• ECG diagnosis practice guidelines

    The book details the various diagnostic criteria of abnormal ECG, focuses on the diagnostic methods and attention problems, and introduces some new advances of ECG diagnosis and new concept. More than 400 copies of the drawings, including a variety of typical and atypical ECG legend, legend to through a large amount of data, so that the reader,

  • Ultrasound diagnosis of valvular heart disease

    The book systematically summarizes and introduces basic technology, methods of operation, the technology and the latest progress of measurement indicators, informative, rich in content, clear. Illustrated. A prominent feature of the book is: the book contains more than 800 pictures, these pictures introduced a large number of clinical cases, is ever published the same,

  • Rural doctors of emergency treatment manual

    The book consists of 10 chapters, introduces the basic technology of first aid, emergency treatment, treatment of acute poisoning, various acute disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as the common emergency identification method. In the book are equipped with emergency operation diagram, the book is accompanied by introduction of laboratory examination and emergency table of commonly used drugs,

  • Common emergency treatment in primary hospital

    "Common" grass-roots hospital emergency treatment with the urban and rural grass-roots hospitals (including County, district hospital) common emergency and emergency physicians and clinicians need first aid knowledge, increased the textbook does not have, and urban and rural community and common emergency such as mushroom poisoning chapter of poison, cyanide poisoning, quasi pyrethroid poisoning,,

  • Clinical ultrasound Heartbeat graphics

    "Clinical ultrasound Beckoning graphics (Second Edition)" the main contents include: the classification features of ultrasonic Heartbeat graph technique and clinical cardiovascular disease, the editors of all chapters second edition re scheduled to modify the general section, a total of 19 chapters, focuses on cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, embryo, and ultrasonic Heartbeat drawing basis,

  • Principles and practice of inspection and quarantine

    This book introduces the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine of the history, contents of entry-exit inspection and quarantine management mechanism, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine, inspection unit and inspection regulations, animal and animal products, plants and plant products, mechanical and electrical products, food, cosmetics, toys, packaging, transport, cargo container,

  • Emergency medicine

    "For clinical preventive oral care test images and other professional institutions of higher learning medical adult education college or starting point for undergraduate teaching contents, emergency medicine": on the basis of the previous edition content and arrangement, according to the material specific readership has certain clinical practice of emergency medicine professional experience but the scope theory,

  • Carotid artery color Doppler ultrasound and clinical

    This book is a systematic introduction and clinical diagnosis of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of carotid artery disease monograph. The vascular Doppler ultrasound, carotid artery anatomy, etiology and pathology, clinical manifestation. ,

  • Terminology commonly used ultrasonic medicine Chinese English Handbook

    Medical ultrasound, ultrasound, ultrasound, ultrasound, ultrasound medical terminology commonly used Chinese English Handbook of ultrasound in medicine, Hebei science and Technology Press

  • Ultrasonic diagnosis

    "" ultrasonic diagnosis of ultrasound doctors must master the knowledge to prepare, covers six parts foundation, heart, chest and abdomen, obstetrics and Gynecology, blood vessels and superficial organs, each part separately from four aspects of applied anatomy, inspection method, normal ultrasonography and multiple common diseases of the sonographic features were introduced, and strive to in practice, few theory,

  • Chest imaging diagnosis of reading

    The book is divided into 9 chapters, the first chapter introduces the normal anatomy of chest imaging, behind the 8 chapter case analysis form, in tracheal and bronchial disease, pulmonary vascular diseases, infectious diseases, tumor and tumor like disease, diffuse lung disease, mediastinal disease, pleural (cavity) and diaphragm, breast disease a disease,

  • Clinical and laboratory diagnostic virology.

    The book of the 23 kinds of viral diseases, were discussed from the clinical and laboratory studies, including the etiology, epidemiology, clinical manifestation, laboratory examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. For clinicians and inspection personnel, the latest research results combining clinical medicine and examination, prominent virus,

  • Pediatric emergency radiology

    "Pediatric emergency radiology" consists of 8 chapters, about 70 words, more than 900 pieces of real time image, content including the application of general, central nervous system diseases, acute respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, emergency emergency emergency motion system, genitourinary system and emergency interventional technique in pediatric emergencies in the,

  • Bone and joint imaging diagnosis of reading

    Book in the rational use of comprehensive and systematic introduction of bone and joint imaging method, the anatomy of bone and joint normal X-ray, CT, MRI, basic imaging and analysis methods of bone and joint lesions on the basic case, to form various lesions of bone and joint were described, a typical case, students,

  • ECG concise tutorial

    This book systematically describes related knowledge of ECG diagnosis technology, including physiology and ECG of cardiac electrical generation mechanism, mechanism and characteristics of various kinds of abnormal ECG waveforms, electrocardiogram characteristics and diagnosis of arrhythmia, changing the electrolyte disorder, common diseases and drug-induced ECG, ECG and cardiac pacemaker,

  • Pulmonary infection imaging

    "Lung infection imaging" characteristic findings of pulmonary infection in chest and based on CT, provides a concise, practical for its differential diagnosis. "Lung infection imaging" discusses the value and limitations of chest, indications and ideal CT CT examination, and the effect of intravenous injection of contrast agent. It,

  • ECG readings.

    "Concise" from the clinical utility of ECG readings, introduces the characteristics of normal ECG, clinical significance of abnormal changes of electrocardiogram ECG features of each band, all kinds of arrhythmia and heart disease, electrolyte disorder on ECG, common electrocardiogram test and treatment technology, pacemaker ECG analysis,

  • The new concept of ECG

    "The new concept of ECG (Third Edition)" is the heart electrical change rapidly continuous progress, is I to ECG application and understanding deepening, the new technology and new knowledge, desire and pursuit of ECG and fellow workers, to trust and approval of the book version two, to promote the "new concept" third ECG version,

  • The utility department of orthopedics navigation technology

    With the development of navigation technology, Surgical Technology Department of orthopedics orthopedic and trauma from a dependence on the three-dimensional image and operation experience of the transformation of interventional treatment of reconstruction and operation basis of computer mediated. These techniques will gradually be applied. The book consists of 8 chapters, explained the overview of navigation technology, navigation technology in cervical internal fixation,

  • Medical imaging

    "National Higher School of medical adult higher education teaching materials, medical imaging (for clinical medical professional)" is divided into eight chapters, the first chapter is the introduction, mainly introduced the principle and application of the development of medical imaging and various inspection techniques. The second to the seventh chapter for the different systems (parts) of imaging diagnosis of dielectric, respectively,

  • The Chinese medicine needle through the treasure map

    The book is divided into two parts. The famous fine theory, first introduced Mr. Chen Xin a few years the Chinese main and collateral channels and acupuncture point of cognition and clinical experience. With his life experience of acupuncture and moxibustion, named "needle.", secondly, tells the story of his "refers to the unique and the needle, needle and moxibustion." don't sad method,,

  • Medical imaging anatomy

    "The main contents of medical imaging anatomy": a total of 9 chapters, including general, head, face, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine and spinal cord, limbs, and more than 30 words. In order to adapt to the development needs, the editor based on previous similar books written and accumulated experience in the teaching process, organize experts to write the ",

  • Color atlas of Knight Cardiology

    The main content of "Knight" Color Atlas of Cardiology: following the "Knight" after the success of the Department of internal medicine, we decided to write a similar cardiovascular disease textbooks, objective is to give busy clinicians to provide a practical reference book. Hope that this covers common cardiovascular disease, the compiling style accessible book,

  • A case study of Chinese and foreign emergency rescue success

    The main content of "case study" foreign emergency rescue success: emergency is the focus of attention of all circles at home and abroad. The study is the subject of Ministry of education, the study of philosophy and social science major research project "Research on management system of" national public security crisis part, in selected cases, prominent in full on the basis of,

  • Superficial organs and color Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis of vascular disease

    Ultrasound, ultrasound in the diagnosis of superficial organs, vascular ultrasound, superficial organs and vascular disease of color Doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of superficial organs and vascular diseases, color Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of ultrasound in medicine, Xiamen University press

  • Magnetic resonance diffusion imaging of the brain and spinal cord

    The book is divided and the general theory of the 2 chapter, introduction describes the diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI) principle, technical methods and influencing factors of theoretical knowledge; the theory introduced the DWI technology in the brain and spinal cord (including all kinds of diseases, trauma, tumor infarction, inflammation) in the diagnosis of, also relates to the professional,

  • Saddle imaging diagnosis of lesions and treatment strategies

    This book from the perspective of a clinical neurosurgeon perspective, the sellar region lesions imaging and clinical manifestations of combined operation, all the patients had postoperative pathological results, the vast majority of cases are compared before and after operation imaging; author of each case are analyzed in detail in the image, and according to the different cases,

  • Clinical application of laboratory data.

    In laboratory detection plays an important role in the diagnosis, however, are available for testing. Tens of thousands of, how to choose a suitable test project? In today's focus on cost effect ratio -- environment, select appropriate test project is essential for the first-class treatment. This book has become a medical college,

  • Fitzpatrick Color Atlas of clinical dermatology

    "Fitzpatrick clinical dermatology color atlas" as "field guide" to understand the skin disease and its treatment. The skin is usually is a treasure trove of clinical identification of significant damage. The shape of the general morphology is still the core of skin lesions of dermatologic diagnosis, therefore "clinical dermatology color atlas (Fifth Edition)",

  • Atlas of congenital malformations in humans. Criteria for classification and genetic counseling

    Classification, criteria and genetic counseling, "SMITH Atlas of human congenital malformations: classification criteria and genetic counseling (Sixth Edition)" by the rich, full and accurate data and images, combined with the basic theory of genetics, a new way to introduce the etiology of birth defects, visually, vividly illustrate the mechanism and a variety of congenital malformations,

  • Magnetic resonance imaging principle

    "Magnetic resonance imaging principle" systematically introduces the basic principle, method and technology of MRI. The main contents include the magnetic resonance phenomena, conditions and magnetic resonance signal generating nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as the basic concepts of relaxation processes and relaxation time; details of the T1, T2 and tissue contrast, described,

  • CT urography Atlas

    In order to operation based medicine (such as radiology), sentinel events may be an operation method is a new operation method is replaced by. So it is in the urological imaging field. Intravenous urography, namely, as everyone knows, the "IVP" began to be applied to a variety of diseases of the urinary tract examination from 1929,

  • Relaxed abdominal X-ray examination

    The book written by has years of teaching experience abdominal X-ray examination of radiologists, lively and interesting introduction to how to read the abdominal X-ray, summarizes the basic principles to be followed in the practice of inspection, illustrates how in the complicated information capture significant clue. In the book of knowledge for smoothly through the examination of medical students,

  • Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis and detection data

    This book details how the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, heart, blood vessels, eye, breast, thyroid, uterus, accessories, pregnancy, fetal and other aspects of Doppler ultrasound diagnosis and detection data. This book discusses the rich data, be concise and to the point, explain profound theories in simple language, can help physicians to in-depth study and do,

  • The Atlas Series transvaginal uterine operation

    This book discusses the cloudy womb series operation related anatomy, instruments, indications, operation purpose, preoperative preparation, anesthesia, operation steps, operation difficulty, operation skills and management of postoperative complications, which a lot of practical operation of instruments and the transvaginal hysterectomy for non prolapsed uterus for the first. Book with pictures,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of emergency management system and conventional

    "System and the diagnosis and treatment of emergency management routine" dozen who edited the Zhejiang province are engaged in clinical emergency frontline physicians, has the rich clinical experience and solid writing skills. They are shouldering heavy tasks of scientific research, medical treatment, teaching time, carefully written, batted, changes of the draft, which lasted two years to write,

  • Guide the clinical application of CARTO system

    "Some experts for many years engaged in the work of the guidance" the clinical application of CARTO system, based on the collection of a large number of cases is prepared, mainly introduces the basic principles of CARTO system, method of operation, tabulation function, clinical application and common troubleshooting, accompanied with a large amount of clinical data, to,

  • The utility of critically ill treatment study

    Liao in critically ill treatment, ISBN:9787502357115, author: Song Zhifang,

  • Body magnetic resonance imaging

    "The body of magnetic resonance imaging (English original)" inspection and diagnosis of liver, biliary tract, adrenal gland, spleen, retroperitoneal, pelvic, fetal, male pelvic cavity and bladder, breast, arterial MRI were explained. Magnetic resonance is used more and more in clinic. But for the body of the magnetic resonance,,

  • X-ray diagnosis of bone joint trauma

    "The diagnosis of trauma of bone and joint X-ray Atlas (Second Edition)" on the basis of the first version, the author through diligently work, and accumulated a lot of valuable collection of pictures, in addition, digital X-ray machine and PACS system used in hospital, the collected images are clearer than ever. Based on the above is from,,

  • ICU attending manual

    "ICU attending manual" authors are renowned experts from the national severe medicine, treatment of their perennial engaged in critically ill patients in the clinical first-line. According to clinical experience of our rich, refer to lots of literatures, this paper not only introduces the latest developments of severe medical theory and clinical, and,

  • The clinical application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound new technology

    The history of epoch-making event does not always fit and the century of change, and the contrast-enhanced ultrasound technology revolution that occurred in the two century is alternant. The new contrast specific imaging technology and inspection, no significant features such as a new technology of ultrasound, marked a new era of contrast-enhanced ultrasound. Because this book is in,

  • The 12 lead synchronous dynamic electrocardiogram

    Advanced digital synchronous 12 lead dynamic electrocardiogram for heart disease diagnosis, provides strong support for differential diagnosis and treatment, has a good prospect of application in clinic. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the book of 12 lead synchronous dynamic electrocardiogram. The book includes,

  • Critically ill cases analysis

    This book is the analysis about the critical patient treatment experience and lesson case. The book of typical 65 cases, about 25 ten thousand words, is divided into two. Part one introduces the successful case, as deep in Aspergillus fumigatus infection with multiple brain abscess, pulmonary abscess and 36 cases of MODS were successful treatment experience; the second part is the lesson,

  • Medical imaging physics experiment

    "National teaching material of medical colleges, medical imaging physics experiment (for medical imaging specialty)" with "for the twenty-first Century textbook of medical imaging physics" second edition prepared to supporting the new experimental teaching material. The development of medical image diagnosis technology rapidly, popularity is also very fast. In order to adapt to the theoretical teaching content,

  • Application of digital radiography technology in clinical emergency

    "Application" digital radiography technology in clinical emergency of the book consists of eleven chapters, 450 pieces of illustrations. The first chapter introduces the emergency medicine and emergency imaging examination category; the development and application of digital medical imaging technology, as well as before and after emergency imaging processing method. The second chapter to the fourth chapter introduces the calculation,

  • Easy to learn.

    The book of the needle electrode electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies are summarized in this paper, a comprehensive explanation of the basic conditions to basic principle, electrical diagnostics check complete EMG, how to interpret the results of the inspection and expert guide. ,

  • Design and application of clinical magnetic resonance imaging sequence

    The main content of the book include sequence design diagram analytical method, sequence design basic concept, SE sequence image contrast design, functional MRA imaging, all kinds of artifacts in mechanism, and added some high field specific artifacts introduced, on the nervous system, bone and joint motion system, abdominal, cardiac, pediatric diseases,

  • Medical imaging

    "National medical planning teaching colleges and universities, the ordinary higher education eleven five national planning materials, medical imaging (for clinical, basic, pharmacy, nursing, prevention, mouth and other professional)" a total of 11 chapters, the first chapter to imaging instrument as the main line, a brief introduction to the X line, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear,

  • ICD ECG interpretation

    "ICD ECG Jane release" introduced the ICD basic concept, composition, function and the ECG for fault identification, and through the relevant knowledge on 50 cases of clinical analyses of practical examples explain profound theories in simple language description. It is a rare reference books. In the past 20 years, the progress of ICD completely changed,

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