Handbook of renal diseases in Department of internal medicine rehydration therapy

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: Military Medical Sciences   Author:Wang Xiaohui Qi Liwei.   Pages:355   Words:293000  

This book describes the clinical characteristics, rehydration treatment common diseases in emergency internal medicine and the matters needing attention, and the typical case further illustrates the concrete scheme of fluid therapy and treatment results, provides fluid therapy scheme used for clinicians, has good guide, is a practical, highly practical book.
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The first chapter of common diseases of respiratory system method first pneumonia second bronchiectasis in third day chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in fourth acute severe asthma fifth pulmonary thromboembolism in sixth day chronic pulmonary heart disease - Section seventh decompensated chronic respiratory failure in eighth acute respiratory distress syndrome in second chapter of common diseases of the circulatory system the method first cardiac respiratory arrest second acute coronary syndrome rehydration therapy in third acute heart failure rehydration therapy fourth hypertensive emergency rehydration therapy fifth arrhythmia emergency treatment principle and method, the third chapter of common diseases of digestive system method first acute gastroenteritis in second day third day fourth day of cirrhosis hepatic encephalopathy acute pancreatitis in fifth sections of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in fourth chapter of common disease of the urinary system emergency method first urinary tract infection in second acute renal failure in fifth chapter common blood system diseases anemia method chapter sixth common endocrine and metabolic diseases method first day second day diabetic hypoglycemia method in section third section fourth thyroid crisis sticky Liquid edema coma fifth primary chronic adrenocortical hypofunction. The seventh chapter of common acute poisoning disease method first general section second organophosphorus insecticides poisoning third raticide poisoning in fourth section, fifth section of acute carbon monoxide poisoning acute sedative hypnotic poisoning sixth acute opiums poisoning alcohol poisoning seventh section eighth Festival irritant gas poisoning ninth gasoline poisoning drugs commonly used in the ninth chapter the eighth chapter emergency internal medicine emergency common clinical test reference appendix ECG diagnostic criteria and clinical significance of the section normal ECG and normal ECG second sinus rhythm section third atrial rhythm section fourth junctional rhythm section fifth ventricular rhythm section sixth block section seventh pre excitation syndrome eighth abnormal P wave section ninth QRS wave abnormalities in tenth section of ST-T was abnormal in eleventh day cardiac muscle infarction twelfth pacing rhythm section thirteenth other
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Handbook of renal diseases in Department of internal medicine rehydration therapy download

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  •   Emergency books, not infusions guidance
  •   This book is really good oh! Especially for newly graduated no clinical experience of physicians. Wish we have more and more brilliant dangdang.com.
  •   The book really is just to my hand, is to help students received before, so la la la la la la
  •   The paper is a bit poor point, content to start with clinical cases, focusing on how to diagnosis and treatment of related diseases, application of fluid, is textbooks detailed treatment of books.
  •   In front of the rehydration written in general, ECG behind plus, consideration might be not enough words in it, after all, is the book. A book that is shut is but a block.

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