavior -- interpersonal attraction interpersonal conflict of the three process three solving strategies to develop good interpersonal relationship the four steps to grasp the successful interaction the five principles of master interpersonal skills four big three communicative competence cultivation of six good communication quality of five common communication barrier methods to Overcome Jealousy paranoid feel self shy students interpersonal relationship diagnosis meter seventh chapter emotion and love love in the university faces why you fall in love love love love trilogy six form college students four misunderstandings and Transcendence of a misunderstanding: the one-sided error Two: Love Triangle Zone Three: unmarried cohabitation four errors: third brokenhearted and psychological adjustment of the lovelorn causes six coup to help you out of the lovelorn shadow society in love grow a healthy view of love love love healthy behavior training the ability of five chapter eighth psychological guide adolescent sexual psychology of college students psychological development of four major characteristics of psychological development of three process of the four psychological distress and adjustment of anxiety and impulsivity masturbation premarital sex anomaly sex identification and adjustment of fetish voyeurism transsexualism exhibitionism maintain a healthy psychological and mental health of five standard maintenance of health of the three way of generous and the opposite sex contact foreign sex health education characteristics and Enlightenment of the ninth chapter of Internet psychology and adjustment of College Students Network Psychology of college students network complex network under the cover of the six negative psychological health of college students to do a network psychological problems and coping strategies of three problems: only on the Internet, I have a mental problem two: always be afraid miss the latest news issue three: the Internet I is the "Internet addiction and Internet prince charming" rely on network psychological barrier sheet Six major causes of the psychological test and rely on the network and network: you how close to overcome network dependent small strategy mentality cognition and the adjustment mentality of the five types of senses "cyber love" of all: what is it the tenth chapter frustration coping with pressure processing face setbacks, cultivate five kinds of frustration of life smile problems in college students to actively respond to the three point proposal of six methods for the regulation of frustration frustration coping and relaxation training, understanding of pressure you pressure effectively cope with pressure two ways to ease three prescription willpower and forging will four traits of four kinds of bad will power regulation method of willpower Dutch act three stages of college students Dutch act analysis with the adjustment of eight step Dutch act psychological psychological psychological analysis of the behavior of college students Dutch act three preventive measures @##@ reference. This book on the basis of emotion management, college students are most often self shaping, environmental adaptation, learning psychology, interpersonal communication, love and marriage, sexual psychology, network adjustment and setbacks and pressure and so on ten problems, to positive coping strategies and psychologicalGuidance as the main content, open a door to the bright window for university students and general readers.
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