• Viscera was tempered viscera evolution law

    Zang Fu viscera evolution law, "how to make: viscera evolution law" is the first book of Zangfu field evolution of monographs, new in order to be different, unique point of thinking, high. The books in the China medical history, history of the three, five, "one two", reveals the eternal secret organs with the odd evolution, launched a fine,

  • Difficult complications and anesthesia

    "Difficult complications and anesthesia" is a comprehensive reference book of anesthesiology. The book not only introduces etiology, clinical manifestations, the disease pathophysiology and treatment, according to each kind of disease pathology change characteristics and the extent of organ damage, on condition evaluation, preoperative preparation, anesthesia, anesthesia induction,

  • Medical and health information transmission and exchange standard V2.4

    HL7 is an international coalition of a healthcare information technology experts and expert groups, to exchange, medical care information for electronic management and integrated to create standard. Book through the wide application of HL7, the popularity of HL7 knowledge, HL7 play in the integration and information sharing of medical and health system,

  • The history of smallpox

    When I was young, we were told the smallpox like chickenpox but varicella is more serious, in fact, the serious consequences of smallpox is unimaginable. For there is no vaccinated people, there will be approximately 10%-30% of patients eventually died of smallpox. This book lets you know the history of smallpox, you can from the book know human,

  • To explore TCM Vulcans

    "Traditional Chinese medicine" in the discussion of the Vulcans theory at the same time, quotes the Vulcans physicians more than 120 experienced cases, reveals its clinical curative effect reliable from a practical point of view. "Chinese Vulcans" righteousness principle of clarity, textual informative, informative, fluent, can not only promote the Vulcans and carry forward the tradition, and,

  • Medical staff three base training guide

    "Medical personnel" (Department of anesthesiology training guide) "pay attention to scientific and practical in the content, both the advanced. The basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills are the mature theory and technology of domestic anesthesia community recognized, appropriately increase, new theory, new drugs, developing rapidly in recent years,

  • Disease and syndrome of confrontation

    This book is a comparison of Chinese and Western medical history monographs. Based on lots of materials, the study of history of science method using comparative method and the internal and external history combined with medicine, eighteenth Century as the starting point, with disease and syndrome of confrontation as a clue, makes a comparative study of Chinese and Western medicine system introduction and comprehensive, for,

  • Hospital groups (eleventh volumes)

    "Doctors" is a kind Books are numerous. medical books, the North Jin Limeng, essays, first published in 1465, save a lot of China before Ming Dynasty lost medical literature, has a higher literature value and academic value. In order to meet the needs of readers, this time by the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of traditional Chinese medicine have organized forces to the original proof,

  • Physiology

    "China Academy of science textbook construction experts committee of planning materials, physiology" to adhere to the scientific and advanced principles. The vitality of science teaching lies in the first place, must adhere to the scientific principle of the first. Pay attention to scientific theories and concepts, its objective and fair, draw a forced analogy, to avoid the subjective bias,

  • Interpretation of cosmetic surgery

    "Cosmetic" Interpretation: only the health is the life. This sentence is easy to understand, but its content is very rich, because the loss of health, what love, honor, wealth, power, are not encouraging. Therefore, editor of the "medical advice books", this book is "of plastic beauty,

  • Medical research papers of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University set

    The book is a collection of scientific research papers in recent years Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University. This text, chart records the crystallization since 2003 all medical staff of scientific research work, witnessing the hospital research work progress. ,

  • Treatment strategy of coronary artery intervention

    "Strategy for the treatment of percutaneous coronary intervention (Third Edition)" by the American famous interventional cardiologist STEPHEN G.ELLIS and DAVID R.HOLMES, JR. Professor, Professor of dozens of experts from 13 countries participated in the Department of clear thinking, characteristic,

  • Oral health situation in foreign countries

    The book is divided into the world oral health resources, the world oral health status, American dental clinics, the Danish dental health care system, Holland dental service, South Korea cosmetic dentistry, Nippon dental hospital management, management of the British dental health development, the Canadian system, dental care, dental care in Germany Thailand dental insurance,

  • Hearing and deafness in basic and clinical progress of modern

    "Hearing and deafness in basic and clinical progress of modern" reflects the basis for hearing and deafness and clinical progress, mainly introduces domestic and foreign hearing and deafness foundation and the new theory, new knowledge and new experiences of clinical research, systematically elaborated the inner ear hair cells and developmental biology, cilia and cochlear active mechanism, the inner ear,

  • The flame of life

    The religious and medical aspect Tan, "the flame of life: the main content of religion and medicine aspect Tan" include: primitive religion and medicine, the ancient national religion and medicine, Judaism and medicine, medical, Brahmanism and Buddhism and medicine, Christianity and Islam and medicine, medical, Taoism and folk religion and medicine, medicine, religion and medical psychology,

  • Clinical stylized visual teaching test guide

    The book consists of fifteen chapters: Introduction (OSCE design station profile, target, testing); inside and outside, women, children, the spirit of the Department of standardized patient (SP) sample, methods and skills of SP exchange, for example OSCE interrogation techniques; the OSCE ECG, laboratory examination, imaging interpretation, for example,

  • Study of pathophysiology

    The book mainly to people's Medical Publishing House, sixth edition as the basis, combined with the pathophysiology teaching syllabus, and reference to the similar textbooks are new domestic and foreign related exercises prepared. The book is divided into 18 chapters, the content essentials, exercises and answers of 3 parts. Exercises include single choice questions,

  • Research on the doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of multiple disciplines

    The book includes the physician-patient relationship, doctor-patient relationship status analysis, the relationship between doctors and patients and research progress, history, ethics, law, psychology, political science, economics, sociology, management science, pedagogy from the perspective of the relationship between doctors and patients, and the relationship between doctors and patients to construct development and harmonious society are expounded. ,

  • Teach you how to watch list

    "Teaches you how to watch list" straightaway, each chapter begins with a brief introduction to the project, the purpose is to facilitate the readers to understand the relevant knowledge of the project and its clinical significance. "Teaches you how to watch list" includes the general examination of blood, clinical biochemistry, hemorrhage, coagulation and thrombus test, free,

  • Human nutrition

    "Human nutrition (Third Edition)" the most understanding is observed in all the groups to obtain, but the theory is applied to group and applied to individual can be said to be the two category is not exactly the same. On the contrary, to an individual diet practice or its results as genuine knowledge, inference to a group, will be wrong,

  • Pathology and genetics of reproductive system

    This book to science and concise language to nouns and reproductive system diseases and genetic disease and related nouns explain, content involves the basic science, clinical disciplines and interdisciplinary subject, it is scientific research, teaching, medical clinic staff practical reference book. ,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of vertigo

    "The diagnosis and treatment of vertigo" by the Department of Otolaryngology, Department of internal medicine, rehabilitation specialists, systematically expounded the vertigo, pathology, clinical manifestation and etiology of vestibular function examination technology, introduces in detail the Meniere's disease and position, central, traumatic, medicine, spirit of vertigo, diagnosis differential diagnosis and,

  • Qian Zhai medical notes

    "Qian Zhai medical notes" as the famous traditional Chinese medicine written by Qin Bowei in 1964. The selected the Chinese medicine academic lecture 12 articles, including visceral disease and medication rule, the theory of the five elements in the clinical application of wet phlegm, Qi and blood treatment of fever, epidemic febrile disease, all sorts of treatment, liver disease, one of the cold treatment, edema,

  • The reform and innovation of teaching material in higher medical colleges, medical experiment course (experimental section)

    Basic medical experimental tutorial: morphology experimental sciences, ISBN:9787117104234, the chief editor: Li Zhuohua,

  • Genetic epidemiology

    "Genetic epidemiology" consists of twelve chapters, including introduction, introduction and application of research methods. The first chapter introduces the characteristics and development trends, a brief history of the genetic epidemiology of discipline development; from the second chapter to the eleventh chapter introduces the basic principle of genetic epidemiology research method, all kinds of commonly used, such as,

  • Evaluation of physician occupation accomplishment

    "Starting point" physician evaluation occupation attainment is to put this principle is extended to the more important work to manage than a perfect campus. In twenty-first Century, the most important task of medical educators is to ensure that all levels of medical students may not only to acquire knowledge, but also continued to show,

  • Report on the development of Biomedical Engineering

    The book is divided into two parts of the comprehensive report and special reports. Progress report, which includes monitoring technology for the new medical system of digital medical treatment and medical information technology, military biomedical engineering. ,

  • Chinese medical history

    This book is the first Chinese medical history. The development history of China's medicine are summarized, including the development of ancient Chinese medical achievements and modern traditional Chinese medicine, including the introduction of Western medicine, western medicine in the development history of China. ,

  • Rhythm of the heart

    "Rhythm" (2009Vol.1) content includes: review of relationship, experts in the application of statins and left ventricular systolic dysfunction in patients with implanted ICD mortality: antiarrhythmic effects of statins: hypothesis remains to be verified, atrial fibrillation, consistency of complex fractionated atrial electrograms of the application of standard 12 lead ecg,

  • Study on the sustainable development of commercial medical insurance in China

    "Study" the sustainable development of the commercial medical insurance in China: about the commercial medical insurance in China to meet the health need of ensuring the people's growing, promoting the development of national economy and social stability is showing more and more important role. At present, the commercial insurance companies in China for medical insurance generally refers to the narrow,

  • The new guidelines for the treatment of difficult diseases

    The new guidelines for the prevention and treatment of disease, ISBN:9787801744326, author: Yin Guilan,

  • Research on the health level and distribution of population self reported

    "Since the main contents of the study of" population health level and distribution of newspaper: "evaluation of health system performance in self study" health level and distribution of newspaper belongs to, is one of the frontiers of health economics. The book was carried out in Shanghai city of 10358 households health services survey data, from the population self report health data,

  • Medical image processing and analysis

    The first chapter is the basis of digital image processing 1.1 images and image processing task 1.1.1 image and digital image processing of 1.1.2 images of 1.2 digital image and representation of 1.2.1 digital image formation 1.2,

  • ECG training course

    "Training materials, ECG training course" according to occupation education training resources of national health occupation planning teaching materials and skills, the use of task driven mode, introduces the basic knowledge of electrocardiogram and abnormal electrocardiogram. Contents explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, is a good ECG,

  • Exam guide health management

    The reader of this book for the medical school to apply for graduate students, social medicine and health management undergraduate and seven years of long schooling medical students, to participate in various health management examination health cadre, the adult education college and college students also have reference value. In order to facilitate the students,

  • Pathological study guide

    "Guidance" pathological study consists of fourteen chapters, including cell and tissue injury, repair, disturbance of local blood circulation, inflammation, tumor, detailed, easy to understand, for readers reference. ,

  • Medical knowledge

    "New medicine" is the introduction of the medical profession in recent years new found new achievements. It will use the new health medical reason to enrich your mind, let you broaden one's horizon, expand horizons, know the medical field "scout" what's new "warrior" heal the wounded and rescue the dying, the "frontier" of any "new weapons", take,

  • Medical Cell Biology

    "Medical cell biology" in accordance with paragraph writing. The main contents include: chapter, key and difficult content, exercise and reference the answer. Increase the chapter key difficulty and content in the content, to enable students to focus on the various sections of the stick out a mile. And the various sections of the exercises are appropriate, make,

  • Medical papers writing foundation and Raiders

    "Medical papers writing foundation and Sina" introduces the classification, the significance of medical papers and medical paper genre, topic, basic requirements, writing characteristics, and medical paper writing data accumulation and consolidation, a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the medical literature information retrieval, medical paper statistics processing, scientific research and design,,

  • What doctors also need

    "Doctors need to what" is a book to medical humanities, humanistic management as the main content of the corpus, reflect the health culture, "doctors need to what" collected some expert lectures and training courses, has a certain theoretical and practical, is the majority of medical workers studying health cultural reference books. High,

  • Medical scientific research

    "The medical scientific research" as a research entry, mainly introduces the research of single factor is simple, without complicated the study of multiple factors. According to the training objectives of comprehensive development of knowledge, ability, quality, in addition to the content to reflect the "Three Basics", "five characters" (that is, basic theory, basic knowledge,

  • Medical service governance structure and operation mechanism

    "The medical service governance structure and operation mechanism: into the social management type medical" from "managed care" practice summing up of experience and theory, the analysis of international and domestic typical cases, to explore the governance structure and operation mechanism of the construction of modern medical service system in question. "The medical service governance structure and operation mechanism,

  • Doctor patient communication practice guidelines

    "The doctor-patient communication practice instruction manuals" both theoretical knowledge to explain, and communication technology to explain, pay more attention to practical application of knowledge and technology in various medical link and special circumstances. In the explanation of the theory of knowledge to be concise and to the point, when popular and easy to understand; on communication technology sought to be meticulous, comprehensive, practical link in the communication,

  • Doctrine of seasonal febrile disease medicine medical books

    "Doctrine of seasonal febrile disease medicine medical book" is the representative works of Wu Tang, the monograph on epidemic febrile disease, postpartum children part of disease and syndrome, a total of six volumes, the legislation of 265 meter, 208 prescriptions. The book for the programme in the name of disease, for the purpose of, respectively discusses the warm, summer heat disease, rheumatism, malaria, dysentery, autumn dryness and jaundice, arthralgia syndrome,

  • Du Jian's academic thoughts and clinical experience

    "Du Jian's academic thoughts and clinical experience" comprehensively summarized professor Du Jian engaged in medical, teaching, scientific research work for more than 40 years of academic thinking, clinical experience, is the national "eleven five" science and technology projects "experience of old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine academic thought, the inheritance of Du Jian -- clinical experience, learning,

  • Exploring the life of Medicine

    "Exploring life" in the language of medicine explain profound theories in simple language, vivid and interesting story, tell you important diseases affecting human history, medicine and medical treatment. I believe it can let you happy reading, enrich their knowledge and insights, and establish a healthy concept more scientific. ,

  • Combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of osteoporosis

    Book at home and abroad on the study of osteoporosis new achievement, new progress, combined with the author's clinical experience and academic opinion, by the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, chief physician, Professor Liu Qingsi, Professor Zhuang Hong and Huang Hongxing editor and. The book on the etiology and pathology, the diagnosis of osteoporosis,

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