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Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Peking University press   Author:Li Jinyun   Pages´╝Ü274  
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The first chapter first understand how the university age second day learning and the use of "guidance" the mental health of college students psychological health knowledge of second chapter 1 what is health, second what is the psychological health of third day students physiological and psychological characteristics of the third chapter who I was? One one of College Students' self consciousness first what is the self the second section one one consciousness of self understanding that your secret third self acceptance one one you don't know how beautiful you are fourth self perfection one one development of self potential fourth chapters to study one one college students psychological first day learning psychology overview section second students' cognition, non intelligence factors and learning in section third, the students how to study more effective section fourth college students' creativity development and creative learning the fifth chapter mind lamp one one college students' emotion management section of College Students' emotional cognition second day of College Students' emotional management section third college students' emotion regulation sixth chapter why you are out of the ordinary one one college students personality development and training the first day personality overview section second personality causes, theory of personality and healthy personality in Chapter seventh, return to the society One one college students interpersonal first day college students interpersonal relationship overview section second students harmonious interpersonal relationships of college students interpersonal conflicts and solutions in section third section fourth college students interpersonal barriers and adjustment of the eighth chapter of youth dance one one university students love psychology section of gender communication section second university student love view third college students love frustration and adjustment the ninth chapter in the sunshine after the rain in one one college students' frustration and psychological crisis first to understand the frustration of second day actively face setbacks to effectively deal with setbacks third day crisis and coping in Chapter tenth, I am happy to let me worry that one one college students with Internet the first Internet one one fascinating virtual world second section try to stop but cannot one one college students internet addiction Internet addiction prevention and section third to the eleventh chapter for your blueprint to trace what color one one career planning of college student psychological first occupation career planning overview section second how to make career planning in section third how do college students target management section fourth college students' job skill twelfth chapter tears one one university student common psychology barrier Prevention and response to reference @##@ obstacles and coping first approached the psychological barrier second college students of third common mental disorders section of College Students' psychological obstacle "Health care" to college students' healthy personality of College Students' psychological training, psychological quality and psychological development as the goal, to counsel students psychological problems for clues, through vivid, rich times the language of color, rich and colorful mental activity, humorous illustrations and other forms, will introduce the theory of psychology is closely related with the students of the contemporary college students. The language easy to understand, be lively and vivid form, strong operability. This book can be used for mental health teaching colleges, mental health related workers and readers interested in mental health.
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