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Watermelon: Qingre natural white tiger soup with watermelon heat, there is such a story. According to legend, Song Gaozong Zhao Gou, in the summer got diarrhea, diarrhea, more than ten times, take a lot of drugs, is not effective. Some people recommend that doctor Wang Jiguang has folk medicine, so Zhao Gou hurriedly sent for him to his palace to heal. Wang Jiguang into the palace, heard the case presentation, know the score, said: "I come all the way to the first, the thirsty, give me a big watermelon to quench their thirst, and then prescribe not later." Emperor quasi sonata. Wang Jiguang's public open half a watermelon, melon ingurgitate lift. Gao Zong watched him eat eat with appetite, also be unable to hide one's greed. Wang Jiguang see it, will be handed him the other half of the big watermelon, two people eat melon 20 catties. Strange to say, Zhao 构久 treatment unhealed diarrhea, gradually disappeared. Wang Jiguang see the officials and export's stay, took the opportunity to explain: "watermelon said water melon, can Jieshu heat, the emperor is suffering from heat induced diarrhea, not special antidiarrheal, as long as the heat clearing, diarrhea will stop." Another story, and Jin Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Congzheng. He recorded in the "Ru men Shi dear", there is a man surnamed Zhang, 60 years old, suffering from heat syncope, accompanied by headache. One day he went out, "hit" to see the sun, then collapsed to the ground, become unconscious. Family anxious, want to come forward for treatment, but Zhang Congzheng decisively to stop. Zhang Congzheng with cold water and honey melon, hello to the old man, not a moment was revived. The old man evil heat in deep, but also suffered external heat, a crossfire, "is to fall". Zhang Congzheng thinks, if at this time to touch the old man's body, is tantamount to "add fuel to the flames", will be very dangerous, only let the "stable state of mind", feeding watermelon, cold water, cold food, can clear heat. In 1974, when Mr. Bernardo Deleon senior editor of Philippines "times weekly" international version with the president and Mrs. Marcos to visit Hangzhou when suffering from sudden emergencies, in addition to our please medical treatment, the famous "Pinghu watermelon" also "to" heal, make the patient miraculous recovery. Mr. Deleon after returning home, a few times in China mentioned in the article "Chinese doctors save me, save me Pinghu watermelon". Using watermelon heat, can directly take watermelon to eat, but also desirable melon half spoon, poke a hole, into the 200 grams of honey, mix pulp and the service, called Watermelon jam, not only for the heat, it also has a great effect on the heat constipation. If we can collocate with other drugs and food with function of reducing fever, better effect. Here we introduce a heat cultivated watermelon watermelon diet -- Rhizoma imperatae drink. The watermelon skin 60 grams, cogongrass rhizome 90 grams (fresh). The two flavor with fried take juice. With the amount of drinking, 3 times a day. This tea has the functions of clearing heat, cooling, diuretic, eliminate latent heat, promoting urination effect, good effect and safety, is the classic Qushu Jiapin summer. In fact, in addition to watermelon, watermelon skin heat effect can not be underestimated. According to legend, in ancient times there was a rich man who will go to the fair, hot day sitting in the soft chair eating watermelon. His two carriers go 口干舌焦 "thirsty, drink, do not choose" the rich man to eat the rest of the rind to quench their thirst. Do not go to the half day, sat in the car, dizziness, vertigo, rich man nausea and vomiting, in the summer heat. And take the summer in the sun the are safe and sound, visible, Jieshu heat effect of watermelon skin also can not be underestimated, Chinese watermelon skin called the watermelon skin. We know, watermelon skin cool, function and watermelon watermelon skin first, then compared and watermelon, what are the advantages? After speaking to the resistance, watermelon peel into the spleen and stomach, in addition to heat, it has also helped spleen in vivo water wet, Qushi, eliminate edema, diuretic effect is better than that of watermelon. In addition, watermelon with high sugar content, high blood sugar for people, should not eat lots of. Therefore, people with hyperglycemia can with watermelon skin clearing away summerheat. The watermelon is used as medicine collection, can be directly cut melon inner soft, washed and dried. Or will the outside has also cut, leaving only a part of the middle of the rind. If using fresh watermelon peel boiled water or tea to drink, can take the outer peel, with green watermelon rind water prescription for the following; when vegetable edible, can put the outer peel removing, taste more delicious. Want to let a watermelon skin play heat Jieshu role, the simplest way is to use it fried water to drink. The watermelon skin outermost green thin cut, washed and cut into pieces, the amount of 150 to 200 grams, wash chopped watermelon peel into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, boil 20 to 30 minutes. Again, to slag juice, add 5 grams of sugar and mix thoroughly, cooling postposition freezer preservation. Generation of tea drinking, cool Jieshu and relieve inflammation. But note that after overnight, don't drink. Watermelon nutrition is rich, but must take it, take not properly, may cause harm to the body, such as a lot of people say to eat watermelon watermelon is not easy to get angry, cold? How to eat watermelon get angry? This is true, but the heat, Runzao it and we said before the effect is not contradictory. Because the watermelon is sweet, sweet foods have a diuretic effect, so a lot of people eating watermelon will not stop urinating, urinating too much will hurt the body fluid, emergence of hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency symptoms, such as dry throat, nose bleeding. P2-4
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Yu medicine in food, medicine and food put in. Healthy to eat out, beautiful can eat out, happinessIn order to eat out. Since professor Wang Fengqi launched the Chinese diet book "Wang Fengqi's health table", aroused the strong response and resonance in the majority of the people. The urgent needs of readers, Professor Wang Fengqi in time for everyone in the "Wang Fengqi's health table (fruits and vegetables article)", to meet the people in the pursuit of a healthy diet. If the grain and other ingredients of the "Wang Fengqi's health table" is Professor Wang to give everyone food feast, then this sequel is Professor Wang carefully for everybody's health on a table of exquisite dishes.
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Wild herbs, coarse grains and chaff are at a high price on the restaurant restaurant, green food health slogan, mainly vegetarian is a trendy restaurant, people are seeking the ancient Siyuan, looking for a healthy diet. I study medicine for years, knows the position of plant in health and healing. In the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine called "compendium of Materia Medica", and "paraquat poison attack, mince cure all diseases" said. The relationship between plants and health, so therefore, I in this book of medicine and food, are mostly plants, implicit function and role in health food, and legends, stories interspersed in the article, which includes science, knowledge, interest, practicality, deeply shallow, by the way recommend some simple and practical, easy to understand the health care therapeutic methods, for your reference, if can help readers find some health Food, I went to one's heart's content, of course, this is my biggest wish. The winter of 2011
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