Practical pharmacy information retrieval technology

Date of publication:2004-2   Press: Version first (February 1, 2004)   Author:Gu Donglei   Pages:342   Words:298000  
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1 overview 1.1 pharmaceutical information retrieval 1.1.1 pharmacy information retrieval 1.1.2 information storage and retrieval of type 1.2 computer pharmaceutical information retrieval and its significance 1.2.1 computer pharmaceutical information retrieval development direction of 1.2.2 to promote the pharmaceutical information science and knowledge management of the interaction between the 1.3 computer medicine science information retrieval system 1.4 computer information storage and retrieval principle 1.5 computer information retrieval approach 1.5.1 pharmacy pharmacy the information characteristics of 1.5.2 computer information storage and retrieval approaches 1.6 computer pharmaceutical information retrieval strategy 1.6.1 analysis 1.6.2 Pharmacy Subject Retrieval Strategy for 1.6.3 retrieval results output 2 pharmaceutical information database retrieval 2.1 pharmaceutical information CD storage 2.1.1 according to 2.1.2 according to the way of reading and writing 2.1.3 pharmacy information database type 2.2 pharmaceutical Chinese information database retrieval 2.2.1 "Chinese Yao Xuewen pick" 2.2.2 "Chinese CD-ROM Database of biomedical literature database" 2.2.3 "Chinese biomedical journals database" 2.2.4 "Chinese biomedical literature database" 2.2.5 "Chinese chemical literature database" 2.2.6 "CD Chinese Science Citation Database" 2.3 medicine Learn a foreign language information database retrieval 2.3.1 "International Pharmaceutical Abstracts" database "2.3.2" American Chemical Abstracts database 3 pharmaceutical information on-line database retrieval 3.1 online retrieval characteristics and development direction of 3.1.1 traditional online retrieval advantage 3.1.2 traditional on-line retrieval inferior 3.1.3 online search direction 3.2 on-line retrieval system, introduced the 3.2.1 OCLC online search system 3.2.2 Dialog Online retrieval system 3.2.3 STN online retrieval system 4 Internet pharmacy information retrieval technology of Internet search engine 4.2.1 4.1 introduction 4.2 types of search engine 4.2.2 pharmaceutical professional search engine 4.3 Internet pharmacy information resources of 4.3.1 network database 4.3.2 pharmacy website 5 Internet pharmacy information retrieval skills of 5.1 drug development information retrieval 5.1.1 compound database 5.1.2 patent database of 5.2 drug analysis information retrieval 5.3 pharmacy information retrieval 5.4 pharmacology information retrieval 5.4.1 preclinical pharmacology information retrieval 5.4.2 clinical pharmacology toxicology information retrieval 5.4.3 information retrieval 5.5 Chinese medicine science information retrieval 5.6 clinical information retrieval 5.7 biomedical information retrieval 5.7.1 biological medicine. Information retrieval 5.7.2 biological molecular structure information retrieval 5.8 regulatory information retrieval 5.9 special pharmaceutical information retrieval 5.10 pharmaceutical electronic commerce information retrieval 5.10.1 domestic website 5.10.2 foreign website 5.11 pharmaceutical electronic publication retrieval 5.11.1 Journal 5.11.2 medicine pharmacy book retrieval retrieval information retrieval @##@ medical instruments 5.12 This book from the practical point of view, introduces the retrieval technology pharmacy database, on-line database, network database, and for researchers in different fields, the pharmaceutical information into drug development, clinical application, analysis of several modules to introduce their respective common database and its retrieval skills, retrieval approach. This book focuses on the actual demand, the legend is rich, informative, for pharmaceutical researchers and College of pharmacy students use.
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