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Zhu Guo Pei, male, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University Professor, chief physician, tutor of doctoral students. In 1960 graduated from the medical department of China Medical University, he is working. He served as the Chinese Medical Association Society of nuclear medicine, a member of the Standing Committee, "Chinese Medical Journal" editorial board, who has served in the (fifth) clinical nuclear medicine professional leader, "Chinese employed in clinical imaging", "Asian nuclear medicine" magazine deputy editor and executive editor, head of the World Federation of nuclear medicine (WFNM) members. Technical expertise and the main direction of clinical nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine imaging technology research. He successively presided and the completion of the National Natural Science Foundation, Department of provincial and municipal key project, the national "Nine Five" key projects such as 6, 8 scientific research by the Department, provincial scientific and Technological Progress Award (results); and National Teaching Achievement Award (2) and (1) the provincial teaching achievement award 1 item; textbooks or monographs 4, edited or co edited 13 books, in the domestic and abroad articles published more than 120 professional papers. Train 24 graduate students, 7 doctoral students. In 1992 the State Council was awarded the "experts" have a special contribution allowance. The life and performance were selected for the Cambridge international medical register (IBC) version second and American Biographical Centre (ABI) 1995 edition.
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"National higher school materials, nuclear medical imaging" was published by people's Medical Publishing HouseThe.
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Chapter 1 the basic technology of nuclear physics based on the first day of nuclear and extranuclear electron second nuclear decay types and rules, type two nuclear decay, nuclear decay law of third nuclear interaction of radiation with matter, a charged particle interaction with matter two, photon interaction with matter three, neutron and material interaction section fourth radiation quantities and units, two, a radiation absorbed dose, dose equivalent of three four, the effective dose equivalent and collective dose equivalent of fifth section of nuclear medicine in radiation protection knowledge, the biological effects of ionizing radiation mechanism two, ionizing radiation on biological macromolecules, ionizing radiation effect three the effect of cell, tissue and organ four radiation effects on biological effects of radiation five, classification and influencing factors of six, radiological protection chapter second nuclear medical imaging equipment for the first day of a nuclear medical imaging, nuclear medicine imaging principle two, nuclear medical imaging equipment of second sPEcT and a Y camera, s PEcT and ^y two, SPECT and Y camera camera work principle of sPEcT three, a tomographic image reconstruction in four, SPECT fault image correction, SPE (five 1T and 1 camera performance index of the six, SPECT and ^y camera quality control section of the third sPECT / CT, SPECT / CT two, SPEc / CT CT effects of three, SPETCrr / CT imaging step fourth day PET, the working principle of PET two, PET three, PEr device consisting of four main performance index, PET image acquisition, image correction of five PET six, pEr[seven, PET 'image reconstruction quality control eight, quantitative analysis of PET fifth compatible ECT -- SPET / PET a, basic structure and imaging principle and method two, compatible ECT coincidence imaging and dedicated PEq imaging, sixth pEr[1 / cT, PET / CT basic structure two, PET / cT image acquisition and processing of three, PET / cT and PET images of the difference between the four, PET / cT problems of seventh Micro PET, Micro the basic structure of PET two, Micro PET The third chapter source properties of radiopharmaceuticals basic concepts in section one, section second section third medical radionuclides, a nuclear reactor to produce medical radionuclide two, accelerator production of medical radionuclide three, generator produces the medical radionuclides...... Imaging diagnosis of a nuclide control @##@ development strategy table of nuclear medicine treatment with Ling nuclear medicine commonly used English noun, abbreviations and spring in English and Chinese This textbook is for medical colleges and universities image and related majors in the use of textbooks. This version of the textbook according to the practice of teaching experience teaching successful two edition, by the domestic 17 higher medical schools and relevant units of more than 30, with rich teaching experience and research, nuclear medicine experts, professors and backbone and CO writing. The book consists of basic techniques, image diagnosis and radionuclide therapy of three parts, a total of 20 chapters. The basic technical papers introduced the basic nuclear physics, nuclear medical imaging instrument, radioactive drugs, radioactive tracer technique and tracer kinetic analysis technique, in vitro tracing and analysis and its application in medicine, radionuclide imaging principle and method and method of evaluation of nuclear medical diagnostic tests; diagnostic imaging, including the nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system bone tumor and inflammation, joint system, (SPECT, PET) imaging, the digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, blood and lymph system, salivary glands, lacrimal and testicular scintigraphy, and pediatric nuclear medicine: radionuclide therapy article exhaustively expounds clinical evaluation and the latest progress of related diseases, radionuclide therapy theory practical experience,; in addition, in the book at the end of the thesis to the discipline development strategy to explore.
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