Respiratory pathogenic ecological therapy

Date of publication:2007-3   Press: Guangdong science and technology   Author:Xin Yu   Pages:194   Words:140000  

This book is "the Heart Sutra, eating," one of the series of health. Breathing is one of the necessary behavior of organisms, life sustaining activities life stopped, breathing will stop. The book to "increase its resistance, enhanced respiratory defense", through specific examples of symptoms of respiratory system disease, analyzing various factors lead to respiratory disease from a medical point of view, and for the treatment of presents positive and reasonable suggestions, let the readers understand the disease of respiratory system knowledge, as the reader against diseases of the respiratory system, mold healthy psychology, return to normal life play a reference and guiding role.
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A warning, skin is red rather than the rising heat carefully optimistic stomach flu flu, cough vomiting and piercing eye consciousness in early spring to autumn warning cough lung dryness cough should pay attention to flowers tired should be mindful of phlegm disease on the basis of different diseases and different sputum respiratory abnormalities should be wary of dyspnea more annoying respiratory failure risk life rhinitis cold fine discrimination torn camouflage general pneumonia fever for respiratory disease can not be simply regarded carpet nasal mite asthma provoked scourge occupation by exciting frequency sneezing for which children with hyperhidrosis should pay attention to exercise extreme pile induced asthma asthma preventing mistreatment distinguish wheezing sounded the alarm infantile wheeze edge virus increased pulmonary markings shown to distinguish cold why pertussis chest into the barrel skin cyanosis and hypoxia face flushing Mo self pity hemoptysis symptoms not careless chest pain and not just in the heart pain cold in summer chills anti cold Mo trouble will be cold when the heat source to the Legion measles disease in two, heart to forget more healthy tolerance open-minded little quarrel suspicious La Tortura more wound precision greed haunt health hazard wonderful life was confused Mo with young when capital demanding a complete difficult full smell an affliction harm if metamorphosis impatience is a health hazard to cherish now flower has the meaning of health benefits Water ruthless "silence is golden" is not false spiritual needs more important psychological not stingy fashion should have urban life. The cold war static and dynamic in seeking more health learn Liu Bei "put it down" garbage "emotional" psychological health should be recycled forced into the "wrong" to prevent colds colds pneumonia due to despise confidence and disease smoking harm Mo underestimated moderation far diseases travel anti disease spitting not civilized living in Macheng more harm music builds and self-cultivation of flu virus sleeps with the window open a good night sleep long-term insomnia person Yanyan obesity health bad leisure health strengthen the defences and clear the fields anti asthma "continue" less disease machine back warm disease preventing foot cold colds in children have the reason children cold need to be careful in pregnant women should be alert to prevent a cold cold elderly Protect environment good oral health and leisure pneumonia cough cough without busy see oxygen has to follow the scientific health hazard damage after throat phlegm influenza respiratory summer reason drink drinking Coffee should eat should have health food, if three golden Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings eating radish salad cucumber fried zucchini gluten hemlock jellyfish walnuts braised bean curd with white fungus lying coconut silver Pepper Fried Meat silk Walnut fungus fried pork slices stir fried diced pork with dried vegetables stew meat stewed melon and ham mustard mushroom and bamboo shoots stewed pig lung gecko Steamed Egg Custard scallion oil tender chicken salt water tender duck double kernel duck fried bamboo shoots of duck green red duck tongue shoots mushrooms fried duck web with bean sprouts fried beef flavor beef radish through food fish Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce candy snow peach soup Radix Pseudostellariae Tang Yiner lotus seed soup mushroom stew lily white fungus soup beans tofu Licorice Decoction wolfberry longan pulp bird's nest soup snow clam stewed bird's nest Cordyceps longan pulp abalone Yukawa Baehanyukiri lung soup radish mushroom lung Yukawa Be loquat lung soup overlord Lily lung soup with dried vegetable soup lung soup Polygonatum odoratum Lily Sydney Chuanbei Sydney bird's nest soup Yang Shen lotus Lily cuttlefish soup Euryale ferox lotus soup wax gourd lotus root hundred jade Teal soup partridge soup sugar Braised Bird's Nest with White Fungus soup soup Chuanbei Lily Adenophora sheep water fish soup Tremella rock sugar soup sea cucumber soup sparrow Houttuynia winter melon soup egg soup five four kernel juice peach orange peel persimmon cream yam meat soup Sydney apricot meat soup cooked chicken Ma Shen Dong papaya fish soup pot soup red beauty white eel Hylocereus undatus horseshoe Lily dried tangerine peel mung bean soup 雪苹 duck's gizzard soup yam haggis soup 十宝 rice fragrant Steamed Rice ginkgo leaves milk porridge yam porridge Ru m sweet porridge Poria walnut porridge Cordyceps sinensis Rhizoma Bletillae glutinous rice porridge Ophiopogon japonicus porridge sweet flavor. Bu porridge Ophiopogon japonicus porridge jujube peel four flavor fermented porridge Xiantao loquat gruel Rehmannia gruel and sweet pear porridge lily lotus seed black gruel blood black rice porridge glutinous rice chicken flesh red bean dumpling sweet scented osmanthus sesame oil surface crystal crystal package Glutinous Rice Balls rose lotus seed cake honey cake mulberry cake honey fried persimmon juice Zhengbing almond candy sugar drawing flour cake candied dates thousand layer cake the
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