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The first Chapter X ray imaging section X-ray discovery, and characteristic roentgen discovered in 1895 by X-ray, medical applications, disease diagnosis, formed in diagnostic radiology, appeared in the ultrasound and Y scintigraphy, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MRI), emission tomography (ECT) and other new imaging technique, thus lay the foundation for diagnostic imaging. The physiological functions and pathological changes of human anatomy, image understanding through the internal body structure and organs, for diagnostic purposes, forming the image diagnosis. X-ray is produced in the electronic vacuum tube high speed impinging stream of tungsten target. X-ray is the electromagnetic wave of a very short wavelength, has the following characteristics: penetrating: X-ray has a strong penetrating power, wavelength penetration and x x, and illuminated the relative density and thickness. Penetration is the basis for X-ray imaging. Fluorescence effect: X-ray can stimulate the fluorescent substance, fluorescent and visible to the naked eye, is the basic perspective.
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The first Chapter X ray imaging section X-ray discovery, and characteristics of second section X-ray imaging and image characteristics of third section X ray examination method of section fourth X-ray diagnosis principles and steps of the second chapter of respiratory system the first chest normal imaging anatomy section second pulmonary congenital diseases third tracheobronchial diseases in fourth section fifth section sixth pulmonary tuberculosis pulmonary inflammation section seventh other lung diseases of lung tumor eighth pleural lesions ninth mediastinal disease tenth diaphragm and diaphragm lesions in eleventh day after thoracic operation changes and complication of the third chapter circulation system and the first day of normal cardiac vascular imaging anatomy of second congenital heart disease third rheumatic heart disease in fourth hypertensive heart in fifth section, pulmonary heart disease, sixth day seventh day eighth day pericarditis with aortic lesions of ninth day cardiac transposition or abnormal position of the fourth chapter of digestive system digestive system the first day of normal radiographic anatomy section second esophageal lesions third stomach lesions fourth duodenal lesions fifth intestinal lesions in sixth day seventh day eighth day colonic lesions of acute abdomen of biliary disease ninth the fifth chapter section pancreatic lesions The first section of bone and joint system of bone and joint of the normal radiographic anatomy section second of bone and joint pyogenic infection of bone and joint tuberculosis third day fourth bone tumors and tumor like lesions in fifth day chronic arthropathy sixth nutrition metabolic bone disease seventh Charcot joint section eighth gouty arthritis ninth avascular necrosis in tenth day trauma of bone and joint eleventh section of bone and joint deformity of bone and joint disorders twelfth section sixth urinary system first normal radiographic anatomy section second urinary system tuberculosis and specificity inflammation third urologic neoplasms fourth renal cystic lesions in fifth section, sixth section of urinary calculi of urinary congenital abnormities in section seventh, chapter seventh neurogenic bladder neck Department of the first section before the group of paranasal sinus normal radiographic anatomy section second, section third of nasal and paranasal sinus diseases was fourth apical cyst fifth mandibular dentigerous cyst in sixth teeth of seventh day ameloblastoma eighth glottic carcinoma ninth adenoid hypertrophy tenth retropharyngeal abscess of pituitary tumor @##@ section eleventh The book for imaging reading Zhang treasure series one. The book is divided into seven chapters, respectively introduces X-ray imaging, X-ray imaging features of the normal X-ray anatomy and various diseases. This book is characterized by: mentoring younger radiologists to observe, analysis of X-ray, how to combine the clinical X-ray diagnosis and make more practical; at the same time, how to guide junior clinicians practice physician, physician training recognition of X-ray image performance, analysis of X-ray features of various diseases, make more in line with the X-ray diagnosis of clinical.
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"Imaging reading Zhang treasure series: X-ray film reading manual" starting from the typical cases of each system, the description method of outline, with typical X-ray pictures, be concise and to the point introduces the clinical common disease and some rare disease X-ray manifestation and diagnosis, and clearly describe the differential diagnosis related, in order to make the reader quickly and intuitively grasp the gist of X-ray diagnosis. Especially the "clinical thought" part embodies the author's clinical experience, strengthened the "imaging reading Zhang treasure series: X-ray film reading manual" practical value. "Imaging reading Zhang treasure series: not only have such practical value of X-ray film reading manual", more praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct is writing skills assessment evaluation, the author has participated in the examination for the qualifications of doctors and books, using fully familiar with the test requirements, the X-ray diagnosis about the need to "through radiological reading Zhang treasure series: X-ray film reading manual", especially from the beginning in 2007, requires the diagnosis technology assessment more (especially including X-ray diagnosis) will be reflected in the examination for the qualifications of doctors skills and comprehensive written examination, so "imaging reading Zhang treasure series: X-ray film reading corresponding manual" there are also very valuable reference.
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