Emergency ultrasonography

Date of publication:2007-8   Press: Hebei science and technology   Author:Ye Yuquan  

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The first chapter general ultrasound in the diagnosis of the second chapter the emergency diagnosis thinking first emergency diagnosis procedure section second acute abdomen in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of acute chest pain third section in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the third chapter of ultrasound in the emergency diagnosis of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of the first day of emergency in the specific application in section second emergency ultrasound scanning method with the Theory Chapter one heart emergency section of pericardial effusion in second day cardiac tamponade third coronary to pulmonary artery atherosclerotic heart disease fourth section of acute pulmonary embolism in fifth acute myocarditis in sixth day of infective endocarditis in seventh day of ruptured mitral chordae tendineae in chapter second vascular emergency first true aortic aneurysm of aortic dissection in third section, second section of rupture of aortic sinus aneurysm fourth acute deep vein thrombosis in third chapter thoracic emergency first thoracic emergency second solar term third thoracic segment of traumatic atelectasis in fourth day creation of diaphragmatic hernia in fourth chapter emergency in digestive system the first day of acute bacterial liver abscess in second acute gallbladder and biliary tract lesions in third acute pancreatic lesions in fourth acute gastrointestinal lesions in fifth chapter urogenital system emergency the first section of kidney disease emergency section second section third bladder ureteral calculi Caspase fourth day testis and epididymis emergency emergency chapter sixth gynecological emergency section of ectopic pregnancy second ovarian tumors torsion section third degeneration of corpus luteum rupture section fourth, degeneration of uterine fibroids torsion fifth acute pelvic inflammatory disease sixth adenomyosis in seventh chapter of emergency obstetric first abortion second placental abruption placenta previa third day fourth day fifth uterine rupture day postpartum hemorrhage in eighth chapter Department of Ophthalmology emergency section retinal detachment second choroidal disease third ocular trauma diseases in fourth section of central retinal vein occlusion fifth eyes of acute inflammation of the ninth chapter of muscle and bone joint emergency section, second section of muscle tendon in bone and joint emergency abdominal trauma emergency first section of tenth chapter second section third of spleen trauma of liver injury section references @##@ pancreatic injury This book from the perspective of service to the clinical point of view, many years of experience with the author engaged in ultrasonic imaging based reference books, professional disciplines carefully prepared. The book with typical cases, to ensure the integrity of various diseases. The book is divided into general and all of two. The introduction part introduces the basic knowledge of ultrasound imaging, the diagnosis of acute thinking, the application of ultrasound in emergency and emergency ultrasound scanning method. Each part is he ten chapter, elaborates common emergency cardiac, vascular, thoracic emergency, digestive system, genitourinary system, gynecology, obstetrics, Department of Ophthalmology, muscle and bone joint, abdominal trauma and other systems, including infectious emergency, creative, obstruction, hemorrhage in acute acute emergency, each surface detail. Ultrasonography is the key content, each kind of disease with typical ultrasound pictures a lot of cases, not only does the system is introduced, and focused, fully demonstrated the ultrasound in the emergency diagnosis of wide application and diagnostic advantage. The book closely with clinical data, the typical case, the practicability and guidance and strong.
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"Emergency ultrasound diagnosis" is the Hebei science and Technology Publishing house.
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