Stabilize blood sugar and diet

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Golden Shield   Author:Ji Changqun Xie Yingbiao   Pages:285  

For diabetics, keep blood sugar stable is very important in the normal level. "Stabilize blood sugar and diet" briefly introduces the basic knowledge of the definition, etiology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and diabetes testing standards for diabetes, focuses on diabetic patients to keep blood sugar stable methods should be conditioning diet, medication, exercise, maintain a good mentality and daily care and other long-term. The content of scientific and practical, new rich, suitable for the majority of diabetic patients and their family reading.
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Xie Yingbiao, professor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine three affiliated hospital medical center, director of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Nanjing traditional Chinese medicine academic thought and teacher, the doctor 45 years. The incumbent vice president of the International Association of medicinal diet therapy and President of the Jiangsu branch, China Association of Chinese medicine, science, executive director of the executive director, Jiangsu Province Science Writers Association vice director of Nanjing Science Writers Association, won the inaugural "national TCM science experts" and "national outstanding contributions to the science writer", "the first National hundreds of traditional Chinese medicine Mr Putin microphone award". Ji Changqun, master, rich group chairman, Dean of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine School of full health, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, vice chairman of the board and the Regents of the Nanjing University, the world healthy lifestyle Promotion Association vice president, Jiangsu branch of the international society for diet therapy for long. Over the years, has committed to working culture characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine health care, health care, health management and other disciplines of teaching, research and personnel, adhering to the concept of TCM preventive treatment of disease, and actively explore the application and research of natural nonpharmacologic in health care. Won the national and provincial and municipal awards 5O remainder, editor in chief of health care works 6.
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A stable blood sugar, diet, exercise therapy, two stable blood sugar three, drug therapy, psychological therapy and stable blood glucose four glucose five, daily health stable blood sugar six, the treatment of the complications of stable blood sugar
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Onion, also known as (洋葱) onion, Liliaceae perennial herb of onion bulb. Onion to enjoy the "Queen of vegetable" reputation in Europe and the United States, but also has high medicinal value. In many modern Chinese medicine works will be recorded in the onion. Chinese medicine believes that onion Weixin, warm in nature, there are published through Yang, insecticide detoxification effect. The attending trauma and ulcer and woman trichomonal vaginitis disease. Onion odor substances containing mercaptan, two methyl two sulfide, diallyl two sulfide and diallyl sulfide and a small amount of citrate and malate. Leaves and corms, root containing erucic acid, ferulic acid, coffee acid, ortho hydroxy cinnamic acid. Leaves, bulbs also contain protocatechuic acid acid, the hydroxyl cinnamon, quercetin and quercetin 3, 4'-= glucoside, thymine, and a variety of amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides. In addition, the onion with prostaglandin Ai0.079 mg% (fresh content of plant), prostaglandin A. content of Allium macrostemon was 0.589 mg% (fresh content of plant). The onion has good hypoglycemic action. Onions contain similar hypoglycemic drug tolbutamide "material, can selectively act on the islet B cells, promote the secretion of insulin, restore the compensatory function. According to the U.S. "medical world news" reported that the onion extract four alloxan induced diabetic rabbits blood glucose level significantly decreased. Application of ethanol extract of the fasting blood glucose decreased the most, onion helps cells to make better use of glucose. And onion on adrenaline induced hyperglycemic has anti diabetic effects. For patients with type 2 diabetes, onions and prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus complicated with hypertension, dyslipidemia, role. Chinese medicine believes that onion partial temperature, similar to the taste of onions, garlic, with Jianweixiaoshi, the line width in the gas function, can improve the gastrointestinal tension, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis; but eating excess will produce flatus discharge.......
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Ji Changqun, Xie Yingbiao editor of "stabilize blood sugar and diet" from the diet, exercise therapy, medication, psychotherapy, daily health care and treatment of the complications of these six aspects, introduced the common method of stable blood sugar. The book is scientific and practical, new rich, suitable for the majority of diabetic patients and their family reading.
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