Medical innovation trajectories

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Illustration: second biomedical innovation perception research shows, "at present, the proportion of life science in the world in the field of natural science has reached 50%. A country life science research level and development trend, a direct reflection of the state of the science development level. In USA, life science, as in natural science contribution rate has reached 60% "(Zhang Bingsheng, Li Qingmiao. The world to attract first-rate scientists. Guangming Daily, June 2, 2005). Enter since twenty-first Century, life science continued momentum of rapid development since the middle of last century, in theThe importance of the technology in the field of growing. With the international competition of comprehensive national strength from the natural and human resource market competition for resources, extending to the knowledge resources and human resources, the importance of basic science research are more prominent than ever before, basic research ability has become a strategic commanding point countries for competitive advantage. At present, the comprehensive national strength competition in front of main countries in the world have obvious shift to basic research. As an important part of life in biomedical science, in its development and other basic subjects, is undergoing a major transformation. On the one hand, study of gene, cell, development and evolution and the brain has formed the future biomedical research a masterstroke, genomics and related method has become almost all life science discipline thinking method and basic tools; on the other hand, the complex system theory and the development of nonlinear science, is to promote the idea and method on the transformation of biomedicine the overall approach combining from reductionism analysis thinking to analysis and overall, genomics and systems biology has developed. In recent years, although our country in the field of biomedical research has make a spurt of progress of development, but in general have been tracking the situation of abroad, on the whole situation basic biomedical research has not been fundamentally changed. In the face of the international biomedical has entered the post genome era, research and international biomedical basis of the gap of our country and further widen the danger. In the face of basic biomedical research to meet the challenge, the scientific path of only one, is innovation. Since the founding of new China, our understanding of the basic research repeatedly. Or the prize for medicine science since twentieth Century since second half of basic research is increasingly favored biomedical original Nobel physiology, will bring us many inspiration.

"Medicine and philosophy" magazine is a publication belongs to human nature. In the nearly 30 years of editing career, I read and published many excellent works of medical humanities are discussed, some of them make me forget. Therefore, for a long time, have a wish, want some of the best article, integrated some brochures, for doctors and at medical school students reading. Now, the Peking Union Medical College press efforts and generous support, this wish was realized, to "healers" naming the Bodhi ~ batch five book, and finally met with readers. Press the "Bodhi" as the series name, also do not have a mood. "Buddha" is a Buddhist term, known as the "anuttara three small three Bodhi Heart", means the realm of consciousness. In modern language, is doctor dedicated people to public health as the highest artistic conception, that is what we say today's love life, fear of life spirit. Why need this kind of artistic conception and spirit of medicine? This is decided by the nature of the medical occupation. A patient sits in front of the doctor, the doctor said: open your mouth, put the clothes off, you have to open your mouth, will dress up; the doctor said, you are ill, need to take medicine, surgery, you'll have to take medicine, an operation; the doctor said, your leg to keep life, you have to leg. From ordinary people to heads of state, like a little lamb, obediently waiting for the doctor's disposal. In this case, any other knowledge, power is be of no avail. This shows that, the doctor of the patient's life and health have supreme power. Both power, needs to have the constraint, using the need to regulate the power. Medical Humanities Idea and the corresponding requirements, is this kind of power restriction. There is a world of difference in medical and Hippocrates medical, ancient medical considered impossible things, in today's medical opinion may be a piece of cake pan. But surprisingly, medical science and technology more progress, more people are worried about. People often waited eagerly looking forward to the new medical technology to cure his illness, but also afraid of the new disease treatment to the body; at the same time, the medical environment is also different from the past.
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Introduction: China biomedical science requires the development of Nobel prizes of the first Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in twentieth Century Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in general analysis of twentieth Century Nobel prize in physiology or medicine discipline is divided into second parts of basic biomedical innovation understanding biochemical genetic research award brilliant philosophical factors on cell signal transduction research and development Nobel award the geneticists accumulation and breakthrough polymerase chain reaction of the invention in 1993 -- Nobel ceremony speech "three legs and one platform" gene targeting RNA Interference Research Award from third clinical medical innovation sentiment clinician scientific breakthroughs approach not only surgeon operation carpenter physician teaching is not bad heart catheter technology invention process Enlightenment has the dual role of clinicians consciousness as "research" therapist -- Research of Helicobacter pylori award-winning enlightenment fourth thinking innovation awareness of biomedical science method to study the evolution of - 1901-1981 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine history of biomedical research method to analyze the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. The Observation of experimental science hypothesis in revealing the mystery of olfactory seize thinking point, avoid content and check non traditional concept of traditional technology application of Biomedical Innovation interdisciplinary characteristic analysis of fifth articles he's innovative insights Nobel prize in physiology or medicine USA obtain academic background analysis Nobel prize in physiology or medicine nomination and Asian medical status on Susumu Tonegawa of Japan Science and technology policy criticism Nobel prize in physiology or medicine and Russians regret Nobel prize in physiology or medicine original innovation power of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine science quality analysis sixth China innovative insights Chinese why and Nobel prize in physiology or medicine without edge restriction China local scientists received Nobel prize in physiology or medicine factor analysis China thinking thoughts -- from China scholars have never won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine thought twentieth Century Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in twenty-first Century and the medical students quality is life and Nobel award no -- a common medical university students feeling Nobel prize in physiology or medicine: when we have the edge in twenty-first Century Young biomedical workers responsibility appendix: Chinese English comparison table postscript @##@ names In our country, the existing more than 6170 academic journals, insist on opening Nobel award decades on the column is unknown, but several decades to open "Nobel prize in physiology or medicine" column of the "Journal of medicine and philosophy" is only a. "Journal of medicine and philosophy" has now grown to China technology periodical statistical source journals (Chinese core periodicals of science and Technology), the national Chinese core journal, CSSCI (Chinese social science citation index expanded version) source journals, core journals of national medical guidance, an international influence of the medical humanities journals, in the past 30 years ago in the one of the earliest clear set up the column, encourage, support and guide the publicity about the study of Nobel award, is opened, is needs a keen awareness and strategic visionary. Today, it not only led the study of issues related to domestic Nobel prize, promote the domestic form for the research climax related problems Nobel award, enrich the contents of medical philosophy, more trained a group of professional talents, is a unique perspective and advanced, diverse and extraordinary significance.
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"Medical innovation path:" clinical thinking wisdom to contend with the reflection of medicine where exploration and discovery in medical clinical decision calling for human how to evaluate the evolution of TCM clinicians beyond the double helix of hospital management of humanism in the biomedical research method of the dual role of the integration of medical health equity
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