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Rehabilitation nursing is a relatively new discipline. Rehabilitation nursing throughout the whole process of rehabilitation therapy, is an important part of rehabilitation medicine. With the development of society, people's requirements for disease treatment not only cure disease, but pay more attention to the quality of life improved after treatment. The rehabilitation nursing technology to clinical nursing work, can make the dysfunction caused by injury, acute and chronic diseases and senile disease, congenital dysplasia of the disabled person, not only in the dysfunction after appearing, can also carry out preventive rehabilitation nursing in dysfunction before, in order to avoid the formation of physical disabilities, reduce the severity of disabilities, in order to improve the quality of life. The book is divided into four projects, covering the related knowledge of rehabilitation nursing, including rehabilitation nursing, rehabilitation nursing introduction to basic assessment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation nursing technology and other aspects. The concept of holistic nursing care book adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to the knowledge renewal and change, reflect the clinical rehabilitation nursing process. In the preparation of the rehabilitation nursing technology projects, professional features prominent nursing, the disease according to neurological diseases, diseases and diseases in Department of internal medicine order, each disease described from the overview, mainly dysfunction, rehabilitation, rehabilitation nursing, health education and so on, and add the task of guiding cases. The teacher introduce the concrete content, will enable students to truly feel the clinical rehabilitation nursing service condition. In order to cultivate students' ability of operation, according to the specific content of specially prepared training, with the aim of training the students to master the skills. In the preparation process of this book, despite our best efforts, but because of work experience and academic level is limited, there are deficiencies, kindly rehabilitation colleagues with more valuable advice.

"Rehabilitation nursing technology" is the national higher vocational medical colleges with the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" one of the textbooks. "Rehabilitation nursing technology" to rehabilitation nursing work process oriented design, including rehabilitation nursing introduction, basic nursing assessment of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and rehabilitation nursing technology four projects. The project focuses on medical rehabilitation, rehabilitation nursing and the concept of rehabilitation nursing program, designed to enable learners to form a preliminary understanding of rehabilitation nursing. Item two is of rehabilitation nursing assessment of patients, including disability, physical function assessment, language function assessment, cognitive psychological evaluation and assessment of the quality of life. Project three focuses on basic nursing skills of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech disorder, psychological rehabilitation, rehabilitation engineering, traditional Chinese medicine therapy and rehabilitation. Project four focuses on stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, peripheral neuropathy loss of neurological diseases rehabilitation nursing, rehabilitation nursing of bone and joint disease, neck and back pain, limb movement diseases, rehabilitation nursing technology and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases in Department of internal medicine. "Rehabilitation nursing technology" is suitable for higher vocational nursing, midwifery, higher vocational rehabilitation technology for professional use.
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Project a rehabilitation nursing entry task a rehabilitation work in task two rehabilitation nursing project two rehabilitation nursing assessment tasks a disability assessment task two physical function assessment tasks in three language function assessment task four task five cognitive psychological evaluation of life quality evaluation project three rehabilitation nursing technology basic task of physical therapy and rehabilitation nursing task two operation therapy and rehabilitation nursing Ren Wusan speech disorder rehabilitation nursing task four psychological rehabilitation nursing task five rehabilitation engineering task six Chinese medicine therapy and rehabilitation nursing rehabilitation project four clinical nursing task a stroke rehabilitation nursing of the patients with task two in patients with traumatic brain injury rehabilitation nursing Ren Wusan cerebral palsy rehabilitation nursing of the patients with task four rehabilitation nursing of patients with spinal cord injury task five peripheral nerve lesion in patients with rehabilitation nursing task six osteoarthritis patients rehabilitation nursing task seven neck shoulder waist leg pain rehabilitation nursing of the patients with amputation Ren Wujiu Ren Wuba rehabilitation nursing of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease rehabilitation nursing of patients with coronary heart disease in patients with Ren Wushi rehabilitation nursing task eleven cancer patients rehabilitation nursing task ten Rehabilitation nursing training guide training of two diabetic patients with a range of motion (limbs) measuring two, three wheelchair training helps the ability of daily life for the training of training of four children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation training reference
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4 recovery of walking ability training in walking is a vertical dynamic balance maintenance of posture, it needs to every part of the body to coordinate movement, so as to achieve the balance to regain balance purposes. (1) parallel bars within the training first using the parallel bars are standing training, then practice shifting, gradually transition to inner walking training. Inner walking training mainly has four foot, two walk, dragging step training, swing, swing the step to step method. (2) a crutch assisted walking training used crutches have crutch, elbow crutches, canes (quadripod cane, tripod stick) etc.. Walking training using crutches, have good balance and upper limb support ability, generally after the parallel bars in basic training before, crutch assisted walking training common a crutch over step training, crutches for three point gait training etc.. 5 physiological technology based on human nerve normal development process, from head to foot, from proximal to distal development process, using the method of induction and inhibition, make the patient gradually learn how a class of rehabilitation in the normal way to perform activities of daily life of treatment technology, also known as neurodevelopmental therapy, mainly used for treatment of limb movement disorder after brain injury, in which the typical one is the Bobath technology, Brunnstrom technology, Rood technology and PNF technology. (1) Bobath therapy Bobath therapy is mainly used for a training method for the treatment of patients with hemiplegia and cerebral palsy of the British therapist was founded by BextaBobath. Its basic idea is based on the normal development of the human body, induce patients gradually learn normal sensation of movement and action mode, how to control the posture, balance, training righting reaction, equilibrium reaction and other protective reaction. Training method of Bobath is the pathological reflex and exercise training inTo restrain, starting from scratch, trunk control ability first, then according to the proximal joint and the trunk is connected (such as the shoulder, hip) training. When the proximal joints have certain athletic ability and control ability, and carry out the distal joints (such as the elbow, wrist, ankle joint) training. Training should pay attention to the following principle: try to use of the affected side, and do not advocate 用健 side compensation; take on inhibition of spasm, promote the relaxation; and occupational therapy and nursing combination. The main technology of Bobath therapy has the following several aspects.
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Higher vocational education colleges of medicine and related medical education committee of planning for college teaching practice, highlight the pertinence, applicability and practicability ", enough to essential principle, focus on clinical practice and application closely around the follow-up courses, qualification examination standards and work requirements on quality course construction goal, reflected teaching reform
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