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The copyright page: illustration: there are a lot of lipid composition of blood vessels, removal of these impurities can inhibit sulfide, prevent blood circulation in the intravascular thrombosis. The antibacterial effect of the recent research results indicate that sulfide, diallyl sulfide in sulfide can hinder the growth component of Helicobacter pylori role. The antibacterial effect of diallyl sulfide will increase with the sulfur content of the more obvious. In the past many people think that garlic many functions are because of allicin. But the latest research on garlic collected from the animal experiments and clinical trials results but with all previous knowledge is not the same, it has aroused the attention. Some researchers have done about the experimental analysis of absorption and dynamic garlic consumption of garlic, but subjects in the blood, breath, urine and found no allicin, but detect diallyl sulfide and other substances. If the allicin is direct effect on human body words, should be able to find traces of allicin in other parts of the body. But the results are not so. So, the researchers suspect components directly act on the human body is the other contains sulfur compounds. And taking into account the allicin have changes in the body, research has also proposed directly produce various effects in vivo is not by itself. But this claim has not been proven, now still studying _. In addition, there are a lot of reports, because garlic pungent spicy, eating more will bring damage to the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa. And allyl containing cooked garlic in one half cystine no irritant spicy, so as not to damage the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Gold Murray, Professor of Department of food loyal South University of korea. Once awarded many Korean food nutrition science association and the East Asian life society awards, a number of food nutrition related patents obtained Korean domestic and international certification. Author of "eating life management" "food evaluation method" "modern diet book", "living and weight loss" and other works, and published 75 papers in the international famous academic publications, published 140 papers in academic journals in korea.
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Everyone is eager to longevity, if you have this desire, so I recommend to you a magical food -- garlic. Human beings in order to need to eat food to survive, and obtain nutrients from food to sustain life. Garlic as a food, but from long ago began to prevent disease, have been used up to now, the food is rare. Visible, garlic from the beginning not only as a flavoring for food, more to use as a prophylactic drug. Can so say, garlic is a capable of preventing diseases, even as adjuvant treatment of disease and healthy food. From ancient times to the present. Garlic efficacy has been widely spread. According to the ancient medical books recorded, garlic has enhanced visceral function, eliminate fatigue, over twenty kinds of effect. In the Middle Ages in the west, garlic is not only used to treat infectious diseases, is also used as a topical medicine treating trauma. The "China Compendium of Materia Medica" also said that garlic can cure all diseases. Garlic has antibacterial, enhance immunity, anti-cancer and other effects. Long ago, people began to study the magical effect of garlic, exactly where to, has the effect of composition is the only raw garlic is, will not make the heating components disappeared? Since, in order to explore the clear all functions of garlic, many countries have carried out relevant scientific research, accumulated a lot of data. According to these results, the garlic is American "Time" named one of the top ten health food in 2002, is the first of 48 kinds of anti-cancer food approved by the National Cancer Research in USA. The mention of garlic, people first thought is the unique taste and smell of garlic. Since the beginning of the benefits of garlic were studied, many researchers think it's properties and the unique taste and smell of the relevant. In 1942, finally have researchers found that garlic odor sources -- allicin. In the raw garlic is crushed, people often smell a specific stimulation of garlic, its main ingredient is allicin. Allicin can be used in the treatment of infectious disease and sterilization etc.. Therefore, people think that only the raw garlic, can play a role. Although this view is not wrong, but it is not entirely correct. In order to truly understand the garlic magical medical efficacy, there are still many scholars in the related research, sometimes even two very different conclusions. In fact, this happens also is very normal. Because the main ingredient Allicin for sulfur compounds, such compounds will change rapidly with the surrounding conditions, leads to the diversity of results. Research the author began garlic from 1979, has published many papers, and held several special lectures in academic circles, praised and affirmed the industry. After receiving the press asked him, hope to write a book introduces garlic effectiveness for the general reader public health care books, I think this proposal is very good, so pleased to accept. Began receiving press manuscripts, South Korea on garlic public health books are not many. Therefore, the author also carries is the professional knowledge of popular concern. Later, due to delayed and failed to start. In the meantime, the garlic like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like health books have been published, and more of a book and other books to avoid duplication of the consideration. Finally, the author of the previous idea of. The manuscript is greatly revised, to food nutrition and medical research results as the theoretical basis, add to the latest research results about garlic garlic, explain profound theories in simple language to the reader in detail the benefits. After a year of hard work writing several drafts, finally wrote the book. I hope the readers by reading this book, on the health benefits of garlic have a correct understanding, and thus to protect their own health. Garlic is not only a Ankang food, but is consistent with the "LOHAS" spiritual food. Finally, the penIn the process, special thanks to the given a lot of help ventricular food research Chungnam University Department of food's traditional diet and function of researchers and graduate students; special thanks to personally make the garlic nutrition rice and other related Food garlic, compiled recipes to help Shen Enjing teacher and the teacher Luo; thank you for garlic Lake food related products. Thank you for your effort. In 2009 March
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The first chapter of magical function

people experienced garlic miracle I beat advanced bladder cancer
and 2 gastric cancer fighting
treating hypertension good helper
and Hodgkin's lymphoma
second chapter garlic struggle against cancer.
softening blood vessels, dilated vascular disease from blood
pipe, the stable blood pressure
to keep blood sugar stable
enhance liver function of
help digestion, promote gastric ulcer healing
have the advantage of
on cold, beriberi, skin diseases......
third chapter of garlic, the most familiar "strangers"
fourth chapter garlic should eat
fifth chapter to improve the efficacy of garlic Food
sixth chapter learn to persevere, nutritional treasure -- garlic @##@ can better manage the body
appendix. Garlic, is a very common food in life, there are people like its taste, some people dislike its smell, but whether love or hate people, may not know ordinary garlic has the function and history so extraordinary. Garlic, also can saying is a kind of magical food. On earth, there are many different types of food, but can be used like garlic has a long history, the use of wide area, the use effect of diversity, probably not much.
jinmeili professor is engaged in a garlic research professionals for many years, in "garlic regimen" a book not only lead the rich connotation under readers garlic chastity appearance -- rich nutrition to bring many benefits, but also provides dozens of garlic Food, by selecting the appropriate food with garlic mix together, aiming at different diseases and symptoms of people.
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"Garlic regimen" Editors: American "Time" assessment of the global one of the ten major health food, American National Cancer Institute approved anticancer foods champion, has strong bactericidal power, since ancient times all over the world are widely used natural broad-spectrum antibiotics, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in praise of natural health food, home the essential of natural health food, garlic 12 I do not know the health efficacy. Garlic is very amazing health benefits. If carefully with other nutrients, can achieve a multiplier effect of health care. In the daily diet conscious eat garlic, can play anti-cancer effect, good will and garlic foods rich in B vitamins with food, can make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and foods containing vitamin E, eat together, can play a very good anti-aging effect, if want to enhance the bactericidal power, prevent cold, prevent infection, can be used with foods rich in vitamin C, add the garlic in the food containing potassium iodide, stable blood pressure effect more obvious.
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