• Psychological Traps

    In daily life, because the wrong idea or radical ideas, people often get into his building psychological trap, unable to extricate themselves. "Psychology" aimed at people trap these common psychological traps, use all kinds of theories of psychology, to understand from the source, causes, effects and countermeasures,

  • Psychological doctor for seven life advice you

    "Psychological doctor for seven life advice" your first life advice will introduce you to selfishness, vanity, stingy, single parent children psychology abnormal psychology, teach you how to distinguish the abnormal psychology, how to maintain their psychological health; second life advice will tell you how to love a child, tell you pass,

  • Guide university group psychological counseling practice

    "Guide" University of group psychological counseling practice mainly about: in order to promote the psychological health education work more widely, comprehensively, effectively, improve their mental health level, we adopt group psychological counseling (hereinafter referred to as the "mission driven auxiliary"), the other psychological counseling and educational way,

  • The psychological health education of Chinese and foreign classic case 100

    "Chinese and foreign classic case analysis of the psychological health education of 100" in both form and content of the original version of the expansion and ascension. Is a prominent feature, who edited the carefully selected about one hundred touch one deeply in the heart, instructive case, according to the subject classification, the case is a deep,

  • Who stole our happy

    "Who stole our happy: the main content of mental massage article" include: why Chinese happiness so low? It Chinese without happiness gene? Otherwise, Lin Yutang once said, Chinese most clever in leisure time and the most rational, they can find many happy life. Russell also praised Chinese,

  • 100 psychological decompression. You don't know

    "100 psychological decompression." you don't know the taste of books. There are many secrets of life. Also, around the life of physiological, psychological, about, about basic necessities of life, about the sun and the moon and the stars and the flowers bloom, there are also many mysteries and know-how. For these secrets, secrets and tricks, some of us,

  • Migrant workers should understand the 50 mental health knowledge

    "Migrant workers should understand the 50 mental health knowledge" is "tens of millions of migrant workers assistance action" employment skills training curriculum. Special advantages for the trade unions at all levels, the integration of social resources for training, according to the employment needs of enterprises, to carry out training in the use of migrant workers employment. ,

  • You don't know the psychological counseling 100 Q

    "You don't know the psychological counseling 100 Q (selling double color version)" content brief introduction: according to WHO estimates, annual global Dutch act attempted to reach more than 100016 people; the top 10 diseases caused by incomplete largest has 5 belongs to a mental disorder; and to calculate China neuropsychiatric disease burden to 20,

  • Let the sun warm heart camp

    "Let the sun warm heart camp: Mental Health Knowledge Reader" questions and answers in the way, from the psychological, psychological adjustment and psychological test 3 aspects to be concise and to the point, to answer questions related to the. Psychological commonsense discourse mainly include the basic knowledge of common psychological problems, psychological concepts, common analytical content; psychological adjustment,

  • Prevention and control of rural common psychological problems

    "Prevention" rural common psychological problems with farmers' daily life, according to the common psychological problems of farmers there, introduces six kinds of knowledge: firstly, introduces the basic knowledge of psychology and mental health; the introduction of psychological health maintenance and health care knowledge; backward mental health the correct unscientific,

  • Professional and technical personnel of mental health and psychological adjustment

    "Mental health and psychological adjustment," professional and technical personnel according to the psychological characteristics of professional and technical personnel, this paper summarizes related professional and technical personnel of mental health and psychological content. The first chapter to the third chapter explains the definition and standard of mental health, all kinds of professional and technical personnel and defines the prone,

  • Mental health education

    "Mental health education (Second Edition)" from the perspective of psychology to understand their psychological method for secondary vocational school students, put forward some common psychological problems, and how to face and solve these problems. To be a good guide for walking on the road in the puberty young students, to give them help, support,

  • Women live music 800Q&A

    "Introduction" woman LOHAS 800Q&A content: find yourself, find the charm and self-confidence, why don't people need more love yourself, who know you best? Who give you care? Not him, but it...... Want to do a perfect woman, as in Ding Ling's "woman LOHAS 800Q & A (new,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    "College Students' psychological health education in Higher Vocational Education" is the Ministry of health "eleven five" planning materials, in order to meet China's various types of higher education especially vocational school college courses of college mental health education and textbooks. This material to impart the knowledge of mental health as the core, to optimize the college students' psychological quality,

  • Mental health and growth of students in Higher Vocational Colleges

    Mental health and development for college students, "talents of higher occupation education and training innovative textbook publishing project, psychological health and growth of students" rich in content, informative, mainly for the psychological problems of college students mental health education of the basic knowledge and vocational college students learning to adapt to the common, such as psychological problems, interpersonal psychological problems,

  • Out of depression

    "Introduction" out of depression: depression is a common disease, fast paced and high tension living state easily lead to depression patients. At present the treatment of depression has had great development: to drug therapy, psychological therapy and other methods, can make the depression in complete remission, "go,

  • The soul cube

    Health from the heart beginning Beijing Huaye Culture Co. Ltd, "soul cube: health to start from the heart" mental health and physical health are equally important. "The soul cube: health to start from the heart" a comprehensive description of various psychological and emotional, some psychological problems and solution are given, the establishment of a knowledge platform of mental health for the reader, so that readers can carry on the mental health of self diagnosis,

  • The psychological health education of college students (up and down)

    "College Students' Psychological Health Education (volume one)" according to "the implementation of the outline of work of psychological health education of college students (Trial)" of the basic requirements, combined with the physical and psychological characteristics of contemporary college students, and the specific problems in real life to write. The book theory simple, case,

  • A doctor to help people get rid of anxiety and depression of the story

    "A doctor to help people get rid of anxiety and depression story" is a popular science books, through some typical cases in clinical practice, combined with some professional knowledge, expounds the influence of emotion on hard, anxiety and depression, clinical manifestations and treatment of anxiety and depression and somatic disease, the purpose is to let everyone,

  • The mental health of College Students

    "Mental health" conform to the ordinary higher schools mental health education for college students, according to the Ministry of education "on strengthening psychological health education of college students work opinions", was written according to the psychological characteristics of college students and the teaching plan. To help students develop awareness of mental health,

  • Occupation psychological quality training

    "Occupation" is mainly used for the cultivation of psychological quality training occupation mental qualities of vocational college students, lead students to treat self, learn communication and adaptation, conflict resolution, effective communication, cultivate correct learning attitude. To promote the students to pay attention to psychological activities through the occupation training, form the good occupation turn,

  • Who stole our happy

    "Who stole our happy" trying to modern people's worries, for acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of a psychological sense, the analysis of a case of typical life from a psychological point of view, the hope can help readers to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, find those who belong to our lost happiness, restore happy me. ,

  • To do their own psychological doctor

    "Do your doctor of Psychology (NLP therapy)" system is introduced in this paper. 60 kinds of technology of NLP, deal with negative emotions, enhance strength, treatment of allergic symptoms and fear, improve interpersonal relationship, these techniques after several attempts have been proved very effective. You can use them to help,

  • Mental health course in University

    According to the characteristics of "health, happiness and success and" goals and the course for the public to popularize knowledge skills courses, as well as our "teaching material should be the starting point of students love to read books", "mental health" University tutorial compiling style locking in premise of scientific, professional, systematic, prominent the utility and readability,

  • The farmer self-help manual

    "The farmer self-help manual" content includes: psychological health and psychological problems, stress and coping, love, marriage, family, relatives, migrant psychological adjustment, neighbourhood relations, health seeking behavior, entertainment and superstition, Dutch act and crime, women farmers (work) psychological problems. ,

  • Women should know psychology

    "Women should know psychology: a tribute to all who pursue happy woman" content brief introduction: understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, their out of the ordinary and development potential. If you can recognize your strengths, and use it, you can for your life value; if you do not recognize their own weaknesses, to take their own weaknesses and don't,

  • Mental health education

    "Mental health education for college students" mental health problems of higher occupation colleges common in daily study and life, according to the characteristics of higher occupation college mental health education of college students, the mental health and personality, psychology of learning and adaptation, love and sexual psychology and adjustment, the Internet and college students' mental and,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    Higher Vocational College Students' Psychological Health Education Edition, "" sometimes, more is needed. The "College Students' Psychological Health Education (VOCATIONAL EDUCATION EDITION)" writers have long been or are engaged in aspects of college mental health education work, accumulated the rich perceptual knowledge, and on the basis of mastering the first-hand material, in-depth processing,,

  • Yangxin theory

    "The heart of" brief introduction: cardiovascular disease mortality in the population of our country is first, the "gold" has been almost 30 years, and the figure is rising at an alarming rate. So I ice to strengthen health learning. This edited by Zhang Yan, Zhu Aisong and Li Hai "Yangxin theory" was introduced,

  • Psychological health education of Vocational College Students

    "Students" psychological health education "is not only concerned about the mental health education of" diagnosis "function, more emphasis on the preventive function, development. The main contents include self understanding, to adapt to the society, learn to learn, learn to communicate, master your emotions, shape your personality charm, youth, entered the era of E, cherish life,

  • The theory and practice of art psychotherapy

    "The theory and practice of" art psychotherapy includes: introduction, literature, literary treatment overview, the study of the influence on personality of College Students' reading interest, types and personality characteristics of female college students in reading, hobbies and love view, self-efficacy, interest in reading and the relationship between male prisoners,

  • Mental health education

    "Mental health education according to the specific problems of" physical and mental characteristics and actual life occupation college students in writing, have very strong practicability. "Mental health education" is divided into eight chapters, respectively around to occupation college students self consciousness, ability, learning ability, management ability, interpersonal communication, love and heart,

  • (application oriented Higher Education) psychological health education course

    "Introduction" psychological health education course content: the system, the psychological phenomenon the materials in the form of special topic on college students in common are interpreted. Firstly, systematically elaborated the new idea of contemporary college students psychological health; secondly, combined with mental and real life, explain profound theories in simple language to discuss,

  • University.

    Psychologist and you chat up, "University psychologist grow with your mind: chat (Second Edition)" is a book dedicated to the college students psychological health instruction, "University Counselors: chat with you on growth (Second Edition)" combine a real college students psychological cases and professional counselors tutoring experience, by working in college psychological consultation,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    "The editor of College Students' psychological health education" is engaged in the work of college mental health education for teachers, have a solid theoretical foundation and psychology professional background, and have rich psychological counseling and psychological health education experience. "College Students' psychological health education" is the editor for more than ten years to carry out mental health,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    "College Students' psychological health education in Higher Vocational Colleges" as general education classes can be used as textbooks of psychology, psychology, public elective courses and vocational college students self-study materials. In fact, the current psychology textbook is very much, some textbooks on psychology courses, is too theoretical, and some teaching material,

  • Mental health knowledge of life

    "A brief introduction to the main content of mental health knowledge of life": each individual's life results, not only depends on whether he is brave, hard, also depends on him in the right way to. And the understanding of their own, is the premise of his maximum potential. "People, want to know you" this sentence in ancient Greece was,

  • Self psychological treatment manual

    "Ego" Handbook for diagnosis and treatment is for general people about mental illness knowledge class readings, including three aspects: one is the self assessment and prevention of mental illness; two is the general knowledge about mental illness; three is the basic knowledge about psychotherapy. Through reading, can help the reader understand the psychological,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    "The psychological health education of college students" to lecture form, not only with their own characteristics, but also the main line is clear, complete system, suit covers and mental health of college students, college students' self consciousness, frustration and emotional management, learning psychology, psychology of interpersonal communication, love psychology, psychological, mental and occupation career planning,,

  • Psychological control officer case analysis

    "Case analysis" psychological control officer for the petty officer of mental health of 40 popular books, petty officer common psychological problems in work and life are case anatomy. To guide the sergeant on the psychological problems easily occurred, early discovery, early, early to give scientific intervention and regulation, to ensure a positive health officer,

  • Mental health

    "Mental health" content brief introduction: in twenty-first Century, mental health problems has become a social problem. In our country occupation education modernization process, the students and mental health education and more and more attention of people, mental health has become one of the students of secondary occupation school required course. ,

  • The best health to the parents, heart volume

    "The best health to the parents, heart volume" content brief introduction: if you want to have a happy life, we must love his life, willing to accept new things, new ideas, and always keep pace with the times. Should always pay attention to the wonderful things in life, because it not only belongs to the young people also belongs to us,

  • The psychological health education of College Students

    "The psychological health education of college students" uphold the psychological thought in the preparation process, highlighting its education and development. The activity as the center, highlighting its relevance. To strengthen the students' subject consciousness, which helps people to help themselves. This text emphasizes the enthusiasm and initiative to mobilize students, and guide students to self recognition,

  • Guide for the maintenance of psychological health

    "Mental health maintenance guide" content brief introduction: mental health refers to the positive, effective psychological activity, stable, normal psychological state, make good adaptation to the present and the development of society and the natural environment. The age of college students between the ages of 18-23, is in the middle of youth. The middle of youth face,

  • Fragrant comfortable mood

    "" fragrant "comfortable mood" brief introduction: Aromatherapy didn't you imagine so mysterious, so difficult to operate, nor that only you believe in aromatic hall, to beauty, beautiful charm effect. "" fragrant "healthy body" in detail from the aspects of the aromatherapy, sue,

  • The psychological health education of college students practical tutorial

    "College Students' psychological health education and practical tutorial" wrote: to carry out the psychological health education of College Students under the new situation is to implement the party's education policy, an important measure to promote quality education, is to promote the healthy growth of college students, an important way of training qualified personnel, is to strengthen and improve ideological and political education heavy,

  • College Students' psychological health guidance

    "College Students' mental health guidance" according to the Ministry of education, Ministry of health, the Communist Youth League Central Committee jointly issued the "on Further Strengthening and improving college students' psychological health education work opinions" spirit, combined with the training target in universities and college students' actual, the theory foundation and scientific, strengthening the practice ability and innovation,

  • Vocational College Students Psychological Health Education

    "Vocational college students psychological health education for Higher Vocational College Students" psychological characteristics of vocational college students, around the life orientation and occupation career the goal programming, learning for higher vocational college students self consciousness, mental, emotional, psychological, personality, interpersonal psychotherapy, love psychology, psychological factors such as process of occupation,

  • Mental health education lecture Guide

    "Mental health education lecture guide" in accordance with the "education" and "education" and "education reference article" three modules, lists the relates to mental health education in 26 aspects of the course outline, and provide the reference for mental health education unit, university. ,

  • To do their own psychological adjustment division

    Regulation of hundreds of millions of mind reading "do their own mood, psychological adjustment division (Collector's Edition)" content brief introduction: be full of excitement., we be filled with a thousand regrets; we be confused in mind; be on tenterhooks, helpless, we wander; experience setbacks, we disappointed. In the face of life many disappointments, we the heart has unwilling, also feel helpless, the heart,

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