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Date of publication:2003-3   Press: Beijing science and Technology Press   Author:Hu Haofu   Pages:770   Words:1188000  

"Dictionary" was written for pediatrics pediatric medical, teaching, scientific research to meet the working needs a comprehensive medical books. The word collection of nearly ten thousand, involving the basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine and related disciplines, while taking into account the relevant progress in recent years. This book uses the standard modern Chinese and modern English to be concise and to the point as the basis, definition, which is accurate, rare scientific books reading son of a reference book. Use a dictionary, arranged according to the number of strokes of the entry song yu. The first word of the same words together. Two, the first words the same words, according to the first stroke a,,, and,,, B order. Three, entry before Greek letters, Rome digital, digital Arabia, according to the first Chinese characters stroke number arrangement, such as alpha receptor, type I allergic reaction, 21 hydroxylase deficiency should find "by", "type", "Oh" etc.. There are English entry before, also according to the first Chinese characters stroke number arrangement, such as the first Chinese characters of a similar situation more, according to the first letter of the order English arrangement. Four, the text of each entry were black tail brackets [], English are parentheses (). As far as possible each Chinese characters back note a corresponding entry word, usually not more than two English words. Medical terminology and definitions five, dictionary use, to bachelor's degree textbooks and countrywide science noun authorized committee released a "medical noun" as the standard, in order to reflect the latest developments of the discipline. Individual terms with proper intent, in order to understand.
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A general examination general side hypertrophy atrophy of one side one repetition maximum load pleiotropism primary lymphoid follicle in first-degree relatives of primary lysosome round of replication nitric oxide carbon monoxide carbon monoxide poisoning a shaft of monster ethambutol alcohol pyrimethamine ethanol alcohol poisoning ethosuximide B Class infectious diseases of ether convulsions ether poisoning JE virus inactivated JE vaccine glyoxylate cycle acetyl cysteine acetyl aniline poisoning acetylcholine acetylcholinesterase AChE activity of acetyl coenzyme A acetazolamide hepatitis B surface antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen of hepatitis B surface antigen of glomerulonephritis associated with hepatitis B virus hepatitis B core antibody to hepatitis B core antigen of hepatitis B e antibody to hepatitis B e antigen of hepatitis B check five hepatitis associated antigen B hepatitis B vaccine Haemophilus influenzae sigmoid sigmoidoscopy mosquitoborne virus encephalitis two paintings of diploid double infection two response antibody level two level two level two immune function of relative villus grade two Lysosomal two mitral valve complex mitral insufficiency mitral stenosis mitral prolapse of mitral valve prolapse of mitral valve combined mitral valve syndrome is relatively narrow murmur of mitral stenosis...... The three painting four painting five painting six painting seven painting eight painting nine painting ten painting eleven painting twelve painting thirteen painting fourteen painting fifteen painting sixteen painting seventeen painting eighteen painting above
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