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In 2002, my colleagues and I are students and The Open University of China Medical College of health management professional students write "medical ethics" first edition, so far has been printed 10 times, nearly one hundred thousand volumes. With the social progress and development, medicine, medical ethics and bioethics, the materials were modified, enriched and improved, and the original supporting materials "study guide" in the test and the reference answer by modification and supplement attached at the end of each chapter and become a textbook, thus omitting the space for students, review. In addition, in the use of the material, can also according to the professional characteristics, students and school how many appropriate choice of the content of teaching, in order to have a definite object in view. The second edition of the "medical ethics" teaching material, the third chapter written by Yin Xiuyun, the tenth chapter co written by Cong Yali and Lee 本富, eleventh chapters written by Li Chuanjun, the seventeenth chapter co written by Yin Ruifa and Li Benfu, the remaining chapters written by Li Benfu. Due to the limited level and time we hurry, this textbook is wrong, please experts, peer to peer critiques.

"Medical ethics (Second Edition)", the historical development of medical ethics of medical ethics in China in India history, the western countries in ancient and medieval medical ethics, the historical development of western countries in modern medical ethics, medical ethics, Arabia area.
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The first chapter is the introduction section of morality and ethics, morality, ethics, a two second day occupation ethics and medical ethics, occupation morals, a two third day study of medical ethics of medical ethics significance and method of study, medical ethics, medical ethics significance of two learning methods test reference answer questions second chapter of medical ethics of the historical development of the first day east of medical ethics, the development of history of Chinese medical ethics history two, India medical ethics history second day western medical ethics development of history, the western countries in ancient and medieval medical ethics two, the western countries in modern medical ethics third section of the Arabia area medical ethics history test questions the third chapter of medical ethics theory first day objective theory, objective theory and history two, the utilitarianism theory criticism and medical purpose section second obligations, obligations of a theory and the history of the two, the deontological ethics criticism and the doctor's responsibility third day theory of virtue one, the basic connotation and the historical theory of virtue Two, the evolution of Virtue Ethics Criticism and doctor of virtue test reference answer questions fourth chapter medical moral norm system first medical moral principles of medical ethics, the meaning of the basic principles of medical ethics in two, the content of the basic principle of section second of medical ethics, medical ethics, medical ethics meaning two the essence of the law three, medical ethics, medical ethics form four the contents of third day medical morality category A, rights and obligations two, emotion and conscience is three, prudence and confidentiality four, honor and happiness test answer reference questions in Chapter fifth, the doctor-patient relationship medical morality first doctor-patient relationship, the nature and the meaning of one, the meaning of the doctor-patient relationship, doctor-patient relationship two nature three, relationship between doctor and patient characteristics of the second day the doctor-patient relationship is the basic content and mode of the doctor-patient relationship, the basic content of two, the doctor-patient relationship model in section third patients rights and obligations, the right of patients, a two patient obligations fourth day to prevent medical disputes the ethics and medical ethics, doctors and patients to a close communication and exchanges between the two, and to maintain double Three party rights, both doctors and patients to perform their respective obligations four, both parties must correctly understand and handle the relationship between rights and obligations five, both doctors and patients to strengthen the moral self-discipline and abide by the common medical ethics test reference answer questions in Chapter sixth medical personnel to the relationship between medical ethics first day medical personnel of the relationship between meaning and the significance of a 'medical staff, the relationship between meaning two, correctly handle the relationship between medical personnel second section between the medical staff relations and the basic mode, authority obeying two, guide a receptive three, tied with a complementary four, cooperative competition third section medical personnel relationship between medical ethics the medical staff, the relationship between medical ethics literature two medical staff, coordinate relationship between medical ethics fourth doctors and nurses between the medical ethics, medical model change two, medical mutual role expectations three, relationship between health care medical ethics test reference answer questions in Chapter seventh, the clinical diagnosis and treatment medical ethics first clinical medical moral principles, clinical diagnosis and treatment process Two, the clinical diagnosis and treatment of medical moral principle second day clinical diagnosis in medical ethics, medical ethics medical history, physical examination of two medical moral requirements three, auxiliary examination of medical moral requirements of section third of the clinical treatment process of medical ethics, medical ethics two drug treatment, operation treatment medical moral requirements three, psychological treatment medical moral requirements four, dietary therapy of medical moral requirements five, rehabilitation medical moral requirements test reference answer questions eighth chapter nursing medical morality first day care and nursing moral essence and function, meaning and characteristics of two nursing, nursing the moral essence and function the second section nurse medical ethics, love their own, refine on two, the language of civilization, dignified, sympathy for the three patients, four patients with dedicated service, respect, conservative secret five, serious and responsible, bear hardship without complaint six, integrity, law-abiding seven, solidarity and cooperation, mutual supervision section third basic nursing and holistic nursing care ethics one, basic nursing ethics two, systematic approach to holistic nursing ethics section fourth Outpatient, emergency care, outpatient care ethics moral two, emergency nursing ethics test reference answer questions in Chapter ninth, medical and health care services in the social responsibility and the medical moral first medical and health care services in a social responsibility, in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the proper use of medical high technology two, social responsibility for the whole society and preventive health care social responsibility three, improve population quality and life quality of social responsibility four, the development of medical science, social responsibility, take five disasters emergency social responsibility six, actively participated in the formulation, play an exemplary role in abiding by regulations and health policy implementation, the social responsibility of medical high technology using second section of medical morals, medical high technology has negative ethical and social issues two, high medical technique using medical moral principles of third section of society public medical and health care service in medical ethics, social public medical and health care services content two, the public medical and health care services in medical ethics fourth day life in quality control of medical ethics a, birth of the medical ethics two, low quality of life of patients treatment Medical ethics test reference answer questions tenth chapter of medical scientific research of medical ethics of medical research in traditional Chinese medicine, the first section of moral significance and requirements of medical research, medical moral significance of two, medical research in the moral requirements of section second of the human experiment of medical ethics, the meaning of a human experiment and type two, the experiment of moral principles three, human experiments ethics review section third autopsy medical ethics, autopsy moral history two, autopsy medical moral requirements test reference answer questions eleventh chapter of public health ethics first public health concept, characteristics and function, the concept of public health two, public health three in section second, the role of public health public health ethical principles, ginger our public health cause will be put on the "public" health ethics practice two, Singer's public healthThree, the ethical principles of China's public health ethics principle section third public health tasks moral requirements, health education and health promotion of environmental protection two, three, four, the occupation harm prevention of food hygiene supervision and the relationship between the five, control of infectious diseases in six, chronic non communicable disease prevention and control seven, public health event control test reference answer questions in Chapter twelfth, health management and medical ethics first health management and medical ethics, health management and medical ethics, medical ethics: two in the health industry's role in the management of the second day of health service management, ethical principles and norms of a health management principles of ethics two, health management process each link of ethical norms in section third of hospital management ethics and the establishment and improvement of the ethics committee of the hospital, a hospital management ethics two, establish and improve the Hospital Ethical Committee test reference answer questions thirteenth chapter of human organ transplantation ethics of organ transplantation, the first section of the meaning of classification and progress, organ transplantation the meaning of two, organ transplantation, organ transplantation, the classification of three of the progress of second Festival of organ transplant ethical problems, ethical problems caused by the two donor, receptor on the ethical problems caused by three, the allocation of health resources the ethical problems caused by the third day of organ transplantation, criterion principle and legislative status, guiding principles on human organ transplantation two, the human organ transplant international standards three, American medical organ transplantation rule four, China's organ transplant ethical standards five, organ transplant legislation status test reference answer questions fourteenth chapter of human assisted reproductive technology ethics section of human assisted reproductive technology, definition and classification of human assisted reproductive technology, meaning two of human assisted reproductive technology classification of second day human assisted reproductive technology ethical one problem, whether the destruction of marriage and family harmony two, who should be the parents of a child of three, surrogate mother ethical four, semen, ova, embryos could be commercialized five, non married women can make artificial insemination, can use six fetal, female immature oocytes were seven, in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction remaining after the embryo transfer embryo is available to do scientific research eight, celebrity sperm bank can achieve "The ethical controversy of stem cell research in embryo research ethics first people ethical principle ethical principles of eugenic third day human assisted reproductive technology and a sperm bank, human assisted reproductive technology two, human sperm bank ethics principle test reference answer questions fifteenth chapter of human embryonic stem cells and cloning of human stem cell research ethical one, stem cells and human embryonic stem cells, the concept of two human embryonic stem cell research, the value of three human embryo...... The eighteenth chapter of medical ethics moral education, training and evaluation of the sixteenth chapter of gene diagnosis and gene therapy in the seventeenth chapter of hospice care ethics and human death references
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Correspondingly, the moral is also divided into marriage and family ethics, social ethics, occupation ethics and natural moral. Morality of marriage and family is to establish the relationship between husband and wife, family members and reflect the relationship between moral behavior standards or norms; social morality is that people deal with the interpersonal relationship in public life should follow the general, at least moral behavior standard or specification; professional ethics refers to people in the occupation life, which should be followed in the interpersonal relationship between the coordination of activities and social needs of different occupation, occupation and occupation of internal activities of moral codes or specifications; natural moral environmental ethics and ecological ethics, refers to how to deal with the relationship between man and nature in the process of people, reforming nature and regulation of the standard of moral behavior. Or specification. 2 according to the economic type relationship in accordance with the different nature of the evolution of economic relations, morality can be divided into primitive society, slave society ethics moral, feudal society, capitalist society's moral and Communist society morality (including the socialist moral). At present, China is in the primary stage of socialism, the general moral requirement is a core idea of serving people, collectivism as the principle and the basic requirements for five (that is, love the motherland, love people, love of labor, love science, love socialism), to social morality, occupation morality, family virtue as the focal point. However, because of the socialist society is a publicly owned economy occupies the leading position, the coexistence of multiple economic forms of social system, so the moral levels. Among them, the social morality belongs to the low level, suitable for all people; socialist morality belongs to level, suitable for people who love the cause of socialism and progressive; communist morality belongs to the highest level, applicable to all willing to struggle for life of people for the cause of communism. In fact, the vast majority of Chinese people should be asking yourself to social ethics and morality, and actively promote the communist morality, especially the Communist Party member, national cadres should be asking yourself to communist morality, to promote the development of socialist construction and the realization of communism.
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