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"Yin and Yang" and "cold" is a noun two Chinese people speak more and listen more to learn, for TCM practitioners in and love of the Chinese people, life is not the 4 words. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the Yin and Yang and cold meaning and practical application in people's life, especially their relation to health care. Of course, this task will be one's unshirkable responsibility falls on my engaged in education for more than 30 years at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is an expert on the body. Press to say, you had a "Neijing" education, study on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, has long been engaged in the research and preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, health experts, this book written by you the most appropriate. In view of this, I have, I talked about the Yin Yang in the University, but how to put the two skillfully applied to daily life and health care activities, is not a very easy thing, need serious efforts to study assiduously. I firmly believe that, this book publication, will cause the masses attention. Also firmly believe that, this book will help readers to use TCM Yin Yang theory put their health better.

This book on traditional Chinese medicine "medicated analogy", "food and medicine, food aid effect" theory as a foundation, to explain the traditional Chinese food, knowledge and methods of food, diet, dietary contraindication. Eating Chinese broad and profound, the authors explain profound theories in simple language describes four seasons food, different physical food, different age of the tonic, tonic food, tonic herbs and common disease diet therapy, for readers and health workers to read.
Author brief introduction

Male, Shandong province Shouzhang County, graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The Central People's broadcasting station medical adviser, Chinese health care food expert, the International Liaison Department of director of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine's nutrition and health products development center. Outstanding contributions in Chinese medicine nutrition and health care, published more than 20 Chinese Nutrition and health monographs and published hundreds of articles in dozens of newspapers, newspaper China Food Authority "Chinese food newspaper" has its development "development" health food.
the main works are as follows: "the family diet tonic", "all family", "four medicated diet", "beauty", "women" medicated diet, "children", "fruit diet health and prescription", "fruit beauty slimming and prescription", "fruit", medical treatment and prescription "infant nutrition recipes", "spring", "health food Chinese medicated diet selection" etc..
Catalogue of books

The first chapter and edible
1 medicated isoenzyme
2 food and medicine, food helps the efficacy of
3 food
4 food taste
5 food lifting
6 food to the
second chapter Chinese dietary
A, its basic principle of < br > 1 diet
2 rational deployment of
two, Xia Yangyang, Yin in autumn and winter
1 spring summer 2 fresh food

3 autumn fresh
three winter food, food to qualify the Constitution and application of
1 physical deficiency diet
2 Yang deficiency constitution diet
3 blood deficiency physique diet
4 physical deficiency diet
5 Yang Sheng physical conditioning diet
6 blood stasis constitution diet
7 phlegm dampness constitution of diet
8 stagnation of Qi in the body and diet
four, its basic method of
1 contralateral lung fresh
2 strong liver dietary
3 strong heart of dietary
4 stomach dietary
5 Qi food
6 anti-aging food
7 beauty regimen
8 Healthy food.
9 aphrodisiac food
10 health food
11 anti-cancer food
12 weight loss regimen
13 brain food.
14 weeks of dietary
15 teeth UFA food
16 sedative hypnotic food
17 eyesight dietary
18 tocolysis dietary
third chapter Chinese tonic
A, not drug Sibu
1 elderly tonic
2 pediatric medicine
3 female tonic
4 Sibu use
5 Jian from Sibu
two, a common tonic food
2 commonly used fruit tonic
3 staple vegetable tonic tonic
4 carnivorous tonic
5 other tonic
1 Qi tonic herbs medicated
2 blood medicated
4 Yin Yang medicated diet
5 make up the five internal organs.
fourth chapter dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine.
2 > 1 diaphoresis emesis
3 > 4 and
5 clearing method
6 temperature
7 method
8 reinforcing method
two Medicinal preparation method, commonly used
three, common diseases of the diet in the treatment of
1 cold diet
2 cough therapeutic
3 bronchial asthma therapy.
4 coronary heart disease diet
5 neurasthenia therapeutic
6 iron deficiency anemia diet < br > 7 acute gastritis diet
8 chronic gastritis diet
9 peptic ulcer disease therapeutic
10 diabetes diet
11 hypertension diet
12 senile cerebral blood deficiency diet
13 wind Nirvana arthritis diet
14 senile constipation therapeutic
15 irregular menstruation diet
16 dysmenorrhea diet
17 functional uterine bleeding diet
18 amenorrhea diet
19 premenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms of diet
20 postpartum lack of milk and milk unreasonable diet
21 postpartum body pain therapeutic
22 Postpartum Lochiorrhea diet
23 female infertility therapy
24 anorexia therapeutic
25 infantile anemia (anemia) diet
26 rickets in children diet
27 children. Take diet
28 children cough therapeutic
29 infantile hepatitis therapeutic
30 carbuncle furuncle diet
31 fracture diet
32 burn diet
33 anal fissure diet
34 herpes zoster diet
35 eczema diet therapy.
36 acne diet
fifth chapter Chinese food prohibition
1 avoid diet does not differentiate chills and fever.
2 food prohibition against complement
3 avoid ignoring the primary
Chapter excerpt

Skin colour number rose the Rosaceae plant deciduous shrubs flower, purple red, fragrant smell. Due to the properties of rose has cold, temperature resistance, and the buds Xiangnen, moisturizes and, as early as in the Sui and Tang Dynasties period, the elegant palace is highly favored. The biggest secret that Yang has been able to keep skin tender, glossy, lies in her shower Huaqing Hot Spring long immersion in fresh roses bud. The Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Ci Xi used to make the rouge rose, rose soap. Rose petals can also be skin care beauty bath, is the new century beauty skin care to share. In recent years, the further development of rose beauty value, and made of rose tea, rose sugar, rose herbal series health care products, welcomed by the people. Fresh roses package: fresh roses 50 grams, 500 grams of flour, 30 grams of sugar, cooked flour 50 grams, pig suet cut Ding, cooked flour and sugar mixed together, rub evenly on the chopping board by hand, placed on the altar and sealing, a week after the fragrant stuffing; adding the flour the old leaven and water for fermentation, to HERSHEY'S, the amount of alkaline kneading, pulling into 25 facet agent, according to the flat pressure skin, packets into fillings made Steamed buns, steamed on the drawer is. Yousheng Jin Runchang, promoting blood circulation to remove product, beautiful skin effect. Roses: roses 50 grams fry prawns, shrimp 500 grams, salt 4 grams, 100 grams of sugar, Shaoxing wine 10 ml, onion, ginger each 5 grams, 2 grams of pepper, starch 10 grams, a little white vinegar. The rose petals picked clean, put half of the session; shrimp, shrimp head must be cut off the gun, remove the shrimp line; heat the oil to six into the shrimp pot fry, saute onion silk, ginger, sugar, salt, Shaoxing wine, under the pepper, prawns and a little water, about 10 minutes, small the fire was thicken, pour out the oil, Sheng into the disk; the other half rose over the pot, fresh soup even petals pour in the shrimp body can. With Huoxue Tiaojing, acetanilide detumescence, Bushen efficacy of beauty.
Editor recommends

"Chinese dietotherapy health wisdom (a drawing page)" introduces: Bian Que said, know the disease made, to eat the diet does not heal, metallurgy, medicine and life. Food and medicine, food aid effectiveness. The food has a negative and positive points, cold, cool, warm, hot, flat and different character or temperament. People also have negative and positive points, Yin, Yang, flat, cold, heat and other eight kinds of different constitution. Positive food warming yang and cold food, negative Qingre Xiehuo, "Chinese dietotherapy health wisdom (a drawing page)", Professor Zhang teaches you to choose their own health food. Tell you what is homologous to the medical food, medicinal function, introduces 200 kinds of edible and medicinal food, the four seasons health supplements each different, the 8 constitution eat 8 kinds of food method, lungs, liver, stomach, kidney, strong heart, anti-aging, beauty, impotence, longevity, cancer, brain, weight loss, to calm the nerves.
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