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Date of publication:2007-5   Press: Version first (May 1, 2007)   Author:Luo Yingrui   Pages:296   Words:244000  

This book introduces a variety of heart disease knowledge, is divided into several sections of different heart disease pathology, inspection methods, and the problems associated with the heart, and focus on the interpretation method is effective in preventing heart disease, the authors emphasize that, in the mainstream of Cardiology cure for heart disease is very important, because this is the scientific evidence. Medical -- meaning all diagnosis and treatment recommendations should as far as possible to scientifically based.
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1 understanding of cardiac structure 2 and heart disease are common symptoms of palpitations, chest pain and breathing difficulties fainting leg swelling check 3 cardiovascular examination way heart disease: clinical evaluation of static and exercise ECG 24 hours ECG examination radionuclide scanning (He Zhili, Luo Yingrui Zhuan) 64 section computer coronary angiography (Chen Jiafa, Luo Yingrui, he writes) cardiac magnetic resonance scanning (Wu Meiying, Luo Yingrui and Luo Zhuan): diagnostic cardiac catheterization blood coronary angiography cardiac ultrasound scan vascular ultrasound in 4 coronary heart disease coronary heart disease angina pectoris in high cholesterol myocardial infarction prevention of coronary heart disease? The calculation formula of the incidence of coronary heart disease: the Framingham score table after percutaneous coronary intervention: operation process of percutaneous coronary intervention: rehabilitation and prognosis of coronary artery bypass operation: operation process of coronary bypass operation: after intensive care and transition to treat coronary artery bypass operation: home rehabilitation after percutaneous coronary intervention operation and coronary artery bypass operation, which is more effective? With drug stents reduce restenosis rate after the operation of coronary heart disease risk factor control reactive protein test to assess the risk of Coronary Heart Disease Homocysteine in women with cardiovascular disease risk factors The new supersedes the old. syndrome secondhand smoke increases myocardial infarction crisis humor and laughter to the heart health benefits of cough type CPR 5 heart valve disease in 6 of 7 in heart failure question 8 sudden cardiac death in 9 congenital heart disease 10 vessel disease 11 pericardial disease 12 cardiomyopathy in 13 lung and heart blood pressure in 14 high and low 15 and 16 obesity, heart disease and heart 17 heart disease and drug 18 other heart related information to Chinese English glossary
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