Effect on impotence and 300 prescriptions

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Dalian   Author:Shi Zhichao   Pages:223  

Traditional Chinese medicine on impotent although very rich, but lost in the various medical books, search is not easy, more difficult, and bad smells, each a hard choice decision. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine on no impotence of appearance, it is a pity that. The author concentrated on this years, axillary sand, drug treatment of impotence slight experience. After years of 广采博收 on classical prescription, since the Qin and Han Dynasties, down to the modern scientific research, noted by Mining Co reference, more than 300 medical books and over 60 academic journals, combined with his own experience, summarizes the impotence treating more than 10 types of syndromes and treatment, and to permit with square, selected ancient prescription of more than 300 first, be arranged, summarizing, listed in the certificate.
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Introduction to the etiology and pathogenesis of dialectical treatment of dialectical prescription decline of vital gate fire kidney essence deficiency exhaustive hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency Yin and yang deficiency of liver yin and yang deficiency false tendon relaxation of heart kidney disharmony dampness heat of liver Qi Stagnation with diced fine stasis stagnation frightened convulsion external available square medical classic books selected
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