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Date of publication:1999-10   Press: Shanghai Popular Science Press   Author:Ceng Xianling   Pages:526   Words:455000  

This book collects the ordinary and common medical words, words, compound words, phrases about 30000. Including the university English teaching syllabus vocabulary required by all four, six levels of tests and the professional qualification examination syllabus. In addition, but also to absorb medicine commonly used words part of new. The book with a common English prefix, suffix, common medical abbreviations, commonly used in Greek, Latin prefixes and suffixes and common names of Chinese herbal medicine. This dictionary definitions be exact, concise, practical, not only for medical students, graduate students and medical personnel, and other disciplines for want through four, six English examination and the national title grade exam students, graduate students and researchers also apply. This book part of the new vocabulary is chosen from the America university medical books and published in recent years, there is a America medical experts recently to hospital commonly used word.
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Use the appendix a common English prefix and suffix appendix two appendix three common medical abbreviations used in Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes appendix four commonly used Chinese herbal medicine name
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