The utility of clinical respiratory disease

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: Science and Technology Literature   Author:Liu Youning   Pages:780   Words:1407000  

The book is a monograph by National Medical Education Development Center organized a nationwide program of clinical respiratory disease, to promote the popularization and deepening of medical education, guide the clinical doctors make the correct diagnosis, reduce medical errors. To improve the diagnosis and treatment technology and control level. As a medical education authority and clinical reference book, book in addition to the system specification to set out the basic knowledge and skills of clinicians must master, to the latest research progress in theory, a comprehensive summary of research at home and abroad, introduced the key technology and method for clinical, guide the clinicians to learn and master the diagnosis and treatment of a new theory the new knowledge, new technology, new method.
the book is suitable for Department of respiration physicians and medical workers to read.
Catalogue of books

The respiratory disease and treatment technology of
first chapter respiratory system anatomical
the first section respiratory
section second, pleura, chest and thoracic trachea lung
third phrenic
Fourth mediastinal
second chapter respiratory clinical physiology and pathophysiology of
pulmonary ventilation
second respiratory gas exchange
third breath detection and clinical significance of L
fourth day hypoxic pathophysiology of
third chapter respiratory related molecular biology
the first common molecular biology technology and principle of
second section of molecular biology in the respiratory system diseases
third section of molecular biological technology in the treatment of respiratory diseases in the use of
fourth chapter respiratory immune
the first section respiratory innate immune
second pulmonary infection defense mechanism of
third lung lymphocyte and macrophage mediated inflammation.
Fourth mast cells and eosinophils
fifth antibody mediated lung defense and humoral immunodeficiency
sixth common respiratory immune disease,
fifth chapter respiratory system The infection related microbiology
section common pathogenic microorganism species and properties of
second etiological diagnosis method of
third section analyzes
second blood acid-base analysis of
third acid-base imbalance and electrolyte disorders
seventh chapter pulmonary function test.
pulmonary capacity of
second section analysis of lung
the first section of blood gas of antimicrobial susceptibility testing of
sixth chapter natural ventilation function of
third flow volume curve of
the respiratory system disease and syndrome
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