Endocrine and metabolic diseases of evidence-based treatment for

Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Wuhan University press   Author:Chen Lulu   Pages´╝Ü456  

The book is divided into 7 chapters, on the hypothalamus, thyroid, diabetes and other diseases prevention, treatment methods and the latest international research results are introduced systematically. The book can be used as a medical specialty materials, is also available for researchers to use as a reference book.
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The introduction of the principle of evidence-based medicine in endocrine and metabolic diseases in clinical practice in the application of the first chapter of hypothalamus pituitary disease of evidence-based treatment for the first second prolactinomas pituitary tumor and hyperprolactinemia third gigantism and acromegaly in section fourth of pituitary hypofunction in section fifth, growth hormone deficiency and short stature, the second chapter of thyroid diseases. The first section to permit the treatment of hyperthyroidism second thyroid nodules third hypothyroidism third chapter of adrenal diseases evidence-based treatment for the first section adrenal incidentaloma second Cushing syndrome third primary aldosteronism, fourth pheochromocytoma in fifth day chronic adrenocortical hypofunction. Chapter fourth diabetes evidence-based treatment the first day of diabetes treatment and prevention of second diabetic patients antihypertensive treatment of evidence-based medicine in third day diabetic nephropathy of evidence-based treatment for fourth day diabetic neuropathy in section fifth, chapter fifth parathyroid disease acute complication of diabetes mellitus and metabolic bone disease section of primary hyperparathyroidism in second sections of primary osteoporosis the third section type. Alcohol induced osteoporosis Paget sixth chapter fourth section of other metabolic diseases of evidence-based treatment for the first day of metabolic syndrome obesity second day third day fourth day of gout and hyperuricemia hyperlipidemia seventh chapter evidence-based hormone therapy section of estrogen replacement therapy in second adult male hypogonadism evidence-based treatment for
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