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Date of publication:2007-8   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:The Chinese Medical Association   Pages´╝Ü94  

This book of Chinese Medical Association Society of parenteral and enteral nutrition, according to the Chinese Medical Association's instructions, the practical experience of parenteral and enteral nutrition group of experts prepared a clinical guide evidence-based foundation. Book in accordance with the principle of evidence-based medicine, according to the international standard and combined with the requirements of recommendation grading system. Through a comprehensive literature search and evaluation of evidence, combined with expert consensus, the formation of the guide 2006 edition. The content includes the guidelines for the preparation of the "guide", nutrient requirement, nutritional risk screening, nutrition infusion system, various diseases, nutritional support indication, and some criteria for clinical application. Important documents and relevant guidelines of corresponding published at home and abroad.
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Abstract: the first chapter guidelines "guide" the second chapter adult nutritional requirement chapter third hospitalized patients with nutritional risk screening fourth chapter parenteral nutrition amino acids second fat milk fifth chapter nutrition infusion system first enteral tube feeding section second enteral nutrition infusion pump third colon parenteral nutrition infusion route sixth chapter disease nutritional support after operation, the first day of sugar electrolyte infusion second peri operation period of parenteral nutrition section third peri operation period of enteral nutrition in critically ill adult fourth day fifth day sixth day seventh day burn pancreatitis with short bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal fistula in eighth section, Ninth Section of liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease the tenth section liver transplantation eleventh cardiovascular disease twelfth nervous system diseases in thirteenth day diabetic appendix ESPBN guide -- the level of scientific background in Appendix two of the Chinese Medical Association parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Conference rules
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  •   The principles of the recommendation, a few more reference value, not many details.
  •   Provides a thinking. Use of framework, strategic, not the actual combat.
  •   Although not a specialist, can read

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