• Pediatrics

    "Pediatrics" is based on the Ministry of health doctor national medical colleges undergraduate class education (undergraduate) planning materials, the spirit of the meeting, after serious discussion from the Medical University of pediatric all over the country all the AP Professor, persisting in the idea, scientific sex, advanced sex, enlightening and applicability is prepared on the basis of,

  • Qian Jin Fang Medical Dictionary

    This book is the dictionary form study Sun Simiao "Qian Jin Fang" the clinical application of prescription special tool. The book release party more than 2450 in the first, according to original content, to the Buddhist sutra, the source, composition, usage, efficacy, indications for order, written in the C language to be. Among them, medicine dosage are converted to,

  • Pathogen biology and Immunology

    "National Higher School of Medical Adult Education College, pathogenic biology and Immunology (for clinical medical professional)" content from traditional basic immunology, medical microbiology and parasitology is composed of three parts, appropriately increase the proportion of basic immunology. In the content arrangement made some adjustments,,

  • Three base training of clinical medicine test set (nurse fascicle)

    "Clinical medical" three bases "training test set (nurse fascicle)" set each book includes various types of questions and various types of paper, on the basis of clinical medical "three bases" content is different, were organized by single papers, papers and other multidisciplinary comprehensive paper. The test set of questions including choices (type A, type B,

  • Pediatrics learning guidance and problem sets

    Pediatrics learning guidance and problem sets, "national higher school textbooks, pediatrics learning guidance and problem sets" the main content: the transformation of medical model is the mainstream of the development of medicine, "social psycho biological model" will replace single "biological model". This version in each chapter as far as possible reflect children's physical and mental development rule, and medical ethics,

  • Histology and embryology experiment guidance

    "Histology and embryology experiment guidance" tells the story: histology and embryology is an important basic medical course, close contact with the various branches of medicine are. Experimental teaching is an important part of teaching, experiment teaching guide material is an important guarantee of teaching task, improving the quality of experiment teaching. In order to meet the needs of experimental teaching,

  • Clinical Oncology

    Clinical oncology, ISBN:9787030160867, author: Yu Shiying,

  • Health assessment

    "National Higher School of medical adult higher education teaching materials, health assessment" is based on Medical Adult Higher School Education Ministry of health planning materials in 2006 held in Shenyang in August the editor of people meeting the requirements, by the Medical University Of Tianjin, Zhongshan University, Shandong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Huazhong University of science and technology,

  • Guide's physical examination shellfish

    "Guide" s physical examination shellfish from Tianjin Science and Technology Publishing house. ,

  • Physiological learning and problem solving Guide

    "Physiological learning and problem solving guide" is the twenty-first Century High School of basic medicine, physiology textbooks. "Physiological learning and problem solving guide" according to over those years of teaching experience, and prepared in accordance with the people's medical publishing seventh edition "physiology" teaching material, also some schools often,

  • In vivo morphology

    "Brain volume in vivo morphology:" is the authors summarized forty years of living form many research results, extensive collection of relevant information at home and abroad, with modern medical imaging technology in preparation and observation methods. This book comprehensively, systematically introduces the living organs, organizations (or molecular),

  • In vivo morphology (abdominal and pelvic volume)

    Abdominal and pelvic, "in vivo morphology (abdominal and pelvic volume)" in vivo morphological features, combined with the functional aspects, mainly discusses the living upper abdominal organs and gastrointestinal imaging; to compare the image writing, research from the dynamic point of view; according to the in vivo imaging with gross anatomy, the abdominal organs and the gastrointestinal tract,

  • Guide health statistical learning

    "Health statistics learning guidance" is different from the one important domestic similar books is the addition of a number of different question types, the original teaching materials, due to limited space is not incorporated into the problem, offer reader reference learning. ,

  • Department of Otolaryngology Head and neck Science

    "Otolaryngology head and neck science" includes the otolaryngology department of head and neck, diagnosis, treatment of disease, knowledge of anatomy and physiology related; clinical college examination method and equipment; etiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases; indication, contraindication and operation methods of rare disease in operation. The book,

  • The clinical treatment of SARS

    "The clinical treatment of SARS: Theory and practice" treatment based on syndrome differentiation is the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine according to their anti SARS clinical experience, summarize the results of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment, to compile the SARS materials. "The clinical treatment of SARS: Theory and practice" of syndrome differentiation and treatment, mainly by the following,

  • Health assessment

    Health assessment, "advanced concepts and methods of health assessment" Application of foreign nursing, nursing diagnosis, combined with traditional China dialectical nursing of thought, make health assessment has Chinese characteristics study. The book in order to establish nursing professional need, and nursing professional training objectives consistent with appropriate materials for the purpose, the modern nursing theory,

  • Diagnostic practice tutorial

    "Traditional Chinese medicine colleges and universities curriculum reform, textbook series diagnostic practice tutorial" as "one of the" reform of experimental course system of TCM college textbook series. The book consists of 5 chapters, including the analysis of physical examination, electrocardiogram and laboratory diagnosis, imaging diagnosis, medical history collection and records, diagnostic procedures and cases. "Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Analysis of surgical teaching cases

    "Surgery teaching case analysis" is to better implement and promote the application of case teaching method, carry out the quality education and creative education, training students to analyze problems, to solve problems and the ability of integrating theory with practice, promotes the student written. The book of common surgical disease cases presented clinical and nursing professional discussion respectively,,

  • Food nutrition and health

    This book introduces the body needs nutrients and nutritional value of energy, food and special effects, in the catering industry, food pollution and harm of nutrition, food safety and health management etc.. ,

  • Clinical medical "three base training"

    Three base training of clinical medicine / hospital grading management reference book, "" three base training of clinical medicine ":" for hospital nurse: content classification management requirements of all the reservations, and added some new content. Questions still take the quiz, statements and list description form of writing. Self testing part, cancel the K item in recent years do not have the basic, the yes or no questions, fill in the blanks,

  • Physiological psychology

    "Psychology" mainly introduces the structure and function of the nervous system, cell structure of the nervous system, sensory system, sleep and circadian rhythm etc.. ,

  • Medical functional experiment

    "Medical function experiment" according to the Ministry of education requirements regarding the reform of teaching content and teaching methods, teaching system, the experimental teaching of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology function of disciplines, through selection, integration and restructuring, reform and supplementary part of the experiment content, emphasis on the basic theory, pay attention to practice. Within the,

  • Pathology

    Higher education in the fifteen national planning materials for clinical basis for the prevention of oral / nursing pharmacy, this textbook is ordinary higher education "fifteen" national planning materials, and national higher school teaching research center, Chinese physicians, higher education press jointly launched the "National Higher School of medicine in planning materials". The book is composed of 3 parts: the basic pathology, a total of 16 chapters, mainly the syllabus need,

  • Etiology and immunology experiment tutorial

    "The etiology and immunology experiment tutorial" is divided into four parts, the first part is the overview, including rules in laboratory, experimental accident emergency treatment, the common treatment of utensils, oil use and protection, the second part is the experiment base (Experiment 1 to forty-nine), the third part is the comprehensive improvement,

  • Health economics

    "Health economics" is divided into eleven chapters, including the introduction of health economics, health service demand, supply of health service, medical service price, the government in the health field, financing of health and total health expenditure and so on, systematically expounded the health economics. ,

  • Physiological learning and problem sets

    Physiological learning and problem sets, "national higher school planning and supporting materials, physiological learning and problem sets (for the rehabilitation professional)" the main content is: in order to meet the national higher school teaching planning for rehabilitation professional "physiology" teaching learning, we have developed a "learning guidance and sets", in order to engage in,

  • Basis of Chinese medicine and pharmacology

    Basis of Chinese medicine and pharmacology, "rural medicine, national medical and health of rural medical professional teaching materials: the traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology foundation" the first to the two chapter mainly introduces the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine, including pharmacology knowledge and basic theory, property and flavor, efficacy, clinical application and attention related knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine; third to four chapter focuses on the basic science of prescription,

  • Acupuncture and massage

    Acupuncture and massage, "rural medicine, national medical and health of rural medical professional teaching materials: Acupuncture and massage" acupuncture and massage therapy will be two kinds of organic integration, integrity, fully embodies the theory and method of acupuncture and massage and complementarity; acupoint to facilitate teaching and learning as the principle, the commonly used acupoints according to location, indication, operation, anatomy the 4 level coding,

  • Immune test technology study guide

    "Immune test technology study guide" in chapter, section arrangement and the original material, the contents of each chapter includes learning requirements, pre, knowledge points, this chapter exercises and answers. In accordance with the teaching office of the Ministry of health on the textbook "medium occupation education ministry supporting materials to write" spirit, according to,

  • Parasitological examination and Parasitology

    "Parasitology and parasite examination" is "one of the series of textbooks in higher medical colleges and universities" Occupation Technology College of medical laboratory technology, suitable for the students majoring in. The book includes general, gastrointestinal parasites, parasites, liver and bile duct blood and lymphatic system parasites, parasites, respiratory and central nervous system skin,

  • The new vaccine

    "The contemporary new vaccine" was published by higher education press. ,

  • Pathophysiology

    "Pathophysiology" was "for the twenty-first Century national health occupation education reform is one of the series of textbooks". The book has 16 chapters, the first, the 2 chapter briefly introduces the general rule of the development of pathological physiology contents, subject character and the concept of health, illness and disease; third ~ 16 chapter introduces the system of water, electricity,

  • The utility of Health Statistics

    "Health management in higher medical colleges and universities teaching materials, practical health statistics" was written for the Central Radio and TV university health management professional students and teaching materials. According to the characteristics of university students, this teaching material compilation pay attention to the following several aspects: 1 emphasizes the combination of theory and practical. Each chapter ends with a section of the example is,

  • Surgery

    "Surgery (Adult Education)" is the "national medical plan of higher school textbooks (Adult Education)" one of, about 120 words, 200 illustrations: mainly includes the following parts: general surgery, general surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, head and neck surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, surgical oncology, Department of Urology, bone surgery,

  • Emergency medicine

    Emergency medicine, "rural medicine, national medical and health of rural medical professional teaching materials: focus on medicine" first aid is the basic knowledge of first aid and common in critically ill patients first aid technique. Emphasis on basic skills training. The basic theory and basic knowledge to necessary and sufficient for the degree, to solve rural and grass-roots Posts practical problems as the lead,

  • Basic immunology and pathogenic biology

    "New century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine, immunology and pathogenic biology textbook" is divided into three chapters, the first chapter of immunology, second pieces of medical microbiology, third pieces of medical parasitology. "New century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine, immunology and pathogenic biology textbooks" in basic immunology,

  • Microbiology and immunology and reproductive system for undergraduate clinical reproductive medicine. Maternal and child health care of family planning and other professional direction.

    "National higher school textbooks, reproductive Department of Microbiology and Immunology" is divided into 8 chapters, including immune and reproductive system infection of disease and immune common microbes and immune response, infection of the reproductive system, the relationship between immune infertility and recurrent abortion, reproductive regulation, IUD and immunity, steroid hormonal contraception,

  • Pediatrics study guide

    Pediatrics study guide, "guidance" Pediatrics learning is medical college students learning guide. The main contents include: pediatric basic, treatment of pediatric diseases, newborn and neonatal diseases, nutritional diseases, digestive system diseases, respiratory system diseases, circulatory system diseases, urinary system diseases, diseases of the haematopoietic system etc.. ,

  • Physiology class notes

    Due to the wide application of reduced hours and the multimedia technology in the teaching, the students in class is very difficult to solve the notes and understand classroom content of conflict. Therefore, we prepared a book, hope can not multimedia teaching notes in the national promotion. The book down, summarized the teaching content, the complex,

  • Medical Microbiology

    "Medical Microbiology (case version)" is in accordance with the basic teaching requirements issued by the Ministry of education, in 5 year medical undergraduates, in clinical medical professional as focus, both prevention, foundation, oral, anesthesia, imaging, pharmacy, laboratory, nursing professional requirements, also meet the students after graduation qualification,

  • Pediatrics

    "Pediatrics" has the certain innovation in the content and the system, embodies the idea, scientific, advanced, inspiration and practical. Through the study of the teaching material, to enable students to further grasp and understand the "specialty" of pediatrics. Understanding of modern pediatric treatment concepts and principles, grasp the regularity and the normal development of children,

  • Human reproduction

    Human reproduction, ISBN:9787030097552, author: Lin editor history,

  • Hygiene of children and adolescents

    Describes the basic theory and knowledge of children and adolescents growth and development, basic content about the children's mental health and school health education and basic skills, focus on the students' monitoring, prevention of common diseases, school health supervision etc.. ,

  • Medical function experiments

    "Medical function experiment" led by the young teachers in our college professor Zhang Xiao, expert and professor invited college physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology of participated in the preparation and review. "Medical function experiment" is divided into three parts: the first part is the basis, introduces the basic principle, function experiment of commonly used experimental instrument,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    "Obstetrics and gynecology (Second Edition)" is divided into four parts, twenty-six chapters, and a clinical reference and obstetrics and Gynecology common special inspection. The first chapter is mainly introduces the mechanism of physiological obstetrics, women in the physiological changes of pregnancy and normal delivery. The second article pathological obstetrics, focuses on pathological changes of pregnancy, the pregnancy and,

  • Pathogen biology

    "National Higher School of medical adult education college or starting point for undergraduate teaching of pathogenic biology", "National Higher School of Medical Adult Higher Education (college or starting point for undergraduate) one of the textbooks", mainly introduces the basic knowledge of pathogen biology. The book is divided into general, prokaryote, eukaryotic cell micro,

  • Surgery of national medical and health of rural medical professional teaching materials

    Surgery, "rural medicine, national medical and health of rural medical professional teaching materials: surgery" the main contents include aseptic technique and surgical technique, perioperative management, anesthesia and pain therapy, surgical patients with humoral disorders, nutrition, blood transfusion, cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation, shock, acute renal failure, damage, surgical infection,,

  • Pathology practice tutorial

    "Practice textbook of Pathology (Bilingual Edition)" tells the story: pathology is basic medicine and clinical medicine bridge course, is the necessary foundation to clinical departments. Study on the cause of disease pathology occurs and mechanism of various clinical symptoms and signs of patients with. Pathological morphological study by naked eyes and microscope,

  • Pathophysiology

    "Pathological" featured in the pathophysiology teaching content, and increase the "disease", "the human genome project and disease", "systemic inflammatory response syndrome", "tumor", "atherosclerosis and hypertension", "gastrointestinal dysfunction", "nervous system pathological physiology" and "liver fibrosis",

  • Human parasitology notes

    "Human parasitology notes" is the medical notes series 1, structure summarized as "three columns and three box": 1 the writing on the blackboard and teaching bar: strict and national planning materials supporting, save time, concentration of lectures and efficiency; 2 words and explain the bar: take on know-how have vocabulary, master of medicine professional,

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