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Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Chinese Books Publishing House   Author:Li Kairong   Pages:663   Words:835000  

Book entry selected to multi syllabic words, in order to comprehensively reflect the various disciplines of knowledge system. Both selecting basic common words, and pay attention to selecting words, neologism reflect discipline development. Both theory, normative and popular, so that different levels of classification of primary and secondary properly, are slightly different, in order to adapt to the different needs of different levels of readers.
headword translation accurate, concise, as far as possible to reflect the cultural and pragmatic features of the Chinese language. Most of the corresponding, such as a variety of English interpretation, then swallow anything and everything, and various length. The Chinese culture specific entries, a brief interpretation; terminology use the unified standard English equivalents. When necessary, English paraphrase filling Britain, English description.
Catalogue of books

One, modern medicine (a) hygiene (two) physiology and anatomy, histology and Embryology (three) (four) (five). Biological virology and Toxicology (six) pathology and symptoms (seven) diagnosis (eight) of Anesthesiology and Nursing (nine) immunology, pharmacy and Pharmacology (ten) gynecology and pediatrics department of Ophthalmology (eleven) and Otolaryngology (twelve) and bone (thirteen) scientific skin disease of digestive disease, parasitology and parasitic diseases (fourteen) and (fifteen) blood disease in cardiology and Nephrology and Endocrinology (sixteen) of Neurology and psychiatry (seventeen) and oncology, infectious diseases (eighteen) surgery (nineteen) cytology and Biochemistry (twenty) genetics and genetic engineering (twenty-one) biomedical technology and nuclear medicine two, medical institutions and medical personnel in medical institutions (a) (two) three medical personnel, health care (a) human organs (two) and public health (health care exercise four, three) (a) medical clinic (two) (three) disease treatment and Nursing (four) Drug (five) medical equipment five, Chinese medicine (a) the pathology of traditional Chinese medicine (two) Chinese medicine therapy (three) and (four) Chinese medicine acupuncture were
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