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Date of publication:2008-4   Press: Fujian science and Technology Press   Author:Duan Tao Di Wen   Pages:428   Words:324000  

Emergency important obstetrics and Gynecology so few disease, not what new pattern, so the purpose of this book is not innovation, but in the specification. Consider first the disease types is a comprehensive Department of gynaecology and obstetrics, all possible emergency diseases need to be taken into account, and then consider is focused, focuses on those common, serious emergency. Different in writing style and other similar books ever will, hope to be able to provide some experience and practical content to the readers. A written content if you can actually have good, if can have about ten percent people eyes. Even if it is good, hope that the book can be appr. This book considers all possible emergency obstetrics and gynecology diseases, mainly introduces the common, serious emergency. The writing style and the other similar books ever different, providing some experience and practical contents for readers. The book consists of three chapters: emergency obstetric, gynecologic emergency planning emergency.
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Duan Tao, medical doctor, Professor, chief physician. The incumbent vice president of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health-Care Hospital, director of the Shanghai Municipal Center of prenatal diagnosis perinatology, vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Association, Shanghai Medical Association perinatology director branch, Shanghai Medical Association vice chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology branch, the perinatal Association members, "Chinese Medical Journal", "Chinese Journal of perinatal medicine", "@##@ Practical Obstetrics and Gynecology The first chapter of the first day of pregnancy acute abdomen acute appendicitis in pregnancy with acute appendicitis (acute appendicitis) is the most common surgical complication of pregnancy. The incidence of appendicitis during pregnancy and non pregnancy, 0.5% ~ 1%, can occur in different period of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum rare but. Usually the pregnancy that no relation with the occurrence of acute appendicitis. Appendicitis in pregnancy clinical manifestation is not typical, and rapid progression, increasing the difficulty of diagnosis, the maternal and fetal complications and mortality greatly improve. Therefore, grasp the characteristics of appendicitis during pregnancy, early diagnosis and timely treatment has an important impact on the prognosis. One, the clinical manifestations in different gestational period, clinical manifestations of acute appendicitis have obvious difference. (a) the 1 most symptoms of abdominal pain of pregnancy complicated with acute appendicitis, invariant metastatic abdominal pain the inherent laws. Abdominal pain often begin from subxiphoid began, to the navel, several hours or several hours later, shifted to the right lower abdomen. Part of the patient symptom not typical. Early pregnancy, similar symptoms of appendicitis and non pregnancy, pregnancy, late, due to increase of pregnant uterus, the location of the appendix is changed, the pain of pregnant women right subcostal liver or right back waist region, the pain may than non pregnancy weight. The nature and extent of abdominal pain, usually associated with pathological types: simple appendicitis showed persistent dull pain or pain; suppurative or gangrenous appendicitis was paroxysmal pain or tenderness; appendix cavity obstruction of paroxysmal colic. Should be considered in the process of development suddenly abdominal pain disappeared or relieved,: (1) the inflammation subsided or obstruction has lifted. (2) tissue necrosis, nerve endings to lose feeling and conduction ability. (3) appendix perforation, abdominal pain but then expanded, peritoneal irritation symptoms. 2 gastrointestinal symptoms most patients can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.. 3 systemic symptoms, general malaise, fatigue, fever, chills, and even. (two) signs of 1 pregnancy appendicitis abdominal tenderness tenderness point with the uterus increases continuously up. Early pregnancy, tenderness and rebounding pain in right lower abdomen point McBurney, accompanied by muscle tension. If the appendix necrosis or perforation, can form the appendiceal abscess or diffuse peritonitis and corresponding signs. In late pregnancy, can be high, tenderness, abdominal rebound tenderness and muscle tension is not obvious. As with appendiceal abscess, can touch bag piece, and tenderness. Tenderness place the uterus can be covered but not clear, the following method can be used to assist diagnosis: (1): Bryan test can be used as a reliable signs distinguishing appendicitis and uterine diseases. The specific method is to take the right decubitus in patients with pregnancy, uterine to right and cause pain, indicating the non uterine diseases caused by pain.......
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The first chapter of emergency obstetric gestation abdomen section of acute appendicitis in pregnancy second day gestational acute cholecystitis in third day gestational acute pancreatitis fourth day gestational acute intestinal obstruction in fifth day gestational urinary calculi sixth day gestational pedicle torsion of ovarian cyst second chapter pregnancy Department of internal medicine emergency first asthma in pregnancy second day of pregnancy complicated by heart failure the third section of pregnancy complicated with thyroid crisis fourth day gestational diabetes ketoacidosis in fifth day of pregnancy with epilepsy sixth day gestational idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura seventh pregnancy complicated with pneumonia in eighth day of pregnancy complicated with acute pyelonephritis third chapter hyperemesis gravidarum chapter fourth antepartum hemorrhage first abortion second cervical insufficiency in third section, fourth section of placenta previa placental abruption in fifth day fetal intrauterine fetal distress vasa previa fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter of umbilical cord prolapse of preeclampsia and eclampsia with HELLP syndrome in eighth chapter, ninth chapter, amniotic fluid embolism acute polyhydramnios tenth chapter Prom chapter eleventh abnormal delivery section 1 Abnormality of force of labor second day abnormal vaginal section third fetal abnormality in Chapter twelfth, birth trauma section soft birth canal laceration of perineum and vagina laceration laceration of cervix second day postpartum hemorrhage uterine rupture in thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter of obstetric disseminated intravascular coagulation in fifteenth chapter, sixteenth chapter of ectopic pregnancy, puerperal infection in gynecological emergency first chapter second chapter third chapter abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding vaginal discharge the fourth chapter, the fifth chapter was vomiting blood pressure lowering of blood pressure sixth chapter seventh chapter fainting, shock the first faint shock in eighth chapter second section convulsions, coma convulsions coma first quarter second section ninth chapter infectious diseases section bartholinitis and cyst of Bartholin's gland second section of vulvovaginal candidiasis in section third section fourth acute cervicitis pelvic inflammatory disease the tenth chapter of disease of vulva riding injury eleventh chapter of violence injury in twelfth chapter vaginal foreign body thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter dysmenorrhea rupture of corpus luteum rupture of ovarian tumor torsion of ovarian tumor in sixteenth chapter, seventeenth chapter of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in Eighteenth chapter of uterine myoma red The nineteenth chapter of degeneration of trophoblastic disease first mole second invasive mole choriocarcinoma third day fourth festival of placental site trophoblastic tumor in twentieth chapter twenty-first dysfunctional uterine bleeding after gynecological surgery complications chapter first vaginal bleeding in second day retention of urine third deep venous thrombosis in twenty-second chapter gynecological complications after chemotherapy first blood system complications of bone marrow suppression of granulocytopenia anemia, thrombocytopenia in section second, nausea and vomiting, third day oral mucosa Mo Yan fourth liver function damage in fifth diarrhea sixth kidney and bladder toxicity of seventh day cardiac toxicity in section eighth section Ninth Section tenth pulmonary toxicity of neurotoxicity of hemolytic uremic syndrome eleventh gynecological after chemotherapy and local reaction the influence family planning emergency emergency contraception first chapter second chapter of complications of artificial abortion hemorrhage syndrome of artificial abortion uterine perforation leakage suction incomplete uterine infection amniotic fluid embolism operation abortion complications of abortion complications
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