Concise dictionary of traditional Chinese Medicine

Date of publication:2001-3   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Li Jingwei   Pages´╝Ü1139  

"Concise dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine" is the student a suit of TCM colleges and the general elementary and intermediate Chinese medicine professionals use comprehensive dictionaries, including the history of TCM, figures, literature, basic theory, diagnosis, prescription, medicine, acupuncture, massage, health and clinical commonly used terminology. This book began writing in 1977 May after the approval from the Ministry of health, in March for the first time since 1979, by people's medical publishing reprinted several times, a circulation of more than 28 books. The 1983 revised edition, the cumulative release each received the readers letter, hope we further revise the book in the original basis. At the same time, we also feel, with traditional Chinese medicine is increasingly being accepted, traditional Chinese medicine has been an unprecedented development, but also to speed up the pace of Chinese medicine to the world. The motherland medicine development should not only reflect the historical inheritance, but also reflect the development of TCM academic achievement for the preparation of the purpose of the new "concise dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine", its content should be with the times and the academic progress, constantly updated, more accurate and complete, must be constantly revised and improved, in order to meet the needs of academic development, meet the need of the readers. Therefore, we repeated discussions, decided to once again fully revised the original book, and published by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine under the Chinese press of traditional Chinese medicine. This revision in addition to the original book more than 1000 entries, text interpretation of expression is modified to rewrite or delete, according to letters from readers and experts over the years the suggested changes, as well as the need for the development of academic medicine, new entry of nearly 1000, make "concise dictionary of traditional Chinese Medicine" the reader deeply favorite books is more perfect and practical, content is more rich, more to meet the needs of the times. One, the term included the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, prescription, character and the literature, the most basic, the most commonly used, the most important of the 13400. Two, choose to seek a comprehensive, system reflect the actual content China medicine great treasure, also choose the emergence of new traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and received a few modern development of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the process of. Three, the first general qualitative, explain later. The individual is difficult to qualitative, not qualitative but direct interpretation. Four, each lexical entries indicate the source in order to examine the. Five, the book will be used Chinese text Reform Commission promulgated 1964 "simplified Chinese" the simplified words in total. Six, the book attached to the end of the measurement table for reference.
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