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Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Jiangxi science and technology   Author:Tang Boxiang  

This book describes 200 common cure ingredients analysis properties of each kind of food, healing factor analysis of food, teach you to their constitution and disease, eat on the table the "medicine"; the book also profound interpretation of the 80 kinds of common disease, the cause of each disease, different disease at the dialectical gives food treatment.
Author brief introduction

Tang Boxiang, deputy chief physician, associate professor. Graduated from Beijing College of traditional Chinese medicine. Engaged in the medical department of internal medicine clinical, research and teaching work for 30 years, he served in the Beijing bright College of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Peili University and the elderly University visiting professor. I graduated from Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital digestion center. A longtime "Legal Evening News" to "health times" "health world" special medical experts.
is the author of "the 24 solar terms" diet "delicious health nourishing cream", and in the professional medical journal "chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis complicated with the infection of Hp and clinical analysis of 270 cases of liver cyst" "Chinese medicine in treating the" etc..
Catalogue of books

The preface put doctors in food eat slow slow to raise
the first chapter in good health depends on food to raise
people ill, first of all to the spleen and stomach
with four seasons to diet
distinguishing constitution and tonic
Sibu age rule
diet ten commonly used herbs
down medicinal use
second chapter, protect the health, to five full
keep good taste, is a good concept of the
nourishing the lung is a body of gas
liver is to keep a body blood
keep a good heart, is enough to raise the life force of
cure kidney is improve immunity.
third chapter rush about busy workplace, wary of sub healthy
remove fire tonic treatment of insomnia treatment to
sleepiness, spleen dampness
cool summer heat and solution of
work fatigue, porridge soup.
hangover in addition to damp heat, after staying up late on kudzu tea
, better make up the five internal organs
treatment of chronic pharyngitis, clearing lung heat began from
and not cold, invigorating the kidney began from
relieve internal heat and nourishing
fourth chapter from gynecological disease, easily do a woman
the five internal organs have good, young
leaving only the youth do not stay pox
dietary thin body most
anti hair loss, raise kidney began from
anemia to Qi and blood
treat dysmenorrhea, easily do a woman
let menstruation weather
away from healthy women leucorrhea is abnormal, do
new mothers diet battle
mastitis, don't worry, how to eat carp medlar leaves can emergency
eat happy climacteric
fifth chapter male disease diet, but also man happy life
spicy diet for prostate
frequency from
spermatorrhea kidney began, is a waste of energy
kidney Guyang in the dream, go to the "male" words hidden
premature ejaculation, don't be discouraged, try diet disease side pot wolfberry
sixth chapter, also the old man a happy old age.
supplementing qi and activating blood circulation, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease
six big beautiful porridge
control the "three high" five dietary
diet can not palpitation
get diabetes patients at the diet therapy for
two porridge soup against Spurs
remove age spots, looking for "bacteria in the crown"
lung nourishing spleen kidney asthenia, Trinity except
the old man hands fibrillation, chicken soup to company
eat how to eat chicken liver, remove the presbyopic glasses
seventh chapter children often See disease therapeutic side, to give children the most delicious care
in addition to prickly heat, drink the Qing Fei Tang
kids don't hurry, two soup porridge problem
fever have a three
melon to help children learn better, Yizhi Decoction to drink less
the spleen and stomach digestive powder
farewell anorexia, let the children love to eat
pediatric constipation should be vigilant, dietotherapy folk prescription to help you
the child diarrhea, need to dialectical dietary
child hyperactivity to Ziyin
pediatric spontaneous perspiration, the key to the solid table tonic
don't let the child night enuresis "map"
obesity is not a "rich man's disease"
eighth chapter common diseases, diet adjustment, easy treatment of minor ailments, prevent illness.
cold is no small matter.
a good appetite, body good
good digestion, nutrition to organs.
a soup abdomen, diarrhea stopping
cure constipation, to supply
has no flowers, no hemorrhoids a light
Bufei Qingfei, radical and
treat old chronic bronchitis, spend the spring and autumn
anger from the liver, gallbladder inflammation in
varices annoying, there is wine not embarrass
activate collaterals headache
three soup two porridge not dizzy
in preventing and treating depression disease Mulberry, hawthorn was magical
Natural White Tiger soup, cure nosebleed ice
Adlay could treat rhinitis
halitosis spread far and wide, with porridge to emergency
two tea three juice toothache.
cure tinnitus to kidney
treatment of spontaneous, is to defend the blood
sweating, night time slip away blood
delicious soup beriberi.
cure rheumatism arthritis, action convenient
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: people ill, first of all to the spleen and stomach of human body quality is good or bad, on the one hand from birth, parents decided to liver and kidney function is strong or not; on the other hand, from the day after tomorrow, and the function of the spleen and stomach after birthSupport is crucial. Liver and kidney is the congenital foundation, but we can not control the inherited from the parents, and the day after tomorrow is the spleen and stomach, it can be nourishing, as long as we pay enough attention and action. By nourishing the spleen and stomach, can also improve the innate physical us, namely the relative improvement in the liver and kidney function, thereby reducing the incidence of the disease. How to determine the physical condition of reinforcing spleen and stomach the day after tomorrow? The easiest way is a reasonable diet. One of the great law of the universe is "0" the law, no matter from which we started, will return to the origin. As people life, combined with the sperm and egg nonliving phase to a life of fertilized eggs, and then grow up and eventually die, return to nothingness, which is one of the best "0 law". So, even though our bodies and career is at its peak, this state also there are declining day. We should ask themselves, be in the body or cause to go downhill, to go down to the bottom and not to fall, down. Patients often encounter some about the age of thirty or forty I visit, most of them will say: because of the recent work pressure, life is not the law, poor appetite, insomnia, anxiety, depression, these defects are coming. Then let me help to recommend some related health care food. Then I will tell them about the two principles of the maintenance of the body: first, people ill, firstly because of the spleen and stomach is not good. Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach for the day after tomorrow, the stomach and the insomnia, stomach transportation of dereliction of duty, will cause the day after tomorrow uneasy, causing poor appetite, insomnia, emotional discomfort, so the spleen and stomach is the primary work. Second, don't eat tonic. For example, if you have fire, at the same time, pressure is also accompanied by dizziness, constipation and other symptoms, health care products, if eat tonic composition containing, let the fire on the real fire, the dizziness, constipation worse, not even worse! Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people do not know what I said above reason, to buy all kinds of health care medicines and supplements continuously, the final addition to spend countless money, the body of yin and Yang Qi is still not coordination. Examples of this happens every day in my side, not surprising. For example, two days before coming here to see a young man, he was very thin and has bad digestion, eat a lot of tonic, nothing to improve. This time he came, he said: "the Doctor Tang, I press the diet you, and cooperate with the decoction, ate one and a half months after weight gain of 5 pounds!" The patients in the past eat barbecue, eating is not law. I said to him, do not eat cold, greasy food, should eat warm food, multi cook some soup. His mother for him to change his diet as I said, his body will be so quick to recover. There's a female patient, she not only had diabetes, coronary heart disease, and gastrointestinal ulcers, liver cyst, gallstones, a disease, see section are not the remedial method with good what. She came here to see the doctor, I decided to give her the spleen and stomach, and then told her all the year round to pot suitable to drink soup, especially in the long summer. Because most easily absorb nutrition, the spleen and stomach and regulating the body's time in the long summer, long summer corresponding viscera is one of the spleen and stomach.
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"The great therapeutic side: illness cure, illness prevention" is the author of Tang Boxiang assembled 30 years of medical experience, teach you to identify the root cause, cut off the source of food; "the great therapeutic side: illness treatment, serious illness prevented" dietotherapy party features: a practical multi effect, safety and health, simple, low cost, differentiation, and science for a table of food, to benefit the whole family.
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  •   My mother likes this book. There are a lot of physical discomfort on therapeutic side, teach you how to cook, very detailed.
  •   It is said that this book is Tang Boxiang years Doctor Zuozhen food cure Daquan, is his combination of ancient written into, extremely has the reference value of a book.
  •   Therapeutic side is very suitable for us to use traditional Chinese medicine, we dare not rashly use, food is useless and will not hurt the body!
  •   This book is also very practical, for a variety of drug problem in today's society, eat traditional Chinese medicine may be the most secure, so according to the above to do, healthy body not far away from us, disease, therapeutic efficacy, said it is very detailed, I personally like.
  •   Have a stomach ache. My friend, I bought a book for him, he was the wind heat type stomach pain, according to the book of diet therapy, not half a month.
  •   The body can use dietotherapy method can achieve the effect of the conditioning, the twenty-first Century supplementary food science knowledge, with the wisdom of life. The utility as a tool book
  •   Food also cure, food is the most healthy medicine, remember this. This book is very useful.
  •   The diet is I always like treatment, for example I have anemia, so eat spinach, day lily, carrots and the like. This book was written by so many diet, is really good stuff!
  •   Friends after giving birth, there have been many adverse symptoms body, in order to eliminate the adverse symptoms she has spent great efforts, do not work, I bought this therapeutic side, inside the treatment of postpartum bad symptom dietotherapy party for her, actually surprisingly good results.
  •   Diet really amazing, almost can be used for treatment or adjuvant treatment of all diseases, including chronic prostatitis like.
  •   All ingredients, after they did eat, eat to be at ease than outside, but also health care, health care medicine better than eating.
  •   Turn over, regimen has many small disease introduction should be okay.
  •   On the cover of "illness prevention" is to my appetite. Diet is not only the disease began, not old to use, when the disease did not do, young when I eat, so as to reduce the number of sick, to have a good body to the old.
  •   I give my mother bought, diet is the first step in a healthy
  •   This book is very good for various diseases has a corresponding diet are all worth buying.
  •   Bought several books, ready to give the family a, very practical therapeutic side set, the inside of the prescription is suitable for the elderly, also suitable for children, there are of course for us these workers, so it is a very good family of essential health care books.
  •   Diet books, but written in more specific, also according to different physical therapeutic method different to distinguish, very good
  •   At the same time bought the author's "24 solar term diet", although some of the same content, but this book is more on symptoms, also good.
  •   Good health, rely on food to raise. It was right, I see the TV drama in dream of the red chamber Baochai you eat grains could not maintain the body's feelings for her, but read this book to understand, to eat more to the maintenance of the body.
  •   Small therapeutic use
  •   There are many therapeutic side, practice courses are very specific, very easy to use.
  •   Dietotherapy method very useful reference.
  •   Diet is good, you can try. A lot of the method is very simple, practical!
  •   Diet formulation is clear, can make delicious and can improve the body of therapeutic for yourself.
  •   It is a good diet
  •   Good use of diet books, there's a lot of very practical also very delicious food! ~ haha
  •   Diet is worth advocating, this recipe is more practical. Very good, also exquisite binding.
  •   Now have a look nothing like turn out, there are suggestions about general type disease ingredients, very practical.
  •   Tang Boxiang is a very good doctor, he once cured my years old stomach trouble, his book, I certainly support, home to read, it is rich in content.
  •   Really good book, my old trouble dysmenorrhea treatment book tells me, try to eat half a month, this time of the month, was not hurt, is amazing.
  •   This book is an old doctor notes, the easy and simple, read a very comfortable, unlike other health books like that formula and rigid, gives a fresh feeling, like watching a story.
  •   In the book, read a little feel good to buy. The book as a whole is OK, if the inside of ingredients with a little picture is good. Because the biggest problem is that there are so many ingredients do not know!
  •   The easy to understand, very effective prescription, food is also very easy to find.
  •   A science book, to do according to different people, physical characteristics, different symptomatic prescribing, very good book.
  •   Well, I bought two sets, a set of, there is a set of send mom and dad. Eating healthy, this is a good way to
  •   A disease and illness prevention, early.
  •   Slightly understand the point of traditional Chinese medicine can be read. Very good, very practical.
  •   Dialectical optional side, "food" to the disease.
  •   No matter what, health is the capital of revolution, now eat something so bad, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the body from the diet.
  •   On the home from time to time to read, as do eat, very good
  •   When a minor illness, can be used at any time on it, that is a good book
  •   Parents, children, men, women including ah, really good.
  •   You can have a look ahead
  •   Introduction to case based, but the specific analysis to introduce less
  •   The reference diet
  •   A good health care in daily life.
  •   Teach you a lot of practical knowledge of health care, very helpful for the daily life of the people. Is a set of books, compare the contents of the whole. The quality of the book is also very good, user-friendly, suitable for mass reading.
  •   Very comprehensive, very practical, praise...
  •   Roughly the first look, write more comprehensive
  •   On the age of the discomfort that uncomfortable, so the book around, convenient indeed many, don't always ask the doctor, my mother every night before going to bed. A few, also told us some common sense, a good book.
  •   To his mother to buy, she named the book to, express very quickly..
  •   This book looks good
  •   The book with the similarities, there are also different, to be Study hard.
  •   This book is much better than the old folk remedies, old fool people, this book is more scientific.
  •   Holding the book home, like finding Hua Tuo genuine excitement, inside the party really useful, strongly recommend here.
  •   Some formulations of this book says, are very simple, in life can do quick speed, and this is my favorite. Many common diseases can be found, it is practical.

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