The beauty of the diet

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Between a rice porridge, get more beautiful every woman has done the princess dream: imagine yourself not Shi cosmetics and skin blowing shells can be broken, like the hair, eyes bright eyes of God, is convex, with a simple white dress is beautiful Keren, walking in the sunny street. Attracted by the stop not, like the "Roman holiday" in the Audrey Hepburn. However, compared with the dream, the reality is so cruel, you are an ordinary white-collar, around all day in the office cubicle, crowded public transport subway, day in and day out of the busy, your skin becomes rough, dull, just feel a distance between himself and the beautiful. Or you are a housewife, the whole of the food and clothing have to worry about you care, the kitchen is the day you stay the longest place, sootiness fire burn, you grow wrinkles, figure is out of shape. You see the true beauty fashion women don't envy, hate not magic, let you become calm and elegant, from the inside to the outside are more and more beautiful. Or, your beauty as their lifelong career, you to go to great lengths to try all kinds of skin care products, look forward to each new product to change their. However, the results always let you have this kind of dissatisfaction....... In such a life, beautiful seemed to become a luxury, especially expensive, want to easily have no possible. However, the beautiful so far? If there is a way, can let you easily have dream of beautiful appearance, you must be delighted? In fact, this is not a magic. In your kitchen, there hides a let you become more beautiful secret. You don't need to spend too much money, also should not risk the plastic failure, and what's more, these methods can satisfy your appetite, let you every day be colorful, full of femininity. "Huangdi Neijing" tells us: to raise, beautiful on the outside. Bright and white skin, bright eyes, tall and slim figure from the viscera health. Conditioning viscera, you have beautiful source. While conditioning viscera key lies in our every day diet. A porridge in the kitchen of a meal, is you have no side effects of beauty and health food. So, what to eat what to conditioning organs, raise the full blood, put all the lossy beautiful flaws out? This book will bring you these simple and effective. These foods, production method is not complicated, material is also very simple, you don't need to spend a lot of effort can easily finish. For different body, different seasons, different beauty problem, we are given a detailed and complete plan of beauty. You must be able to find their own food from. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, find the most suitable for their own cosmetics, as from today, re adjust your menu. You will find yourself every day more beautiful, beautiful so quietly come upon you. The winter of 2011 @##@ Liu Jingxian The copyright page: white and fine skin has always been considered as essential beauty. But most women's skin is often have such shortcomings, they in order to cover these shortcomings, will find a variety of brands of cosmetics. However, the cosmetics to bring your change is very limited, to achieve a fundamental change, or to rely on the inherent nursed back to health. Most women like cosmetics, especially brand-name cosmetics, many women will see the cosmetic advertising that no slackHit the perfect skin and mind fever, they dream of these cosmetics can also bring their own the same transformation. But, really put those expensive cosmetics bag, but they found that the effect is not so magical. Some people after trying a cosmetics, feel the effect is really very good, the skin becomes clear delicate white, but once out, they were surprised to find that the skin becomes very poor, even worse than the original dull pale. Is to continue to use it, then leave the expensive products, and these products say goodbye, to look for a way? No matter what kind of choice, let a person very helpless. There are people in after using luxury brands of cosmetics, skin becomes very sensitive, the weather changes a little will make the skin problems. This is like eating a big meal everyday, the stomach will be difficult to digest. If every day to the skin with the luxury brand name cosmetics, excess nutrients can also make the skin overwhelmed. Since the cosmetics is the double-edged sword, so that women do not need to maintain the skin? Absolutely not. White and moist and elastic skin always easier for people. We not only need to maintain the skin, but also to the skin, bring about a complete change. When you become a "little red lips, eyebrows not painting and Cui" natural beauty, you will no longer obsessed with cosmetics. Many people are superstitious brand-name cosmetics, is too focused on the modification of the outer skin, ignoring the internal nursed back to health. Cosmetics to skin is cosmetic, can make the skin a temporary change, but unable to maintain long-lasting beauty. Women want to be vegetarian noodle up still beautiful, we must start from the internal nursed back to health. Chinese medicine believes that human skin is a mirror of the five internal organs. "Zhu Yang, all in the face", one of the five internal organs through the meridians, yin and Yang Qi blood and body fluid distribution in the face, nourishing facial skin, resist against the disease, so as to make moisturizing facial skin, radiant. If an internal organs of the body is out of the question, and the corresponding facial organ would dysfunction, skin withered and faded. Such skin afraid of even the most sophisticated makeup, can not completely cover. Visible, in the final analysis causes skin to healthy organs health, cosmetics can only be icing on the cake. If used improperly, even have the opposite effect. If you can overcome their dependence on cosmetics, then you to natural beauty on the road also made a step closer. But, how conditioning organs to beauty? The answer is very simple, is the conditioning diet. Spend on cosmetics on the time used to improve diet, your skin will be greatly changed unconsciously. Whether your skin like question: spots, wrinkles, rough, acne, large pores, dull skin...... Should from now on, determined to put the bottles on the dressing table put aside. Don't hesitate, immediately went into the kitchen, give yourself a bowl of soup of beauty. Beautiful change, just a moment of your. A lot of food in the kitchen has a good skin care effect, the effect is comparable to many brands of cosmetics. For example, white vinegar is the whitening skin jiapin. Wash your face. Put one or two drops of white vinegar dripping into the water, stirring evenly to face, after a period of time, you will find yourself face become smooth and white. A patient is difficult to have a fresh face. Healthy body, can provide adequate nutrition for the skin, and the body of toxins discharged, so that people can have a good complexion, good skin. If the health of the body are not guaranteed, beautiful face will lose its foundation. Life there is always some pretty girls, their facial features assort or arrange in pairs or groups, naturally compelling. This beauty is always let a person envy. But even if these people are, if not pay attention to maintenance, beauty will soon turn pale. An unhealthy body beauty, the skin will become dark, face is so pale, withered hair, rosy lips lost, but looked even more dismal. Therefore, how important maintenance for women. If the health problems, the skin will make mistakes. The medical scientist Zhu Zhenheng in the "heart" Dan Xi said: "the inside, will form the outside." That is to say, internal body changes will be reflected in the external. While the body organs function is normal or not will be performed on the skin. A woman beauty beauty, to the pursuit of health, let beauty that radiates from the inside out. TCM the human body as an organic whole, between the various tissues and organs are connected with each other, through the context with all, all. Leave the body health, beauty is not guaranteed. It's like a potted plants, want to see the flowers, give it water spraying insecticides alone is not enough, but also to the whole plant to provide adequate nutrition, let the whole tree flowers grow strong and healthy. So, learn to health is all women need to do homework. Keep a good body, can give the appearance to provide the best soil. Life often see some special beauty of the girl, for their beauty with extraordinary courage, injection at play thin face wrinkles, even cosmetic and skin. At first glance, this method is very effective, they can instantly become beautiful, but if you look at their faces, you will find that the skin becomes stiff, expression is not natural, the implantation of the prosthetic body became a living props, lost its vigor and vitality. Even more frightening is that the human body is originally a blood circulation and orderly environment, the body meridians to contact each other, depend on each other, and after surgery, the interoperability between the road was damaged, blood circulation suffocate suffocate, the body's Qi blood and body fluid is unable to honor the face, body accumulation of waste cannot successful eduction and the body becomes a chaotic environment sewage overflowing, a long time, there is another problem, maintenance repair has become the endless. In fact, the human body can be said to be the world's most sophisticated set of systems, the most advanced medicine can not completely understand the mysteries of the human body. With proper care, the human body is capable of self repair. The blood filling and healthy body, not only can prevent diseases, also can let the skin of the face and facial features to achieve the best state, energetic, bright, radiant skin is not the most beautiful woman.State? Some people will say that Lin Daiyu is also very beautiful, but Lin beauty is a kind of morbid, her "sweet cheeks with red" is a unhealthy flush on the patient's pale face. The modern female} more respected healthy, vibrant beauty, from a patient's body is difficult to find such a beautiful. Know how to keep healthy, even if not particularly beautiful facial features, body also is not very outstanding, also can become the eyes of people do not have the charm of beauty. The observation of our skin condition, not only contribute to beauty, also good to be able to understand the health situation of the body. If the skin has a lot of acne. May be eating too much, the body can not digest, resulting in the accumulation of toxins from the body. This is the time to eat some light food and drink plenty of water to be improved. There is a standard of beauty, each people all or pure, or sexy, or elegant, or cute, or smart, confident, but if for the beauty of the common features, you will find that they are adequate blood, energetic, healthy woman. Tired, sleep in poor condition, the face of acne and spots to appear, irregular menstruation...... The busy and stressful modern women have been affected by these problems. If the check to the hospital, it can not find the problem. But the body is uncomfortable is real. In fact, this is a physical manifestation of imbalance. When the body is in this condition, the woman even basic health problem, life and work will have a great influence, beautiful is unattainable. So the pursuit of beauty of woman, want to avoid this kind of state, try to make yourself from the inside out of balance.

Love beautiful heart, the person all has. The beauty of the face for women, is worth paying attention to the life lessons. Many women spend big price to buy the expensive skin care products and skin care products, are often difficult to receive the magical effect of dream. They were very puzzled. In fact, the appearance is not cosmetic decisions, and associated with the inner health. "Huangdi Neijing" tells us that the raise in can be beautiful on the outside. So for women, the best maintenance method is to regulate the inner health.
reading "diet beauty", let you satisfy the appetite and at the same time, ease of harvest health and beauty. "Diet beauty" food is medicine, but in materials are common food and medicine, and the production method is simple and easy to learn, edible method is also very clear. This is a book you can easily DIY beauty and health books, reading, can help you create a kitchen to own beauty salon.
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Liu Jingxian, the four famous doctors Shi Jinmo's third generation successor, Mr Suo Yanchang was a famous physician, engaged in clinical medicine and the Chinese medicine teaching for more than 30 years, the current Beijing City Chinese medicine difficult disease research will be the deputy director, Ministry of science and education of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing Education College visiting professor, specializes in the treatment of stomach and spleen and stomach disease treatment and traditional Chinese medicine, on traditional Chinese medicine, diet, health food and supplements the rational application of further study. Now Beijing Tongrentang Group recruited expatriate in Malaysia traditional Chinese medicine experts. Author of "distinguish good physique health", "to distinguish physical choose to eat" and other books.
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"Diet beauty" to raise, can be beautiful on the outside. Women will become more beautiful, external are decorative, viscera health is fundamental. The food there is tremendous power beyond your imagination, clever use of food, can provide energy for life, for the viscera complement vigour. When sufficient blood and viscera when healthy, your face will glow natural luster. Nature, operate their own beautiful, you can have the time reversal, youth often in magic. "Diet beauty" (by Liu Jingxian) is a book you can easily DIY beauty and health books, reading, can help you create a kitchen to own beauty salon.
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