Bone and joint imaging

Date of publication:2007-4   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Resnick   Pages´╝Ü1522  

"Bone and joint imaging (Third Edition) (English original)" is the first book for Ace Elsevier Publishing Group in musculoskeletal imaging. From the University of California, director of the Department of imaging of musculoskeletal imaging professional professor Resnick based on its authoritative monograph "diagnosis of bone and joint disease" on, and invited the world famous professor soft tissue image expert MarkKransdorf jointly compiled. A hot area in the following musculoskeletal imaging adds new chapters: spine interventional techniques, cartilage, muscle disorder, ultrasound diagnosis, joint internal derangement, joint disorder targeted therapy, rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases, injuries, magnetic resonance arthrography. Selection of magnetic resonance images of the latest. To verify the clinical diagnosis and comprehensive understanding of knowledge is very valuable. "Bone and joint imaging (Third Edition) (English original)" are you grasp the best and final selection of musculoskeletal imaging knowledge.
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Author: Resnick (USA)
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SECTION 1 Basic ScienceSECTION 2 Diagnostic TechniquesSECTION 3 Imaging and Interventional Procedures of the SpineSECTION 4 Imaging of the Postoperative SpineSECTION 5 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related DiseasesSECTION 6 Connective Tissue DiseaseSECTION 7 Degenerative DiseasesSECTION 8 Crystal-Induced and Related DiseasesSECTION 9 Temporomandibular Manifestations of Articular DiseaseSECTION 10 Target Approcah to Articular DiseaseSECTION 11 Metabolic DiseasesSECTION 12 Endocrine DiseasesSECTION 13 Diseasss of the Hematopoietic SystemSECTION 14 Infectious DiseasesSECTION 15 Traumatic DiseasesSECTION 16 Internal Derangement of JointsSECTION 17 Thermal, IATROGENIC, Nutritional, and Neurogenic DiseasesSECTION 18 Osteonecrosis and OsteochondrosisSECTION 19 Tumors and Tumor-like DiseasesSECTION 20 Congenital DiseasesSECTION 21 Diseases of Soft Tissue and MuscleSECTION 22 Miscellaneous DiseasesINDEX
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"Bone and joint imaging (Third Edition) (English Edition)" published by people's Medical Publishing house.
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