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From the above three categories (main and collateral channels, six gas, syndrome differentiation and attachment) theory belong to, no less Yin and Shaoyang attachment, Jueyin and Yangming attachment. Scripture says, Jueyin in lunar and Shao Yin, the table of shaoyang. Yang is the sun -- Yang -- the opening and closing of the pivot sequence of shaoyang. Three yin is also in accordance with the order to say, the hosts to lunar -- Jueyin -- Shaoyin the opening and closing of the pivot sequence. Compared to other texts, but also stultify oneself. It do that, theoretical sense, does not meet the Yin Yang theory of relativity. From the human body main and collateral channels on look, he attached more is not reasonable. The distribution of main and collateral channels, Shaoyang and Jueyin is respectively in the main and collateral channels between yin and Yang, did not see the Shaoyin meridian in two Yin. Therefore, this error reduction problem of Scripture, is itThe real existence. In the six gas corresponding, also did not see Shaoyang Shaoyin companies -- in spring. In the "typhoid" six principal syndromes of yin and yang are belong to the corresponding, is not this concept. Six classes of typhoid fever (three yin Sanyang) sequencing, and the basic theoretical framework is consistent. Are: the sun -- Yangming -- Shaoyang; lunar -- Shaoyin -- jueyin. Theory should be autonomous and Dzogchen, otherwise it is not reasonable, is a fallacy. As the five elements theory, wood was representative of hepatobiliary, but suddenly he put wood explained as representative of spleen. Some of us make the best of a bad bargain, did not understand, but also used the wrong Jane's "the theory of open" made a dialectical analysis of pathological sophistry, talk about the theory of open, confused many people. In fact, give extended application, too many similar case, puzzled Qihuang true justice. A few years ago I said, doctors but the number of five or six, is the five elements of yin and Yang and the three yin and three Yang six classification. My analysis of today, we can understand the truth of the estimate? Correct the classic Jane wrong, as you can see, this is! Even so say, if someone said, estimation also persisted. Tell them in front of the cliff, also did not listen, want to advance wave upon wave jump. My lecture has a problem, just to say no. I ask you to strictly is a good thing, you know. Clear thinking is not confused, to National Cheng Kung university. You have a look, the six gas and main and collateral channels from typhoid, like three people three theoretical mixed together, chaos. For example, the "cold water" understanding of typhoid fever "sun" six gas (kidney, Bang Guang), and further said that Bang Guang, in this way, the "sun" cold water "kidney" lost. There is a book full of typhoid fever, is such, kidney became less Yin Fire, doesn't make sense to a "Conghua". That is the truth? There are "plain questions" and had left the problem, also have confused Jane wrong. We do not ask the classic, we are more accurate in order to make the classical.

"Treatise on Febrile Diseases", the book also Zhong Shengzhi. The first book to typhoid fever as a special case, three yin and three Yang six classes for the law to clarify the treatment of diseases, syndromes, shown later in time difference, the rules of miscellaneous diseases of wide area, trade-off theory and generation of. Doctors standard really immortal, the world of the living bible. However since the tertiary and the beginning, the book was to split, dubbed the "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" and "Golden Chamber" the two part, the theory and method of off the company, not a source of network card, and the chaos is reduced, all kinds of thoughts, even odd word different principle, method near annihilation. This "Golden Chamber", but Zhao Songzhi remains, the pulse method is not complete, lack of the prescription, mixing time sequence, and the heart! In the age of 40, day and night, the heart, the Han and Tang Dynasties ancient books over the parameters, sperm examination "and" Jing "Prescriptions", peruse the Que's words, be visible before the eyes, what is professional! At the time, but his hair long, frequency, sperm examination provisions, interactive proof, such as "pulse classic" miscellaneous diseases in the original text, have to add, "Prescriptions" for the record, and are collected, check "sketch" "Guilin square ancient treatise on Febrile Diseases" such as the book and you belong, to increase. Man must note the, so don't. Disease pulse Medica, and in accordance with the "original" pulse classic tertiary and miscellaneous diseases, first on exogenous, and "typhoid" connection, list of diseases, and strive to entries clear. Again listed differentiation by six class, five card method, and vein color essence, essence of the soup, dry, and to open the key, the vernacular release in you, "" supplement "title. Gee! Remember the group Li of life code, may seek Qihuang quintessence and Xing, do not carry the meager strength, although not be regret Zhong Sheng suicide, let Guangyi by blood of aid, including SIM years, contain a grain of truth, scholars should be thinking! Avenue to Jane, and no two to! Yao Shu salvation people, vast as 100 try accurate and effective zhuo. Is Li, not speculation in the inspection, should be based on clinical, is that "science"! The book is from heart, omissions, false to be positive, and colleagues were the.
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The basic concept of the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine teaching, connotation, characteristics and the scientific two, TCM academic system and development history three, return to the traditional prescription four, the significance of ancient Han and Tang Dynasties classical Jane wrong and consolidation amendment five, classic reading and teaching the first chapter six classes (six) syndrome differentiation theory, theory the origin of the two, six class and eight class three, class six (six) framework four, disease, syndrome, syndrome, syndrome and relationship of five drugs in six, five cards disease machine seven, six class eight, six methods of treatment, prescription on nine diseases in six principal syndromes on the second chapter, the basic theory of yin and Yang has a day two, weiqiyingxue three, the four, third chapter of stomach by diagnostic method, the pulse method in two, pulse and main disease three, inspection and other the golden line classroom roll a distinguishing Yin and Yang Yi taxation relapse disease pulse syndrome and treatment volume, differentiation of Lily Huhuo pulse syndrome and treatment Lily disease Huhuo distinguishing Yin and yang two epidemic febrile disease virus pulse syndrome and treatment on wet drink 2 pulse and symptoms and treatment of dampness in securities identified two cholera cramp soft drink and treat 2 distinguishing jaundice and malaria pulse syndrome and treatment of jaundice and malaria Vol. three Bian died dead Jue disease pulse syndrome and treatment Volume IV between convulsive disease stroke. Pulse syndrome and treatment section disease convulsive disease stroke Lijie wind wind wind wind poison. Madness seizures wind which distinguish blood arthralgia of asthenia syndrome differentiation and treatment of diabetes veins 4 small convenience clap pulse syndrome and treatment which distinguish water yellow sweat gas pulse and symptoms and cure water yellow sweat gas volume resolution of chest pain and shortness of breath ran five pig disease pulse syndrome and treatment of chest obstruction renal mass disease Vol. five resolution with hemothorax blood stasis disease hemoptysis under full pulse syndrome differentiation and treatment of volume five atrophic lung disease lung cough gas retention of phlegm and fluid pulse syndrome and treatment of atrophic lung disease lung cancer lung distension phlegm cough gas volume six resolution full abdomen cold hernia sushi pulse and symptoms and treatment of abdominal fullness cold hernia sushi roll six resolution vomiting hiccup under pulse syndrome and disease cure vomiting hiccup and volume seven differentiation of viscera cold accumulation disease pulse syndrome and treatment volume seven resolution sore carbuncle appendicitis immersed pulse and symptoms and cure furuncle swollen sore carbuncle of complex anal fistula intestinal carbuncle carbuncle gall nine leakage acute eczema Jinchuang burn surgery miscellaneous party volume seven resolution fujue finger arm swollen inguinal hernia ascariasis pulse syndrome and treatment volume eight woman article introduction to Vol. eight resolution woman pregnancy disease pulse syndrome and treatment of pregnancy were men and women will produce the syndromes of pregnancy fetal blood diversion ratio of vomiting abdominal pain securities identified eight woman postpartum disease pulse syndrome and treatment of postpartum diseases stagnation at stroke fever vexed vomiting under the securities identified nine woman miscellaneous disease pulse syndrome Introduction to the reduction of no child down and governance in the depression risk five hemorrhage bleeding under the adverse and amenorrhea syndrome belly pharynx as zhiluan like heat into the blood chamber abdominal fullness syndrome in Yin cold to cell all genital sore off cards and ten woman securities identification miscellaneous diseases in pediatrics vein syndrome and treatment of children with diseases and vein in children for children to produce variable steamed and treatment of children with primary care and pediatric epilepsy syndromes Shouyao syndrome differentiation and treatment for epilepsy child visiting hostility of typhoid fever in children with cough in children and children. Children with ulcer scrofula in children with complex knot fullness index @##@ therapy "Golden Chamber" one book, but one of the four classic of traditional Chinese medicine. And "Treatise on the" collectively "Treatise on Febrile Diseases". Is Zhang Zhongjing writing, as the important classics by inheritance, but also the TCM clinical standard. "Teachers classroom record" is added to "synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber" a book about perfection and release. Is divided into two parts. The basic knowledge necessary for classical prescriptions, source unknown. It is hard to into the sea. The second is the "Golden Chamber" content additions and concrete diaphragm release, taking Zhongjing six law as the main line, with five cards, will make a careful and detailed analysis on the content of the thought of miscellaneous diseases. The learner to end the. "Teachers classroom record" the "Treatise on febrile diseases teaching classroom record" style, in order to give the readers a sense of be personally on the scene, pour exhortations into sb.'s ear effect, is a modern interpretation of traditional teacher education, for the sake of lovers, necessary for clinical professionals of tcm.
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"Golden Chamber" the writings of Zhang Zhongjing, is the standard TCM clinical. This book is a supplement to "synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber" a book about perfection and release. Is divided into two parts. "Synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber supplement classroom record" from a book is a modern interpretation of traditional teacher education, necessary for clinical professionals by lovers, traditional Chinese medicine.
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