Seven kinds of food, eat a healthy

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The life of modern people is rich, medicine is highly developed, human life is extended a lot. But the number of all kinds of lifestyle disease and Difficult miscellaneous diseases with the dramatic increase in the. I'm holding "why" questions begin to write the book. The formation of the disease has two main reasons: one is the outside evil into the body to cause disease, another is the cause of human internal cause disease. The human body itself lead to disease mostly caused by bad living habits. When the wrong habits decades as one day to repeat, in the days and months multiplying toxins will cause various diseases, we call this disease lifestyle disease. The representative of lifestyle diseases were hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and even cancer can be regarded as a kind of lifestyle diseases. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine thinks not harmonious life, diet, mood changes, sexual life is the direct cause of lifestyle diseases. Among them, the most influential is every day we eat food. Food may sustain human life, and to some extent help us against disease, but not reasonable food and diet but will increase the toxin, induced disease. Therefore, understanding the food is a required course in every desire for healthy people should learn. Western food is the component analysis method, and this method familiar. But it seems that in Chinese medicine, component analysis have effect, but not dig out all the food value. According to the thermal properties of traditional Chinese medicine, lifting food, as well as the relationship between the five and the viscera about food. Modern chronic disease and Difficult miscellaneous diseases in a largely because attributes neglected food, only focus on the composition and nutrition and the occurrence of. Traditional Chinese doctors not to provide all kinds of folk therapy. Doctors of Chinese medicine is not only a medical worker, or medicine experts and food experts, is to provide disease prevention and treatment of people. In order to prevent the modern lifestyle diseases, it is necessary to try to introduce some viewpoints of traditional Chinese medicine in life. View of the world differ from man to man. This book explains a Chinese perspective the relationship between health and food. Concern for Chinese people, this book is not difficult, as long as carefully read the book, I believe it will be to stay healthy for everyone to bring help.

With cold and heat balance of human food cold, with seven kinds of taste of the different effects of curing the viscera, adjust the mood, prevent disease, enhance resistance in different seasons of food.
on tonic like several people,Eat, eat on time, to maximize the effectiveness of sibu.
the healthy diet of Oriental Medicine, nutrition supplement Western nutrition, eliminate the biggest health concern of modern people, eliminate anger by Nourishing Yin, regulating the stomach and intestines with three meals.
Author brief introduction

Dean King Kong Mountain hospital department of internal medicine, part-time professor Shangzhi University College of traditional Chinese medicine. Graduated from the College of traditional Chinese Medicine University in Shangzhi, Wonkwang University doctorate in tcm. A former director of Department of internal medicine Wonkwang University Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Yi mountain.
Catalogue of books

medicine from life to live well, to prevent disease from 2
all living habits. 5
disease is the accumulation in the body caused by the evil 9
understanding of yin and yang to be victorious. 11
to know oneself is negative or positive physical constitution 14
Western Nutrition science problems exposed in the 17
food attribute determines human properties of
medicinal food and poisonous food 24
food is necessary to maintain life. 26
a partial eclipse will make us suffer from food disease. 30
when healthy to eat a point what 32
according to the physical eat easily lead to a partial eclipse 34
diet habits decide character 37
according to pick food cold and heat property 41
storage and cooking methods affect food attributes. 46
how to judge their own cold 50
the viscera of hot and cold properties of 51
food cold and heat property will affect the disease 54
the wrong diet is the cause fire and cold disease culprit 55
should eat warm 57
seven flavor can keep good the viscera.
seven taste is what 60
the taste is the Yin and Yang 61
five flavor and the viscera relationship 62
spicy flavor -- don't eat spicy food. 64
sweet sweet -- from lifestyle diseases. 72
light -- the light diet can prevent food poisoning. 79
salty -- eat more will PYLL -- 82
sour sour food is 89
bitter drugs -- and purging fire and lose weight -- 95
the astringency of prevention and treatment of diarrhea 98
with seasonal food make your diet
when a quarter of the importance of food 102
nutrients and learn to ignore the nature of energy 103
four healthy diet method 105
spring diet -- uptake in spring rise breath 108
summer diet -- with seasonal food easily solve the summer rainy season diet -- 110
maintenance problems removing heat to protect the health of 115
fall diet -- in preparation for the winter 117
winter diet -- to overcome the cold, cold prevention 119
according to the season to eat rice grains, good to eat all the grain rice 122
less meat is healthy
the Oriental and Western diet, customs, physical difference between 130
Oriental intestinal 131
than Westerners long real threat to health is carnivorous diet 132
Chinese Medicine Is how to treat the carnivorous 134
the different physique and season eat different meat 140
can't eat meat and drink milk children how to supplement the protein 145
now eating habits for children is not only healthy 147
it is more soft fleshy food essence
> who can not drink milk nutrition 152
milk is actually a drug and non food 155
milk side effects 157
milk, yogurt and constipation 158
elderly constipation drink milk perilla porridge 160
harm healthy breakfast -- a glass of cold milk 162< br / > flour with heat toxin 164
instant noodles is the health of children febrile bomb 168
the balance of yin and Yang good food -- spicy cabbage 170
can alleviate the pressure of the Green Tea health method 173
how to eat ginseng 177
disease free longevity diet method
nature and human body clock to maintain the coordination of 186
breakfast is a ready-made panacea can supplement Yang 187
dinner syndrome is most suitable for 189
root diseases after eating food 191
walking is the best exercise to keep healthy 194
six. 197
a diet can not eat Too much for four reasons. 199
everyone might have food stagnation and food problems 201
gastroscope cause could not stomach 206
let the wine become invigorator method
world food is no good or bad in 210
wine attributes and benefits of 210
a daily alcohol consumption does not exceed three cup of rice wine, with no more than a cup of wine to our 212
drunken sex disease hurt 215
when drinking and alcohol should not eat food 218
old effective hangover method 218
can be poisonous hangover food 219
the amount of drinking water health problems related to
water is also a kind of influence health food 222
water is one of the reasons causing disease. 223
according to the Constitution and age drinking the proper 225
to distinguish drink cold water and drink water. 226
prevent dehydration is the priority among priorities for 228
Oriental diet life
modern people's diet life should be to nourish yin. 232
the most suitable for Asian diet 233
antibiotics and doctors dream 234
prevent colds habits. 236
postscript 245
Chapter excerpt

Spicy let thoughts scattered eat too much spicy things can damage the nervous system. Spicy containing heat will excite heart. People will make the game cock drink some hot water in the game before, just want to use the excitatory effect of spicy, stimulating the combative heart. Similarly, easily excited on weekdays and combative heart strong and often insomnia person should try to eat less spicy food. In addition, we can also recall eat very hot pepper and mustard after it, I believe we will have hot breath into the head, the brain moment blank feeling. Spicy enters the body, the body will disturb the air and affect the brain and mind, let a person within a short time to concentrate one's attention on. We can imagine the children eat spicy food after the. Some children are behaving desultory, spirit is not focused, with the rebellious and violent, how many and spicy some relations. Children in general than the adult large fire. Therefore, children should as far as possible to avoid spicy food. In addition to spicy, sweet also affects the brain. Please always remember spicy and sweet taste has risen to positive role. Spicy stimulating emotion, desire too hot can damage the energy enhancement. A long time ago spicy became one of the Buddhist, Taoist taboo practitioner must be avoided. They believe that spicy will not only stimulate the emotion, triggering anger, also has aphrodisiac, improve sexual function. Therefore, garlic, onions, leeks and other spicy food were Buddhists and Taoists taboo food. Spicy hot gas in the stimulation of the heart, enhance sexual desire also hinder the Zen and meditation. Like spicy food of the people will be imperceptibly "dangerous game", and eager to excretion of sexuality. In addition to spicy food, another kind of modern people's favorite -- meat -- also can improve sexual function. So, every night a scent of heather had better pay attention to their diet, stay away from spicy food and meat. A child of parents know the problem of modern teenagers are very serious. If you want to make them less affected by sexual impulse, also want to control the child to spicy food and meat intake. In addition, sweating means body essence loss. So, a lot of sweat will make us lose a lot of energy. So, how to avoid the loss of body Qi hyperhidrosis physique person? Love the sweat of people should stay away from spicy. Whether daytime activity is easy to sweat, sweating a lot of people still sleep at night, should be fasting spicy food.

In the blink of an eye, to join the Chinese medicine has been more than 20 years. In the study of traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment of patients with more than 20 years, my heart always have a sense of hunger, and that is to have a correct understanding of traditional Chinese medicine? Limit deep TCM in where? Traditional Chinese medicine will become the mainstream medicine? In the process of exploring, I accidentally saw the creation of the image of medical theory knowledge mountain Mr. Pu Renkui and teach physiology in Daejeon University spilite gold light's books. The book's theory gave me a great shock, I agree with the two men held the pure theory of traditional Chinese medicine practice, and learn a lot of knowledge through the two gentlemen's works, which caused me to do more profound thinking. Mr. Chiyama wrote in the book: "Chinese medicine is life, life without application of medicine is not chinese." It was Mr. Chiyama of this sentence, given my intention in writing this book. Pay attention to trust and practice of Chinese medicine is amazing knowledge beyond the mainstream medicine Western medicine now. Mr. Bi Yan also wrote: "Chinese medicine is the nature of the medical. Traditional Chinese doctors in the "base" of the internal development of the framework of traditional Chinese medicine." Bi Yan's words let me understand immediately, before I justWestern medicine and Chinese medicine theory approximately together, from that moment on, I decided to devote to study Chinese medicine, devote themselves to understand the nature and human knowledge. Once again I thank you two gentlemen education here. At the same time, to three years has been adhering to the image of medical society make wonderful lecture professors expressed heartfelt thanks. This book is my years of learning experience summary. Writing a book, I try to stay faithful to the principles of TCM classics. For modern people, "dongyibaojian" in the content of precious, they are not from the era, useless theory. "Dongyibaojian" refers to the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" medicine book content, I only to "dongyibaojian" modelled, not the content of the original quote one one mark, hope you forgive me. This book is about to be published on the occasion, I think a lot of my life is of great help to people. First of all, I dedicated the book to raise me, love me, but failed to see my grandma and grandpa in the side before dying. Secondly, this book is dedicated to my parents. And in the writing process, not with me to enjoy the happiness of a family union but never complained of his wife and children, I want to say thank you to you. There has been very concerned about professor Han Shanghuan I, pleased to write to recommend words of President Li Yongfan, through the "future disease morphological changes of" help me enrich the book content founder Professor, thank you for giving me love and help. Finally, thanks to Professor Liu Xirong and Dr. Sun Rongji. When writing a book, Dr. Sun Rongji's book "away from harmful food, do not touch" gave me a lot of inspiration. As the saying goes: "the nation is the world." I think that is true of medicine. Full of national characteristics of Chinese medicine is the most competitive medical. This medicine is actually what appearance? Modern people how to learn and explore it? This is something worth thinking about the topic.
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"Seven kinds of food, eat only healthy" Editors: the first Chinese taste therapeutic health strategy, first make up the traditional nutriology Western nutrition deficiency, three food choices points -- cold, taste, on season, find your destiny, food. Five kinds of "tonic" -- meat, milk, ginseng, wine, water, eat to eat the wrong medicine, poison, two of the most suitable for the modern Chinese healthy diet -- reduce appetite, nourishing Yin, everyone can be free of disease and longevity.
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  •   The first to really understand the taste of the food is what, why there is such a role, especially astringency, the most profound impression, think of think of persimmon book, feel the mouth numb
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  •   Look at the food from a new perspective, can guide the diet, no special memory, read on to understand, consciousness can do, is good
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